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I am in LOVE with your pot metal bulldog and would love to own it. I have two bulldogs Blanche and Nigel. It is the most beautiful pin I have ever seen.
Karen Phillips, Wed, 1 Apr 2015 5:36PM
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Enlarge photo 1
Bakelite bull dog pin
Brad Elfrink

Tough-guy bulldog carved of dark red bakelite with a touch of black marbling, with a black bakelite cap.

Enlarge photo 2
Giant potmetal bulldog set with marcasites, glass eyes, moveable tongue and a reverse carved bone.  He is almost 4 inches long.  Probably from the 1920s-1930s.

Enlarge photo 3
Sterling bulldog watch pin with ruby eyes.

Enlarge photo 4
Essex crystal

Essex crystal of a bulldog wearing a spiked collar, mounted on a 14 K gold riding crop.  Engraved on the back: "MW from MI Dec. 23 -15"

Enlarge photo 5
Back of pin, signed W.B. Ford 1883.

Enlarge photo 6
Essex crystal
Male Yorkshire Terrier
Circa 1860-1870

Essex crystals, as many labor intensive processes, existed in their purest form, for only a few decades. First seen around the mid 1800’s, they faded out toward the turn of the century, and then transformed into a lesser variety of pressed glass as the new century progressed. Rock crystal is painstakingly carved out from the back in an image and finely painted. The back is then sealed with gold, or mother of pearl and when viewed from the front are miniature paintings in three dimensions. Finer pieces entail deep carving and realistic carving as well as superb painting with multitudes of color. You can often judge their value not only but their lifelike qualities, colors but if you turn them to the side, their striking depth.

Depicting a male Yorkshire terrier or possibly a cairn or skye terrier (complete with his blue bow around his neck), we have a divine Essex Crystal pendant. Dogs were a frequent theme, as ot...

Enlarge photo 7
Essex crystal
Female Yorkie
Circa 1860s-1870s

Here we have an irresistible Yorkie or Yorkshire terrier dog. She is one of two purchased together and seem to have been a pair. The female is unadorned, but with a pert lively expression typical of the real animal’s character. Her ears are pointed and alert, and her fur and coat are rendered with charcoals, browns, whites and gold. She is even a snaggle tooth or biting her little pink tongue which stick out slightly from her mouth. Precision carving and painting demarcate individual hairs around the face and neck. Perfectly smooth, the cabochon rock crystal is in mint condition with no chips or scratches (other than very tiny surface wear expected with age). The crystal is set in 15k gold plain bezel and then within a twisted gold border. The pendant has an additional and possibly later oval ring to allow a chain to fit with more ease.

Measuring 7/8 inches across by 3/8 inches deep. Taking up the entire depth is the im...

Enlarge photo 8

Enlarge photo 9
My friend Ashley's dog, Little Man, dressed up for Halloween.

Enlarge photo 10
Haskell lucite dog pin, perhaps a Schnauzer -- very rare and the only one I have ever seen.  From a series that includes a head, hand, and leaf.

Enlarge photo 11
Micromosaic spaniel with pheasant.

Enlarge photo 12
King Charles spaniel portrait pin, enamel on porcelain.

Enlarge photo 13
My son's pugs dressed for a luau.

Enlarge photo 14
Wooden dog with moveable tongue.

Enlarge photo 15
Early script Coro -- scottie with glass head that moves.

Enlarge photo 16
Coro Mr. Dog.  He wishes he could find Mrs. Dog....

Enlarge photo 17
Celluloid, googley-eyed dog.

Enlarge photo 18
Deja enamel scottie, Deja sterling dog head fur clip, and Reja sterling dog.

Enlarge photo 19
The artist with his dog.  My friend Steve with Maddie the golden retriever.

Enlarge photo 20
Schultz bakelite scottie won at the VFCJ Color Fund auction.

Enlarge photo 21
Enamel painting of a spaniel on black glass with snake surround.

Enlarge photo 22
Elzac dog -- wood head and lucite ears.

Enlarge photo 23
Same Elzac dog, this one in lime-yellow plastic with lucite ears.

Enlarge photo 24
Castlecliff enameled angel wings dachshund pin

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