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Wood Jewelry
Date(s): March 19, 2004. Album by Cathy Gordon. 1 - 34 of 34 Total. 22771 Visits.
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Great photos of your work
kate ohara | kitesofglass.com, Wed, 29 May 2013 7:18PM
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Enlarge photo 1
Wood bead lariat and fur clip with wonderful bright yellow and red art glass beads offsetting small wood beads in a variety of colors.  From the 1930s, based on the metal plate backs. Unsigned Haskell

Enlarge photo 2
Wrap bracelet of wood beads, shells, hand-carved wood flowers all set off by gilt metal beads and findings.  You can also see the wrap construction--silk thread covering spring-wire.  Circa WWII era, when Haskell developed many pieces on natural themes.  See the pins and clips album for three matching pins.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 3
Pin from WWII era made of a shell, hand-carved wood-petaled flowers and gilt metal flowers.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 4
Haskell advertsing watercolor showing a necklace and bracelet of wood flowers and glass beads.

Enlarge photo 5
Interesting necklace and bracelet that MAY be Haskell.  Red plastic flowers match the style used in some other pieces that have been definitely identified as Haskell.  Clasps on necklace and bracelet are correct.  Strange braided leather has also been found on a couple of other identified pieces.

Enlarge photo 6
Necklace and bracelet of square wood beads in bright blue and white plastic flowers all strung on blue cord. Cord matches style used by Haskell and other components appear to be correct. This is a probably Haskell from WWII-era.

Enlarge photo 7
Bracelet and pin of flat red wood disks, green wood leaves and red glass beads on silk cord.  Unsigned Haskell. (Unfortunately, some of the wood "petals" on the bracelet have broken off.)

Enlarge photo 8
Bracelet with wood beads and wood lamps, pots, etc. on silk cord.  WWII era and unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 9
Three wood bead bracelets c. WWII.  Top left has round wood beads strung on elastic cord with dyed wood beads in round balls.  Top right uses dyed square wood beads with larger flattened wood buttons to create a floral bouquet.  The bottom wrap bracelet has a similar floral configuration strung on red silk thread covering wire.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 10
Pristine wood bead lariat and dress clip with Haskell tag, c. WWII.  Perfect wood flowers in light and dark orange and chocolate brown are set off by emerald green seed beads, glass leaves and tiny chartreuse green wood beads.  The wood beads that form the lariat are woven on thread.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 11
Clip of tiny wood flowers in shades of orange and chocolate with streams of green seed beads, glass leaves and small green wood beads. Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 12
Pristine dress clip covered with two shades of blue wood flowers, green seed beads and pressed glass leaves.  WWII era.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 13
Fur clip from the 1930s. Motif is covered with two colors of yarn with bright red, purple and natural wood beads in a variety of shapes. Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 14
Clip of carved wood walnuts, small round wood beads and stamped, gilded metal leaves, c. 1938.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 15
Clip of wood pods, small round wood beads and gold-tone flowers and leaves, c. early 1940s.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 16
Two pins and a clip of square wood beads in different colors, each tipped with a seed bead and nestled in glass leaves.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 17
Square and round wood beads interspersed with red, green, blue, yellow seed beads.  Wood beads have faded, but originally must have been the same colors as the seed beads.  WWII era pin.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 18
Dress clip of square wood beads formed into flower shapes and dyed various colors, pressed glass leaves of varying sizes and bright yellow glass bead centers.  WWII era.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 19
A similar dress clip in tan and chocolate brown.  It is missing one floral dangle.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 20
A lovely lady with a bracelet and dress clip made of the tiny square wood beads.  Haskell advertising watercolor.

Enlarge photo 21
Wood wreath clip of round wood beads.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 22
Large wood bow pin with dangling wood beads and wood plaques.  WWII era.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 23
Pin made of segmented wood flowers hanging on silk cord, carved wooden leaves and glass bead centers.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 24
Pin of wood flowers, "pinecones" and pressed glass leaves hanging from chains.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 25
Pin of multi-colored wood "pods" and glass leaves.  WWII era.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 26
Pin of small wood flowers and multi-colored dangling rectangular wood beads.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 27
Pin of wood flowers, flat wood plaques and dangling, rectangular wood beads.  WWII era.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 28
Multi-layered pin of red and navy blue wood beads, tipped with seed beads all suspended from chains.  WWII era.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 29
Miriam does leather!  A WWII era pin covered in leather with large wood balls on chains with gilt metal floral tops.  Very strange!  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 30
Unsigned Haskell pin and bracelet.  Wood beads and flowers, enameled leaves and metal butterflies with enameling.  Bought separately but within two weeks of each other.

Enlarge photo 31
A whole bunch of wood pins, including a bull with fur and lucite horns and a horsehead with a lucite neck.

Enlarge photo 32
Wonderful wooden Hawaiian girl pin from the early 1940s.  She has braided black hair, small felt flowers in red, yellow and white and painted green leaves on top of her head.  She has matching earrings, but I couldn't scan them--too roly poly.

Enlarge photo 33
Large Deco-style wood brooch with a lucite headdress.

Enlarge photo 34
Necklace with wood birds and fish.

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