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Du Jay
Du Jay was probably founded in 1934 by Jules Hirsch and Jacques H. Leff as a division of Hirsch & Leff, a company that made precious jewelry.  It operated from 1934 to 1972, but the pieces in these pictures are probably from the 30s and 40s.  These are "attributed" to Du Jay, as very few of their pieces are signed.  There is a familiar set of subject matter, wonderful enameling, tiny pave rhinestones, jewel-tone glass beads, and other characteristics that those familiar with this designer can spot right away.  All pieces attributed to Ira Scheck were owned by him at the time this album was created, but could have been sold subsequent to this date.
Date(s): January 14, 2002. Album by Cathy Gordon. 1 - 65 of 65 Total. 43435 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
[sold] Du Jay fabulous enamel floral basket with fruit salad stones, multi-colored glass balls, tiny rhinestones, ruby-colored, channel set base.

Enlarge photo 2
Du Jay autumn-colored floral enamel pin with the typical jewel-tone glass beads and pave rhinestones.  The enamel on the stem is probably missing at the bottom.  Note the rhodium plating where the enamel is gone.

Enlarge photo 3
Du Jay enamel bird on a branch.  Note the jewel-tone glass beads and tips of branch--both typical Du Jay attributes.

Enlarge photo 4
[sold] Du Jay enamel butterfly, glass beads, enameling.

Enlarge photo 5
Patent for butterfly pin, filed 1939.

Enlarge photo 6
Du Jay green enameled flower with sprays of green and blue glass beads.  Owned by Carolyn Newhouse.

Enlarge photo 7
A large pave and enamel Du Jay floral with ruby-red glass beads.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 8
Du Jay floral bells with blue glass bead spray and enameled leaves and stem.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 9
[Sold] Du Jay sphinx with channel-set ruby and sapphire-colored stones.  Absolutely magnificent piece!

Enlarge photo 10
Du Jay multi-dimensional pave rose with enamel leaves.

Enlarge photo 11
Du Jay floral bouquet with enameled leaves, tiny rhinestones, pink enameled flowers and topaz-colored marquise-shaped rhinestones (that are a characteristic of Du Jay).

Enlarge photo 12
[NFS]  Attributed to Du Jay: Fabulous deco-look bird clip.  Gold wash and sterling with pave rhinestones and enameled eye.  This piece is in Harrice Miller's book 2nd edition pg 161.

Enlarge photo 13
Du Jay: Sold on eBay, this pin is signed Du Jay.  Enameling, pave rhinestones and faux pearls.

Enlarge photo 14
Du Jay signature from Deanna Cera's book Amazing Gems.

Enlarge photo 15
[NFS] Du Jay enamel fish and frog pins mounted on oval "sea" glass.  Center cab on fish is a gorgeous multi-tone glass.  Note style of small flowers--again typical of Du Jay pieces.

Enlarge photo 16
Du Jay plique a jour flower.  Magnificent plique work (green, amethyst and yellow), with enamel stem and lots of pave.

Enlarge photo 17
[Sold] Du Jay peacock--enameled tail and leaves, pave and small ruby rhinestones.

Enlarge photo 18
Du Jay bird with pearls (white and gray tones).  Wonderful enamel and pave work.  Typical branch ending.

Enlarge photo 19
Back of bird pin showing the rhodium plating.

Enlarge photo 20
Du Jay bird on branch with small flowers.  These flowers are very similar to the ones in the fish/frog pieces.

Enlarge photo 21
[Sold] Du Jay two birds under an umbrella.  Note that the branch end is similar to many of the floral pieces.

Enlarge photo 22
Du Jay floral enamel initial pins.  The tiny rhinestone flowers are very similar to other pieces shown in the album.

Enlarge photo 23
[Sold] Du Jay floral fur clip mounted on a crystal circle.  Unfortunately 4 of the red glass beads re missing.  Anyone have any like this?

Enlarge photo 24
[Sold] Du Jay floral pin mounted on a crystal back, with green rhinestone ball-shaped stamens.

Enlarge photo 25
Du Jay floral fur clip with hundreds of pave rhinestones.  The green "stamens" on this clip are an exact match to the prior piece.

Enlarge photo 26
Du Jay pave and enamel flower.  Similar in construction to 2 prior pieces.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 27
(Not) a Du Jay floral enamel and rhinestones mounted on crystal circle.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 28
Unmarked fur clip--owned by Jane Clarke www.morninggloryantiques.com

Enlarge photo 29
Back of unmarked clip--owned by Jane Clarke

Enlarge photo 30
DeRosa parure--owned by Jane Clarke www.morninggloryantiques.com

Enlarge photo 31
Maybe a Du Jay.  Flowers are very similar and enameling is very typical.  Black finish is not japanned metal but high gloss enamel.

Enlarge photo 32
Rhodium plated back of the prior floral circle pin.

Enlarge photo 33
Du Jay yellow and amethyst colored rhinestone clamp bracelet (rare).

Enlarge photo 34
Du Jay yellow and amethyst-colored rhinestone circle pin, matching the prior bracelet.

Enlarge photo 35
Another Du Jay from the same line as the prior 2 pieces.

Enlarge photo 36
Du Jay circle pin in aqua and red rhinestones.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 37
Aqua and yellow-colored rhinestones in this Du Jay leaf pin.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 38
A Du Jay "berry" pin.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 39
Sapphire blue cab, pearls and enamel leaves on this lovely Du Jay pin.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 40
Deep violet cab Du Jay bracelet with enamel flowers on the sides.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 41
Deep blue cab, pave rhinestones and enamel flowers adorn this Du Jay pin.  Owned by Carolyn Newhouse.

Enlarge photo 42
Peach enamel flower with pale blue glass cab center, small enamel leaves and flowers make up this asymmetric Du Jay pin.

Enlarge photo 43
This Du Jay pin has similar blue cabs as the prior pin with red marquise-shaped rhinestones and autumn-colored enamel leaves.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 44
Du Jay pin with coral cab.  Similar to the dark blue cab pin above.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 45
Another Du Jay with a green cab center.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 46
[Sold] Du Jay floral basket with rock crystal base and sapphire channel set stones.

Enlarge photo 47
Du Jay floral basket with a rock crystal base and red channel set rhinestones.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 48
(Not) a Du Jay pave flower basket with a bouquet of enamel flowers.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

See next two pictures.

Enlarge photo 49
Coro flower basket--owned by Jane Clarke www.morninggloryantiques.com

Enlarge photo 50
Back of Coro flower basket.

Enlarge photo 51
Du Jay flower basket.  Stamens are similar to prior pieces in this album.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 52
Du Jay pave leaf.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 53
2 signed Du Jay pearl-belly penguins with yellow enamel feet.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 54
Patent filed for penguin pin, 1939.

Enlarge photo 55
Du Jay pave bow with pink glass flower vase (maybe pink quartz) and enamel/pearl flowers.  Owned by Ira Scheck.

Enlarge photo 56
Du Jay fruit salad pin with rhinestones and enamel on left

On right, initially attributed to Du Jay, I have seen a version with a red stone marked Pennino.  Note the similar enameling, stem-end and other characteristics that would indicate Du Jay.  I wonder if there was a connection between Pennino and Du Jay?

Enlarge photo 57
[NFS] Du Jay plique a jour fur clips--white and black face.  Slightly different treatment of the cut-outs.

Enlarge photo 58
[NFS] Du Jay plique a jour white face fur clip.

Enlarge photo 59
[Sold] Du Jay enameled rickshaw.

Enlarge photo 60
This is a very interesting Du Jay.  First, it is an extraordinarily beautiful pin--the pictures don't show its sparkle.  Second, it is marked twice in block letters  "Du Jay", and is also marked 14 KT and sterling.  I don't know if this is an early piece that was a transition from Du Jay's fine jewelry period or a post-war piece.  It is lovely and shows the typical channel set rhinestones.  (and it is from Roger!)

Enlarge photo 61
Du Jay horse head showing typical pave and channel set rhinestones and enameling.  Quite a few of the rhinestones have yellowed....  Rhodium back.

Enlarge photo 62
Lovely Du Jay swan.

Owned by Jennifer Lynn of Jennifer Lynn's Timeless Jewelry

Enlarge photo 63

Enlarge photo 64

Enlarge photo 65
[Sold] Du Jay three fishies pin

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