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Hattie Carnegie
Date(s): February 21, 2004. Album by Cathy Gordon. 1 - 24 of 24 Total. 44416 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Hattie Carnegie "HC" signature.

Enlarge photo 2
Two Hattie Carnegie enameled blackamoor fur clips.  Gold wash over sterling and marked HC in a diamond.

Enlarge photo 3
Enameled blackamoor soldier fur clip attributed to Hattie Carnegie.

Enlarge photo 4
Oriental dancer pin and earclips. Gold wash over sterling, signed HC in a diamond and Sterling. See Harrice Millier's Official Price Guide to Costume Jewelry 3rd edition, page 153 for a blackamoor version.  Several of the small turquoise glass stones are missing.  Anyone have replacements?

Enlarge photo 5
Lot 330 - Doyle NY catalog, May 2001. Sale price $850.

Five Hattie Carnegie Star and Angel Pins 1940s/50s

Each sterling silver, some gilt, comprising three with dangling stars, one of an angel sitting on the moon with dangling stars, and the last a chatelaine set with blue and pink stones depicting an angel dragging a cloud and stars, each marked. See Cera, Jewels of Fantasy, p.184,185 for last.

Enlarge photo 6
Lot 67 - Doyle NY catalog, December 2001. Sale price $1,100.

Group of Hattie Carnegie Jewelry

Comprising a tremblant pin and pair of earrings, each of flying birds and flowering tree, marked; blue stone flower pin with faux gray pearls, marked; gilt-metal flower with tremblant bumble bee center, marked; enamel church, marked; gilt-metal queen, marked; church, marked; squirrel, marked; mermaid, marked; millefiori flower pin, marked; and enamel flower and wings, marked.

Enlarge photo 7
Lot 182 - Doyle NY catalog, November 2000. Sale price $950.

Group of 10 Hattie Carnegie pins.

Including lantern, marked: Hattie Carnegie, hand holding stars, marked: HC, policeman, winged hand, gentlemen bar pin, swan with key, lady with rhinestone hair, waiter, etc.

Enlarge photo 8
Lot 466 - Doyle NY catalog December 2003. Not sold.

Hattie Carnegie Wool Plaid Suit
American, 1947

Of navy, red and blue soft plaid, the Eisenhower jacket with cut-in-one sleeves, high shirt collar, faux flap pockets, slightly gathered into waistband, gunmetal buttons, the skirt flared from single center front seam, slit side pockets, size 6, labeled: Hattie Carnegie Inc./Little Salon

Enlarge photo 9
Glorious Hattie Carnegie trembler necklace.  The flowers are on springs and the entire piece is very dimensional.

Enlarge photo 10
Details of trembler necklace.

Enlarge photo 11
Lot 811 - Doyle NY catalog May 2001. Sale price $750.

Hattie Carnegie Gold Lame Evening Gown and Jacket

The bodice of the gown sleeveless and bare, the skirt sewn in small gathers at waistline edged with piping, the bodice back low and ruched towards center, the skirt densely gathered at center to form train effect, self belt with jeweled buckle, the bolero jacket of brown wool with floral design worked in gold bouillon and topaz colored stones.

Enlarge photo 12
Pearl heart pin resembling a person.  "Head" is a dark green blown glass bead.  Marked Hattie Carnegie.

Enlarge photo 13
Hattie Carnegie dragon.  I saved this picture, as I loved it so much.  I have seen this on eBay once, but would love to buy one!

Enlarge photo 14
Lot 888 - Doyle NY catalog, May 2001. Sale price $850

Two Hattie Carnegie Spring Suits

The first of black and white striated silk/cotton, the jacket fitted to waist, with peplum, decorative teardrop shaped tabs concealing silver tone round buttons, slim skirt, size 6-8, the second lavender with three-quarter sleeves, round flat collar, decorative crossed self strips at pocket and collar, slim skirt, size 6-8, each labeled: Hattie Carnegie Original/Neusteters/Denver.

Enlarge photo 15
Very frou frou pink and purple enameled bird with long purple tail made of some sort of soft fibers.  Bird measures 6 1/2" from front of bird to end of tail.  Signed Hattie Carnegie.

Enlarge photo 16
Lot 832 - Doyle NY catalog May, 2001. Sale price $300.

Hattie Carnegie Purple Chine Party Dress

Of gauffred silk, the bodice sleeveless, with round neckline, curving side seams, the gathered skirt sewn at slightly dropped waist, size 6, labeled: Hattie Carnegie/Exclusively Neusteter's.

Enlarge photo 17
Hattie Carnegie bracelet and necklace.  Bracelet has deep red and smokey gray glass beads.  Necklace has faceted bright red glass beads, elaborate gilt metal spacers and a wonderful motif clasp of gilt shells, rhinestones and beads.  Both signed Hattie Carnegie.

Enlarge photo 18
Seahorse bracelet and two critters in shades of coral and turquoise.  Bracelet has wonderful enameling resembling scales.  All marked Hattie Carnegie.

Enlarge photo 19
Lot 870 - Doyle NY catalog, May 2001. Sale price $500.

Hattie Carnegie Chandelier Tassel Party Dress Circa 1960

Of ivory silk faille, the boned camisole bodice with thin straps, trimmed with bead and cord loop pattern and dangling faceted crystals, the bouffant skirt sewn at waist with wide pleats, crinoline slip, labeled: Hattie Carnegie Original/Neusteters/Denver.

Enlarge photo 20
Hattie Carnegie Black Silk Coat


Stunning example of the American "New Look" trend in fashion that followed WWII.  Ultra feminine, showing the definite romantic influence of the Victorian Revival in fashion of the late 1940's and early 1950's. Pure black SILk faille with a wonderful look and weight.  Wasp waist, nipped in nicely, soft rounded shoulders. FULL FULL SWING of 130" to the skirt. FANTASTIC treatment on the BIG side pockets, hand embroidery and trim of black silk braid and soutache ribbon, reminiscent of the Victorian coats and dresses with their passementerie trimmings. Lots of princess lined gores and seams for a curvy silhouette, collar can be worn up or down, and has attractive pointed ends, full length sleeves with full cut shoulders and slightly turned back small cuffs. Real abalone pearly shell buttons, fully lined in black silk sateen.

Enlarge photo 21
Hattie Carnegie Black Silk Coat

Detail of front pocket.

Enlarge photo 22
Hattie Carnegie Black Silk Coat -- back

CONDITION: Accepted vintage clothing standards as excellent condition.  Well stored in box, kept away from light, air and pests in a temperature controlled, smoke free home.  CLEAN and FRESH smelling and feeling, silk fabric is soft and supple, not dryed out, no splits or snags, no holes or rips in the fabric, no stains or spots.  DARK even black, underarms are perfect and clean with no damage at all, no fading, hem is excellent, no wear or damage. Really in amazingly well preserved condition.  No holes, rips, moth bites, or signs of wear, no stains or spots.

Enlarge photo 23
Label from Hattie Carnegie black silk coat.

Enlarge photo 24

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