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Haskell-Signed pieces
In the late 1940s, Haskell started marking her jewelry with her signature.  The earliest signed pieces went through a transition period where the mark was not applied consistently.  I have sequenced these pieces, as best I can, in chronological order so that you can get a feel for the different designers.

Frank Hess: 1926-1960
Robert Clark: 1960-1967
Peter Raines: 1968-1970
Larry Vrba: 1970-1978
Camille (Millie) Petronzio: 1980-present
Date(s): September 3, 2002. Album by Cathy Gordon. 1 - 154 of 154 Total. 82276 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Necklace, two clips and a bracelet.  The clips and bracelet are WWII era, but the necklace has a signed hook, indicating that perhaps the necklace clasp was changed, as these are all clearly from the same line.  Bright yellow glass beads and pressed glass leaves.  Necklace signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 2
[Sold - all] Stunning emerald green glass beads in a variety of sizes, accented with gilt filigree flowers and roses montees make up this choker necklace, bracelet and earrings.  I believe that this is a transition set, with the necklace unsigned (though the clasp has two drilled holes, perhaps indicating that the signature plate was removed).  The bracelet has a Haskell hangtag.  The earrings are contemporary and made by Haskell to match.

Enlarge photo 3
[Sold] Transition necklace of pate de verre and art glass beads in shades of amethyst and lavender.  Signed hangtag, but unsigned flower hook.  Probably from 1950-1951.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 4
[Sold]  A variation on the prior necklace, using faceted glass stones instead of art glass beads.  Most likely from the same line.  Similar unsigned hook with oval hangtag leading me to believe that this is from 1950-1951.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 5
[Sold] Elaborate amethyst bead bracelet from the same line.  From the Haskell archives.

Enlarge photo 6
[Sold] Shades of lilac and deep purple glass dangle earrings
C. early 1950s

Earrings have the French clip backs, signed on the small metal end attached to the filigree.

Enlarge photo 7
[Sold - all] Stunning parure of silver-tone metal chains and beads, with elaborate rhinestone and silver lily leaf centerpieces.  I can't seem to get a good picture of this set--either too dark or with green streaks.  Early 1950s, as there is a horseshoe signature on the pin, the earrings have French wires, and the necklace hook isn't signed.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 8
[Sold] Turquoise pate de verre bead 3-strand necklace with a possibly experimental Dove of Peace clasp.  Necklace is probably from the early 1950s with no signature on the hook, but an oval plaque on the back of the clasp end.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 9
[Sold] Baroque pearls, rose pate de verre beads, faceted amethyst-colored glass beads and rhinestone rondelles make up this early 1950s necklace and earrings.  It also has a dove clasp, but not the Dove of Peace seen on the turquoise necklace (see Necklace Clasp album for pictures of the two dove clasps).  

Necklace has been restrung and has new spacers.  Signed Haskell.  Earrings formerly had the French wire clips, but were in bad shape so were restrung on the newer adjustable earclips.

Enlarge photo 10
[Sold] Parure from the early 1950s consisting of necklace, bracelet, earrings and stickpin.  A rich combination of baroque pearls, blue pate de verre beads, cobalt blue faceted glass beads and pate de verre flowers.  All pieces are signed except for the stickpin, which has a dove and butterfly on it, two of Haskell's favorite design elements.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 11
Elaborate necklace of 5 strands of white glass beads in a variety of sizes and with an elaborate clasp.  Unsigned Haskell, but part of a parure of signed pieces, probably from the late 1940s-early 1950s.

Enlarge photo 12
Rest of the parure--a 2 strand necklace of white glass beads and with a transition clasp (no ornament or signature); a 4-strand bracelet with elaborate clasp that matched the previous necklace; a pair of earrings with French wire earclips.  All signed Haskell and probably from the late 1940s-early 1950s.

Enlarge photo 13
[Sold] Necklace and earrings, c. 1950 made of large round and flattened pate de verre beads in dark green and coral, roses montees, rhinetones and elaborate gilt metal bead end-caps.  See Cera pg. 27 for a matching pin.  Earrings have French wires.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 14
Choker necklace with a wonderful variety of pate de verre beads in shades of pink and rose, c. early 1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 15
[Sold]  Fabulous parure by Frank Hess.  Motifs are seed beads in pale green, white and pale pink, offset by orange art glass stones and flowers of gold metal and deep aqua poured glass petals.  Bracelet is quite simple, with a single clasp motif and then multiple strands of chains in 3 styles.  Earrings are long chandelier style.  Circa early-mid 1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 16
[Sold]  Choker of dark green melon beads in a variety of sizes separated by see beads and gold spacers with gilt metal flowers at the clasp.  If you look closely, you can find one bead endcap missing (probably a distracted worker...).  Circa early 1950s.  See Cera pg. 113 for a pin with similar beads.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 17
[Sold] Fabulous green melon bead collar with overlapping loops hung from a flat gold metal chain inset with roses montees.  Signed on hook.  See Cera pg 116 for a similar collar dating it to first half of the 1950s. Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 18
[Sold]  Parure from the early 1950s of necklace, bracelet, pin and earrings.  Green and cobalt blue faceted glass beads, pearl glass melon beads, pate de verre flowers and pressed glass leaves.  Necklace has an asymetric central element and bracelet has an elaborate floral clasp set off by a huge cobalt blue glass stone.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 19
[Sold] "Rope," c 1950-1955, of cobalt blue glass beads, art glass simulated turquoise, baroque pearls and smaller blue glass and turquoise-colored beads with elaborate gilt metal spacers.  This piece and the next three are all 48" long. During Joseph haskell's ownership, these pieces were pushed out, using up materials in inventory.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 20
[Sold]  Rope of deep yellow and tortoise-colored glass beads, baroque pearls and elaborate gilt metal spacers.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 21
[Sold--necklace] Magnificent rope, bracelet and earrings of pumpkin-colored glass beads set off by metal seed bead spacers.  Both the bracelet and earrings have elaborate silver metal floral designs.  The pictures don't convey the luscious color of these beads!  Bracelet and earrings are signed, necklace unsigned.

Enlarge photo 22
[Sold]  Rope and earrings of baroque pearls in a variety of sizes, and dangling clusters of navy, turquoise and gray-blue glass beads. Earrings are signed, necklace unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 23
[Sold-necklace] Necklace and earrings using Niki baroque pearls, large deep yellow faceted glass beads accented by pate de verre beads and flowers in yellow shades.  Late 1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 24
[Sold] One of my favorite necklaces to wear!  A wonderful Niki baroque pearl collar, using round and nailhead baroques with dangling gilt metal leaves and grooved gold metal beads.  Circa late-1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 25
[sold-earrings] Baroque pearl choker and earrings accented by seed pearls, green enamel leaves (seen frequently) and faceted rose crystal beads.  This necklace has a horseshoe signature and has been restrung.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 26
[sold] I couldn't capture the subtle color changes in the beads on this mid-1950s necklace.  It starts with vaseline glass on the left, leading to dark lime-green pate de verre beads, then lighter green all separated by a variety of green seed beads.  Filigree caps on the clasps are typical Haskell findings.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 27
[Sold]  Huge (5 1/2") pin in the form of a bunch of grapes, with bright green art glass beads and green/white beads, interspersed with rhinestones and topped by two gold metal leaves with roses montees.  Signed on an oval plaque and probably from the late 1950s.  See Cera for an all-pearl version of a necklace on pg 129.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 28
[Sold] Haskell necklace from the 1950s by Frank Hess.  It uses an unusual stovepipe chain and has a very dimensional gilt, coral glass bead and rhinestone centerpiece.  The extender has beautiful coral-colored beads.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 29
[Sold]  Summer set of 6-strand necklace, bracelet and 2 pairs of earrings, c. 1950s.  Very unusual opalescent white beads in a variety to shapes, contrasting with the bright yellow seed beads and yellow opalescent cabs.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 30
Hinged cuff bracelet and earrings from 1950.  Ornaments of silvered filigree, rose pate de verre, baroque pearls and roses montees.  See Cera pg. 103 for a similar bracelet.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 31
Dimensional, stunning, but quite uncomfortable choker which can also be worn as a hair ornament, c. first half of the 1950s.  Gilt metal flowers and half flowers, leaves, green glass beads, and roses montees on swirling metal pieces.  See Cera pg. 111 for another example.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 32
Front of choker and view of interior and hook.  All elements are wired directly onto the metal form.

Enlarge photo 33
[Sold] Necklace from a full parure--see next picture for rest of set.  8 strands of baroque pearls interspersed with red, blue and green melon beads and seed beads and grooved gold metal spacers.  This necklace is an atypical length for Haskell--32" long at the shortest strand, which makes it very wearable.  From the mid 1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 34
[Sold-all]  Pin, bracelet and earrings with swags of the same beads and spacers as the necklace, but dressed up with large red glass cabs, large blue rhinestones, roses montees and gilt metal flowers.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 35
[Sold] Summer necklace from the mid 1950s of a strand of white glass beads and a gold-tone metal chain from which are suspended large glass beads of white, orange, deep green and blue all topped with matching seed bead caps and interspersed with pressed glass leaves.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 36

While this necklace is signed in two places (hook and filigree back), after some up-close-and-personal viewing I believe it is a put-together.

The necklace gathers and the necklace construction are much more typical of Jonne jewelry.

Enlarge photo 37
[Sold]  Baroque pearl bracelet ending in a large gilt metal flower clasp, c. 1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 38
[Sold]  Lily of the valley necklace

Enlarge photo 39
[Sold]  Lily-of-the-valley pin of white glass beads and green tube beads.  Horseshoe signature.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 40
Haskell created a lot of stickpins, some very elaborate, others quite simple.  I don't know when she stopped making them, but this pearl and rhinestone one is signed.  The floral clasp at the bottom is very typical; a butterfly is another frequently used clasp.

Enlarge photo 41
A variety of gilt metal and pearl pins and [Sold] crystal chandelier earrings from the 1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 42
[Sold] Gilt metal flower pin set with red glass beads and roses montees, c. 1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 43
[Sold] Floral bracelet similar to the previous pin with grooved red glass beads.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 44
[Sold]  Two strand pink pate de verre necklace with a centerpiece of gilt metal flowers and leaves, pink beads, roses montees and rhinestones.  Hook is incorrect and a replacement.  Got some greenies on the spacers.  Circa mid-late 1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 45
Matching slide clasp bangle bracelet to the previous necklace.  Inside of bracelet is lined with grosgrain fabric.  When I bought this bracelet, I was new to Haskell.  It was placed in a plastic bag and when I triumphantly removed it at home, most of the beads had fallen off as the wires were totally corroded.  Thank goodness for plastic baggies!  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 46
[Sold] Pin of pink and rose pate de verre beads and roses montees.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 47
[Sold]  Parure in garnet red rhinestones and glass beads, c. mid-late 1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 48
Delicious red melon bead necklace with an elaborate roses montees clasp, part of a parure (see next 2 pictures).  Circa 1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 49
Two bracelets from this design, with the top probably the evening version.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 50
[Sold-pin] Dangle pin and elaborate earrings from the parure.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 51
[Sold]  Summer 3-strand white bead bracelet with a clasp covered with flowers and leaves made of seed beads, c. 1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 52
[Sold] The Haskell Camellia set.  Shown are two necklaces, two pins and a pair of earrings.  Set is made of white pate de verre beads in varying sizes, with white glass flower elements enhanced by dark green enamel leaves, gilt metal and roses montees.  All are signed Haskell except the large, round flower pin.

Enlarge photo 53
[Sold] Earrings of baroque pearls and pink Venetian glass beads with pink baguettes and rhinestones.  See Cera pg 130 for a necklace from this line. Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 54
Earrings constructed specifically for a Mrs. Mann of Seattle.  She loved huge earrings and Haskell custom-made them with the extra metal loop that went over the top of the ear, as well as the normal flatback clip as shown in the earring on the left.  Earrings of this style were made for Mrs. Mann from the 1950s up into the 1980s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 55
[Sold]  Pale and rose pink pate de verre floral pin with leaves of pink rhinestones, c. 1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 56
[Sold] Sweet pin of yellow pate de verre flowers and beads with tiny glass leaves.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 57
Bracelet and earrings in unusual pale yellow colored baroque pearls with flowers of seed pearls and yellow rhinestones.  This bracelet was so short, I had it restrung with some additional glass beads, set near the clasp.  Circa late 1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 58
[Sold] Intricate, draped collar necklace of gilt metal chains hung with baroque pearls, faceted crystal topaz and yellow-colored beads and tiny black beads, c. 1950s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 59
Six-strand bracelet of brilliant shades of orange pate de verre beads, ending in an elaborate slide clasp.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 60
Three strand bracelet of topaz-colored beads in a variety of sizes, ending in an elaborate slide clasp.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 61
[Sold] Pin, c. 1950s, of an art glass bead and three oblong baroque pearls surrounded by pale blue seed beads.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 62
[Sold] Choker necklace of multiple types of gilt metal chains looped through an elongated loop of metal covered with seed pearls and an elaborate clasp covered in pearls and roses montees.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 63
[Sold]  Collerette, c. 1950s, of baroque pearls woven together and tipped with faceted, oval pale yellow crystal stones and pate de verre flowers and beads.  See Cera pg. 131.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 64
[Sold]  3-strand baroque Niki pearl coil wire bracelet and earrings

Elaborate bracelet and earrings of baroque Niki pearls, gilt metal spacers, light yellow faceted crystal stones, yellow pressed-glass flowers, and green and yellow glass beads.  No signature on the bracelet -- most likely had a hangtag.  

Earrings have a central low-dome pearl button.  Earring clip backs are signed Miriam Haskell.

Enlarge photo 65
[Sold -- all]

THE most important group (necklace, bracelet, pin and two pair of earrings) in my collection.  The necklace dates to 1960 and is a prototype created by Robert Clark for Haskell owner Morris Kinzler while Frank Hess was on vacation.  The necklace was never put into production and was stored within Kinzler's private archives.  I do not know when the bracelet, pin and button earrings were made, though the dangly bead earrings were made for me by Millie Petronzio.  This is the same necklace in Cera on pg 127, attributed to Hess.  If you have the Cera book, look at the longest bead festoon on the bottom right--you will notice that it is missing its filigree cap.  When I purchased this necklace, I had Millie add the cap to it.  The metal rings are totally covered with roses montees and the festoon dangles are red pate de verre beads.  This is a wonderful example of Robert Clark's unique style and the start of a new era with...

Enlarge photo 66
[sold] Haskell necklace with tassles of red glass beads, gold spacers and gold caps with roses montees.  Hung on a chain of smooth and striated links.  Note that the large tassle to the right of center is missing its cap.  This is exactly the same as the more elaborate red tassle necklace, indicating that this might be a purposeful design element.  Signed Miriam Haskell on clasp.  Design by Robert Clark.

Enlarge photo 67
[Sold] Matching bracelet to red tassle necklace.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 68
[Sold] Stunning, dimensional brooch in the form of a lady's head, end of the 1950s by Frank Hess.  Head is lucite and surrounded by elaborate gilt metal leaves and flowers, baroque pearls, seed pearls and roses montees.  See Cera pg. 140 for a similar brooch.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 69
RARE!! Haskell lucite dog head pinset in gilt metal floral and leaf motifs. This is part of a series that also included a head, hand, and leaf.  Late 1950s by Frank Hess.  I have never seen this before.  There were only 3 head pins made.

Enlarge photo 70
[Sold] Pearl and gilt metal headpiece or tiara.  Based on the use of Niki pearls this is late 1950s to early 1960s. Signed Haskell with an oval plaque.

Enlarge photo 71
Headpiece showing beautiful leaves and flowers covered in a tapestry of baroque pearls.

Enlarge photo 72
Inside of headpiece showing signature.

Enlarge photo 73
[sold] "A-level" Niki pearl collar and chandelier earrings
Miriam Haskell

Large pearl collar with round and oblong smooth Niki pearls, rondells, silver-plated findings.  Robert Clark design.  Earrings have 1965 adjustable screw-clips.

Enlarge photo 74
[Sold] Dimensional gilt filigree heart pin with a large baroque pearl, tiny gilt metal leaves and rhinestones in multiple colors.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 75
[Sold]  Dimensional necklace with center motif of arced enameled leaves surrounding a large clear rhinestone. Gilt metal circles are covered with rose montees and additional enameled leaves. While identified in Cera as by Frank Hess, I believe this is a Robert Clark piece, possibly from the early 1960s.

Enlarge photo 76
[Sold]  Necklace, bracelet and earrings of faceted lavender crystal glass beads with circular glass beads set with AB rhinestones. Appears to be by Robert Clark, but has French earclips indicating late 1950s-early 1960s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 77
[Sold] Baroque pearl and rhinestone chandelier earrings ending in gilt metal flowers. Early 1960s based on adjustable earclip style.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 78
Early to mid 1960s choker and earrings with pressed glass beads and flowers and pressed glass petals.  Earrings use the early style of adjustable earclips. Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 79
[Sold] A large pin resembling seed pods by Robert Clark.  Each pod is made up of wedge-shaped pieces of white glass inset with rhinestones (several are missing).  There are also metal leaves covered with roses montees and white seed beads and dimensional roses montees flowers.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 80
[Sold]  Another silver-tone necklace with a wonderful rhinestone centerpiece and ornate silver metal beads ending in a thick silver-tone metal chain with floral rhinestone slide clasp.  Designed by Robert Clark.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 81
[Sold]  Gilt metal cuff bracelet hinged in two places and matching chandelier earrings, both made of dark red multi-sided glass beads and pate de verre flowers and hanging drops, c. 1960s, based on the adjustable French screw earring clips.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 82
[Sold] Another view of the chandelier earrings.

Enlarge photo 83
[Sold]  Makes me think of Spring!  Necklace and earrings, by Robert Clark, of art glass and seed beads in yellow, amethyst and turquoise shades with a complex beaded central element.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 84
[Sold] White pate de verre sunflower, each smaller cab surrounded by gilt metal flowers and offset with leaves set with roses montees.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 85
[Sold] A wonderful variety of shapes and colors make up this floral pin--turquoise, yellow and pink beads, white seed beads and glass petals.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 86
[Sold] Floral pin of white glass cabs, and furled glass petals, set off by gilt metal leaves inset with roses montees.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 87
[Sold] Flower pin of white glass cabs in a variety of sizes entwined with gilt metal leaves.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 88
[Sold] Huge "barrel" bracelet of green glass beads, elaborate gilt metal beads and large rhinestones shaped into balls. Robert Clark is the designer based on its size and structure. Signed with a two-sided hangtag.

Enlarge photo 89
Top of bracelet. Notice how the sides are in an arc.

Enlarge photo 90
[Sold] Pin formed of curled metal covered with roses montees with a large baroque pearl center.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 91
[Sold]  Anemone brooch designed and executed by Robert Clark in the late 1950s.  VERY large and 3-D ( 3" wide and 2 1/2" high), made of seed pearls covering metal forms, with an elaborate gilt metal and rhinestone centerpiece.  See Cera pg. 46 for a prototype of this pin.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 92
[Sold] Faceted crystal pin with a gilt metal star-shaped centerpiece accented by roses montees, c. 1960s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 93
[NFS]  Long necklace of blue and yellow art glass beads and gold spacers by Robert Clark, as beads are dated to 1966. Purchased from Ellie Moss.

Enlarge photo 94
[Sold] Blue and yellow art glass earrings by Robert Clark, 1966.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 95
[Sold] Two strand necklace and earrings, c. 1965.  Pate de verre beads made to Robert Clark's design imitating rough coral and polished coral beads.  See Cera pg. 174 for a similar necklace.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 96
[Sold]  The "bee" collar and earrings, c. 1965.  Gilt metal findings that look like wings with layers of oblong and flattened beads handmade by the French firm Louis Rousselet in glass imitating topaz and with rhinestones and glass stones in the same color.  One of my favorite sets!  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 97
[Sold]  Three strand necklace of lavender pate de verre beads with an elaborate center ornament of rhinestones, roses montees and a moonstone glass cab.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 98
[Sold] Robert Clark prototype acquired from Lee Kalmus.  It is believed that only 4 or 5 of these sets were made due to the high cost of manufacture.  The choker and earrings have huge, faceted citrine glass stones, surrounded by pearls and accented by roses montees and hyacinth-colored rhinestones.  circa 1960s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 99
Close-up of the necklace.

Enlarge photo 100
[Sold] Elaborate choker necklace with a side drape, consisting of pale yellow faceted crystal beads in a variety of sizes and with an elaborate clasp of gilt filigree and rhinestones.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 101
[Sold - pin] Necklace and pin of gold beads in the shape of a bow.  Robert Clark designer and purchased from Ellie Moss.

Enlarge photo 102
Four single strand day necklaces in a variety of colors and bead shapes from the 1960s and 1970s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 103
Bright yellow pate de verre collar with gilt metal filigree beads and a wide slide clasp.  Identified as being by Peter Raines, 1968-1970.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 104
Eight-strand necklace of faceted clear crystal beads accented by rondelles and cone-shaped fuschia and pale green beads.  Circa 1960s-1970s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 105
[Sold]  An unusual necklace due to the turtle clasp.  Baroque pearls separated by gold spacers from a collar from which pear-shaped pate de verre beads imitating turquoise are hung.  Turtle clasp was used in the 1950s and 1960s, but rarely due to the difficulty of hooking the necklace.  Due to the lack of imagination in its design, this is probably a Peter Raines. Signed Haskell on the hook.

Enlarge photo 106
Egyptian collar inspired by the King Tut exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. Line made from 1972-1977.  Wonderful pate de verre beads imitating coral, lapis, turquoise and cinnabar with gilt metal findings and an elaborate clasp.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 107
[Sold]  A necklace and earrings in another version in the Egyptian design.  The gilt metal King Tut heads are seen frequently on a number of pieces from this group.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 108
[Sold - necklace, bracelet] A necklace and wide plaque bracelet from the King Tut series.  A different grouping of pate de verre beads, some overlaid with the King Tut head.  Wonderful gilt metal bracelet with Egyptian themes; note that the bracelet clasps are the ones seen frequently on necklaces.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 109
[Sold]  Slide clasp bangle bracelet from the King Tut series, c. 1978.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 110
Haskell Egyptian Collar

Amazing collar of glass beads resembling lapis, carnelian and turquoise, with gilt metal King Tut plaques and long tubular beads.  From the 1st Egyptian line made by Haskell in 1972.  From the Haskell archives.

Enlarge photo 111
Close-up of Haskell Egyptian collar.

Enlarge photo 112
[Sold]  Pink pate de verre looped bead collar, spring-wire bracelet and button earrings, by Larry Vrba early 1970s. Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 113
[Sold]  Necklace, bangle bracelet and earrings in a lovely color combination of green and blue beads in interesting shapes. From Larry Vrba period 1970-1978.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 114
[Sold-all]  Parure of cobalt blue and bell-shaped emerald green glass beads, offset by poured glass "petals" of dark navy blue and green with gold findings manipulated into petal shapes.  Inlaid petals were bought in Germany in 1971, dating the necklace to Larry Vrba.  Signed Haskell.  This set is the evening version of the prior, much simpler set.

Enlarge photo 115
Fabulous Egyptian style collar of 2 rows of pressed glass lapis beads in irregular shapes (pruchased in France) separated by large gilt metal beads shaped like pinecones and with an elaborate gilt metal clasp.  Signed Haskell.  Larry Vrba has identified this as his design..

Enlarge photo 116
[Sold] Sautoire necklace of pale blue pate de verre flowers, leaves and beads hung on gilt metal chain.  Note the clasp, which dates the necklace to at least 1969.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 117
Strands of pastel seed beads intertwined with round and flattened iridescent white pate de verre beads make up this 1970s choker.  Signed on a hangtag and the hook, but there is no decoration on the hook, indicating Haskell's cost-cutting.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 118
[Sold-necklace,bracelet, circle earrings]  Multiple strands of seed beads in a stunning combination of dark purple and pale lavender with a large center element of a lavender pate de verre stone and dangles of art glass beads in a variety of purple shades.  The bracelet and one pair of earrings are the combination dark and light seed beads wrapped around the metal.  The second pair of earrings are dark purple art glass with lavender beads. Circa 1979, made between Vrba and Petronzio.  All signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 119
[Sold]  Parure of crystal flowers and leaves set off by roses montees.  Bracelet is a wire wrap style.  Identified as being made by Roberta Stone c. 1979. All pieces signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 120
[Sold]  Haskell collar of gilt metal plaques and glass beads in the Byzantine style.  Signed on a flatback hangtag. Identifed as being created by Millie Petronzio, early 1980s.

Enlarge photo 121
Necklace, [Sold-pin] pin and [Sold-earrings] earrings of Niki nailhead baroque pearls, roses montees, seed pearls and flattened glass beads in a variety of jewel-tone colors.  1990s by Millie Petronzio. Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 122
[Sold] Collar of teardrop and oval button baroque pearls and amethyst rhinestones on gold metal findings.  From the Haskell Retro collection by Millie Petronzio from the early 1990s.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 123
[Sold]  Contemporary glass flower in aqua glass, frosted glass and green ribbons.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 124
[Sold]  Contemporary corsage of glass flowers in blue and green with red centers.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 125
[Sold] Wonderful glass flower in shades of orange with spiky green glass leaves. Made in 2001.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 126
[Sold] Glass flower bouquet in primary colors.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 127
[Sold]  Small red glass flower made in 2001.  Signed Haskell.

Enlarge photo 128
Interesting necklace that isn't signed but sold as Haskell.  In the next picture, there is a matching unsigned bracelet and earrings signed Haskell.  Is it or isn't it?  Gorgeous pate de verre raspberry beads!

Enlarge photo 129
Matching bracelet (unsigned)and signed earrings.  But, upon close examination, the earring clips are glued on to the original backs.  Thus, this is not a Haskell.

Enlarge photo 130
Bridge jewelry earrings from the mid-1970s.

Enlarge photo 131
Silver metal ring with large button baroque pearl and rose montees.

Enlarge photo 132
[Sold]  Pearl necklace from the Haskell archives.

Enlarge photo 133
[Sold]  Gilt pinecone ring with domed pearl.

Enlarge photo 134

Enlarge photo 135

Enlarge photo 136

Enlarge photo 137

Enlarge photo 138

Enlarge photo 139

Enlarge photo 140
Mrs. Mann earrings approx 5 inches long.  Signed Haskell

Enlarge photo 141
Mrs. Mann earrings approx 5 inches long.  Signed Haskell

Enlarge photo 142

Enlarge photo 143

Enlarge photo 144

Enlarge photo 145

Enlarge photo 146

Enlarge photo 147

Enlarge photo 148
[Sold] Gilt enamel cuff bracelet and earrings
Like new!  Hinged bracelet and earrings of gilt metal stampings, turquoise enameled flowers, baroque pearls, cobalt blue glass cabachons, bright blue pressed glass flowers, and rose montees.  Earrings have French wire clips.

Enlarge photo 149
[Sold]  Haskell lucite leaf pin with matching earrings

Enlarge photo 150

Enlarge photo 151

Enlarge photo 152
Haskell faux baroque seed pearl earrings with pink rhinestone centers.

Enlarge photo 153
Haskell clip earrings with yellow, aqua and white glass beads and rhinestones.

Enlarge photo 154
Haskell spring wire bracelet showing examples of 3 colors of Niki pearls.

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