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Date(s): March 19, 2004. Album by Cathy Gordon. 1 - 18 of 18 Total. 29175 Visits.
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Thanks for the great website.  It's so nice of people to share.  I give away some free golf tips on my site.  I think it's great when people do a service for others on the internet.

Keep up the good work!
Golf Tips | http://www.allprogolf.com/, Sat, 9 Jul 2011 11:04AM
Nice site with great information.
Mike Miller | www.solarpowerfocus.com, Sun, 3 Jul 2011 8:41PM
Browsing thru your website made me change my mind. I was very firm in my opinion but than i found out that there is a different point of view. It's amazing how one can see things different.
moving on | http://www.floridamovers.info, Sun, 26 Jun 2011 11:15PM
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Enlarge photo 1
Portrait minitature on ivory "Friendship the Fountain of Love" c. 1860.

Enlarge photo 2
Aigrette headpiece with a diamond starburst in 14K, circa 1915.  It is folded flat in this picture.  The bottom of the tube holding the starburst allows the gold band to rotate.  Came in its original box.  Very rare.

Enlarge photo 3
Headpiece unfolded.  Aigrette feathers are a deep mahogany color, possibly dyed as egrets are white.  

FYI, the fashionable ladies almost caused the egret to go extinct.  Aigrette plumes only occur during mating season and huge numbers of egrets were killed for their feathers.  ;-(

Enlarge photo 4
Close-up of the starburst.  Note the 3 diamonds on gold wires above the centerpiece.  The starburst is also a pin and can be removed to wear separately.

Enlarge photo 5
Africana Ubangi 1946.  Sterling with gold wash, moonstones, silver wings, enamel, rhinestones.

Enlarge photo 6
Reja enameled bird with pearl encrusted belly.

Enlarge photo 7
Attributed to Du Jay: Fabulous deco-look bird clip.  Gold wash and sterling with pave rhinestones and enameled eye.  This piece is in Harrice Miller's book 2nd edition pg 161.

Enlarge photo 8
Reja feather pin with large unfoiled amethyst glass stone.

Enlarge photo 9
Very frou frou pink and purple enameled bird with long purple tail made of some sort of soft fibers.  Bird measures 6 1/2" from front of bird to end of tail.  Signed Hattie Carnegie.

Enlarge photo 10
Elzac Eskimo twins.

Enlarge photo 11
Elzac Victim of Fashion with fur and feathers.

Enlarge photo 12
Elzac lucite and wood feather pin.

Enlarge photo 13
Elzac owl.

Enlarge photo 14
Ivory pin of a dove and flowers, marked Crystal Palace.  The Great Exhibition of 1851 in London was conceived to symbolize the industrial, military and economic superiority of Great Britain, and was held in the Crystal Palace.

Enlarge photo 15
Blackamoor Centurian brooch with enamel face, coral beads and pave rhinestones and larger coral glass cab in his shield.  Signed Nettie Rosenstein.

Enlarge photo 16
Superb carved wood feather pin which is amazingly lifelike.  Bought at a crafts fair in the early 1990s.

Enlarge photo 17
Ballou earring clip (patented in the 1930s)

Enlarge photo 18
Ballou earring clip.

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