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Date(s): March 19, 2004. Album by Cathy Gordon. 1 - 69 of 69 Total. 48786 Visits.
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I also have a small collection of Fahrner jewelry. What craftsmanship!  It is so lovely.
Michelle , Wed, 23 Sep 2015 11:31AM
Fabulous Source for Collectors and Dealers Alike! I have a rare design Theodor Fahrner Dragonfly Brooch on my website. The exact Dragonfly Brooch is featured in the original Fahrner Design Book with the date 12th September 1927 would love it if you wanted to show a picture here as so many pieces of Fahrner Jewelry are becoming one of a kind now it is great if we can preserve their record for posterity. Best Wishes! Kitty
Kitty | www.KittysAntiqueJewelry.com, Sun, 28 Jul 2013 11:27AM
Have a few inherited Fahrner pieces and would like some guidance on how to sell them.
MJ, Sat, 12 Jan 2013 3:59PM
thanks for all the photos. I have a small collection of Fahrner jewelry. rings,bracelets,and neclaces, that belonged to my mother. given to her by her mother early 20th century stuff. Most relatives were killed in the war [WWII], so not much history left. But after looking at your pics, I think I may have a chrysoprase ring. Very cool! thanks for posting
Sylvia Fitch-Mcconnell, Wed, 7 Nov 2012 5:05PM
Very excited. I've been trying to identify an arts & crafts silver brooch - a styalised tree containing an opal matrix - and now I know it is a Theodor Fahrner.  The stamp has both the 950 TF & REG.D MB&Co as shown in picture 37.
Anni, Sun, 15 Apr 2012 9:10AM
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Enlarge photo 1
Theodor Fahrner Art Nouveau brooch, circa 1902-1903 sterling with turquoise stones.  Designed by Max Joseph Gradl.  Similar brooch shown on page 96 in Theodore Fahrner Jewelry.

One of the few pieces with an artist signature (MJG)

Enlarge photo 2
Markings: Stamped TF 900 MJG Depose.  Consistent with markings of brooch on pg 96.

Enlarge photo 3
Fahrner Art Nouveau silver plated stamped brass enameled brooch c. 1910.  Unsigned, but attributed to Hermann Haussler. Similar pieces are illustrated in the Fahrner book page 99.

Enlarge photo 4
Fahrner Art Nouveau silver plated stamped brass enameled brooch c. 1910.  Unsigned, but attributed to Hermann Haussler. Similar pieces are illustrated in the Fahrner book, page 99.

Enlarge photo 5
Examples from Fahrner book.

Enlarge photo 6
Possible Fahrner by Hermann Haussler, based on floral enamel.  No marks.  Pinback appears to have been replaced.

Enlarge photo 7
Page 98 showing Hermann Haussler pieces.

Enlarge photo 8
One that got away...  ;-(

Enlarge photo 9

Enlarge photo 10

Enlarge photo 11

Enlarge photo 12
Fahrner Deco necklace and bracelet, circa 1920s

Superb Fahrner set with rectangular faceted stones of chalcedony and amazonite, marcasites, all set in sterling.  Stamped Germany Sterling and TF (linked) 935.

Enlarge photo 13
Fahrner Pendant on Chain
Germany, circa 1925

Silver chain and geometric Art Deco pendant with black enamel, marcasite and green agate, chain length 16 inches, pendant 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches, stamped: TF 935.

See trademark in Hase-Schmundt, Theodore Fahrner, p.262.

Enlarge photo 14
Fahrner Pendant circa 1920s

Theodore Fahrner pendant (drop measures 3" x 1") set with amazonite and onyx stones, black enamel and marcasites.  Set in sterling.  Chain has faceted glass bead links.  Stamped TF and Germany.

Enlarge photo 15
Fahrner matte enamel necklace
Circa 1927

Chain of gilt silver, coarse graining, soldered with corded wire, with rectangular and square links.  Pendant is of matte enamel in pale and bright blue and brown with corded wire. Stamped Germany 935.

Enlarge photo 16
Page 211 of the Fahrner book showing pieces in the matte enamel Oriental style.

Enlarge photo 17
Fahrner matte enamel oriental style pendant with chain circa 1927.  Silver, gilded, soldered with corded wires (flowers and waves), turquoise matte enamel, amethyst center stone with inset coral beads, coarse grain forming hexagonal outline of pendant.  Matte enamel links with small metal squares inset with coral.  Stamped Sterling Germany.

Enlarge photo 18
Possible Fahrner matte enamel oriental style pendant based on resemblance to the prior pieces. Several small marks on the side probably designer marks looks like j.p. bb or 88 and j.m. There are also several illegible marks on the ring near the clasp.

Enlarge photo 19
Back of necklace and marks.

Enlarge photo 20
Fahrner brooch, circa late twenties.  Silver, matte rock crystal, eight small turquoises, marcasite. Stamped TF (linked) 925.  Pg 191 Fahrner book.

Enlarge photo 21
Fahrner sterling millegriff technique, probably 1940s-1950s.  Marcasites and a pearl.  Marked Fahrner Original and TF 925, each on a rectangular cartouche.

Enlarge photo 22
Fahrner filigree pieces from the post war period (1940s-1950s).  Silver with green gilding, corded wire, some millegriff (the straight lines) and marcasites.  The pins both have a pearl.  All marked Original Fahrner and TF 925 each in a rectangular cartouche.  The bow at the top also is stamped Sterling Germany.

Enlarge photo 23
A Fahrner orchid pin from the 1950s, showing the green gilt tachinique.  Signed Germany Sterling with an interlinked TF.  

Courtesy of Linda of http://www.rubylane.com/shops/eclecticgramma

Enlarge photo 24
Back of Fahrner orchid showing placement of signature plaques.  

Courtesy of Linda of http://www.rubylane.com/shops/eclecticgramma

Enlarge photo 25
Wonderful Fahrner starfish brooch with marcasites and turquoise.

Courtesy of Jennifer Lynn's Timeless Jewelry


Enlarge photo 26
Fahrner brooch

Brooch with flowers.  Design attributed to Hermann Haussler.  Beaten silver, blue, green, white and violet cell enamel.  Marked TF 935 Depose  See Fahrner book page 98 for a larger brooch of the same design, but with dangles.

Enlarge photo 27
Back of Fahrner brooch showing signature.

Enlarge photo 28
Fahrner brooch with flowers
C. 1908-1910

Design attributed to Hermann Haussler.  Beaten silver with cell enamel flowers in blue, green, violet and white.  Stamped TF 935 Depose.  See page 98 in the Fahrner book for a more elaborate version.

Enlarge photo 29

Enlarge photo 30
Brooch attributed to Hermann Haussler.  

Beaten silver octagon with enameled flowers in shades of blue, yellow and black.  The flower motif with the fanlike leaves was used in a variety of colors and forms with various rim widths.  This is a large size for these brooches at 1 7/8" x 1 7/8".

Enlarge photo 31
Theodor Fahrner
Circa 1927

A superb example of Fahrner from the Deco period of a sterling, onyx, chrysoprase, marcasite and enamel brooch.  The two hanging parts are hinged.  Marked TF and 935.

See Theodor Fahrner Jewelry pg 194 for similar earrings.

Enlarge photo 32
Buttons -- moonstone set in sterling

Marked TF and 935.  Really fuzzy picture!

Enlarge photo 33
Sterling and enamel necklace with tassels
C. 1902-1903
Theodor Fahrner, designed by Georg Kleeman

A rare and amazing sterling silver chain necklace with tassels.  The tops of the tassels are sterling in Art Nouveau designs with blue-green cell enamel.  At the bottom of the tassels are silver pearls.  In the chain are nine matrix opals.

The chain is 5 feet 6 inches and the tassels are 8.5 inches.  The chain wraps around the neck several times with the decorative parts and tassels to the front.

Necklace is shown on page 111 of the Fahrner book.

Enlarge photo 34
Close-up of the tops of the tassels and some of the matrix opals.

Enlarge photo 35
Bottoms of the tassels showing the small silver pearls.

Enlarge photo 36
A couple of the matrix opals and close-up of the chain links.

Enlarge photo 37
Signature on the necklace.  TF for Theodor Fahrner, and MBCo for Murrle Bennett and Co. The two firms worked quite closely together but this is the first piece I have seen with combined signatures.

Enlarge photo 38
Sterling buckle with enamel
C. 1904-1905
Theodor Fahrner, designed by Franz Boeres

Sterling silver buckle with blue enamel, designed by Franz Boeres for Fahrner.  See page 87 in Theodore Fahrner Jewelry for additional design examples.

Enlarge photo 39
Signature stamp for buckle -- TF 935 and Depose.

Enlarge photo 40
Theodor Fahrner sterling Deco ring in
chrysoprase and rock crystal with
inlaid marcasites.

Enlarge photo 41
Side of the Fahrner ring.

Enlarge photo 42
Top showing signature -- TF, Sterling 935.

Enlarge photo 43
Fahrner coral, rock crystal and marcasite brooch and ring, set in sterling.  Brooch marked TF 925; ring unmarked.

Enlarge photo 44
Close-up of ring -- some
marcasites missing.  Where
can I get these replaced?

Enlarge photo 45
Another close-up.

Enlarge photo 46
Carved ivory, enamel, marcasites and sterling pendant
Theodor Fahrner
Circa 1920s

Marked TF Sterling and Germany.

Enlarge photo 47
Rock crystal and marcasite brooch set with coral and chalcedony
Theodor Fahrner
Circa late 1920s

Marked TF and 935.

Enlarge photo 48
Green colored agate and marcasite sterling brooch
Theodor Fahrner
Circa 1920-1921

Marked TF Sterling and Germany  See Theodor Fahrner Jewelry pg 188 for a similar pendant.

Enlarge photo 49
Cupid/cherub pendant set in sterling with lapis lazuli stones
Theodor Fahrner
Circa 1915

Similar pendant in the Fahrner book on pg 91 attributed to Karl Eugen Erhardt. Marked TF 800.

Enlarge photo 50
Sterling Necklace with Enamel
Theodor Fahrner
Circa 1908-1910

Design attributed to Hermann Haussler.  Hand-hammered, sterling necklace with a central piece of cell enamel flowers and leaves in violet, yellow, orange-red and green with hematite on the surround and mounting.  Silver surrounding the motif has hammered garlands.  Swagged sterling chain.  Stamped 935 TF Depose. See Fahrner book pg 99 for similar necklace.

Enlarge photo 51
Close up of the Fahrner necklace centerpiece.

Enlarge photo 52

Enlarge photo 53
Amazonite and baroque pearl sterling pendant
Theodor Fahrner
Circa 1907-1909

Stamped 935 TF Depose. See pg 138 Fahrner book for similar necklace.

Enlarge photo 54
Close up of pendant.

Enlarge photo 55
Art Nouveau lapis lazuli necklace with elaborate sterling chain
Theodor Fahrner
Circa 1903, based on mark

Stamped 900 TF Depose

Enlarge photo 56
Close up of lapis lazuli necklace

Enlarge photo 57
Festoon sterling pendant necklace with blue stone and dangles
Theodor Fahrner
Circa 1906-1908

Central blue stone surrounded with silver filigree wire, worked on the front and reverse, geometric black enamel designs, 4 stone dangles, sterling chain. Stamped TF 935 Depose (see pg 137 Fahrner book for a brooch with similar wirework)

Enlarge photo 58
Close-up of pendant

Enlarge photo 59
Deco amazonite, onyx, and marcasite, sterling pendant
Theodor Fahrner
Circa 1929

Large Deco pendant with elaborate sterling and marcasite chain. Unusual clasp. Stamped TF Sterling Germany. See pg 200 Fahrner book for a coral/onyx version.

Enlarge photo 60
Close-up of pendant.

Enlarge photo 61
Deco hematite, marcasite and sterling necklace
Theodor Fahrner
Circa 1930

Elaborate Deco necklace and sterling chain designed by Gustav Braendle Jr.  Chain stamped TF 935 Sterling Germany.  See pg 202 Fahrner book.

Enlarge photo 62
Close-up of pendant.

Enlarge photo 63
Brown matte enamel bracelet with citrine and Persian turquoise
Theodor Fahrner
Circa 1927

Bracelet is soldered with corded wire and the panels are repousee. Stamped TF Sterling Germany.  See other examples of this sort of jewelry in the Fahrner book pgs 206-208.

Enlarge photo 64
Rock crystal, coral, marcasites and chalcedony brooch
Theodor Fahrner
c. 1920s

Enlarge photo 65
Art Nouveau sterling brooch with chrysoprase
Theodor Fahrner
c. early 1900s

Possibly Max Joseph Gradl design -- see Fahrner book pages 93 and 95 for similar treatment of the applied "dots") and page 96 with similar inset chrysoprase stones.

Marked: TF 935

Enlarge photo 66
Sterling Gingko leaves brooch with chrysoprase stones
Theodor Fahrner
c. 1903

Attributed to Max J. Gradl, silver and chrysoprase.  Marked TF Depose 900.  See page 96 in the Fahrner book.

Enlarge photo 67
Rock crystal bracelet
Theodor Fahrner
Circa late 1920s

Sterling bracelet of rock crystal plaques connected by domed sterling pieces inlaid with marcasites with black enamel bands.  Orange cabochons might be either carnelian or gold topaz.  Marked TF  935.

Enlarge photo 68
Rock crystal bracelet
Theodor Fahrner
Circa late 1920s

Enlarge photo 69
Smokey quartz pendant
Theodor Fahrner
circa 1930

Smokey quartz pendant with black enamel and flattened coral beads gilt over silver, original elaborate gilt chain, marked TF 935

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