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Date(s): March 19, 2004. Album by Cathy Gordon. 1 - 100 of 100 Total. 25406 Visits.
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Have the necklace and earings to the green elephant bracelot shown on here.
claude perguson, Sat, 8 Nov 2008 8:23PM
Are these your private collection or for sale ???
Helena, Thu, 7 Jul 2005 1:29PM
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Enlarge photo 1
A wonderful charm bracelet of enameled hearts on a rigid sterling bangle.  Some are Victorian, some are from the 1940s.

Enlarge photo 2
Necklace made of funky charms by B'Sue.

Enlarge photo 3
My high school charm bracelet--charms from countries I visited when I was 16, an engraved disk with my horse's name on it, high school pennant, hockey stick and basketball, a musical note, artist palatte and a cat.

Enlarge photo 4
Cat charm bracelet
Designed by Joan Munkacsi

A collection of vintage sterling and gold cat (and mouse) charms attached to a circa 1910 converted watch chain (Joan believes it is American).  Love token charm is marked "Kitty."  Several mechanicals including kittens in baskets and a fish in a trashcan.

Enlarge photo 5
Top left: love token charm bracelet from Joan: American dimes, dated 1854-1899: engraved Mabel, Auntie, Uncle, Will, Eva, Olga, Mama, Brother and initials.  Bottom left: love token bracelet with Canadian and British coins dated 1888-1901: some engraved--Duff, Jack, R. O. S. E., A. R. H., Top right: love token watch fob?, American dimes dated 1884-1887: engraved Papa, initials, Paul, Roscoe, Harry, George, Bergh, Frank, Mama.

Enlarge photo 6
Ram's head cuff bracelet of silver-tone metal with a group of glass and metal charms hanging from a ring.  Signed Napier.  Interior metal has slight wear.

Enlarge photo 7
Side view of ram's head cuff.

Enlarge photo 8
Glass heads of 4 different people: man with bowler, man with fedora, cavalier, coolie.  Signed Napier.  Couple of very slight cracks in glass finish.

Enlarge photo 9
Egyptian theme charm bracelet, front view.  Silver-tone metal with elaborate silver and glass charms.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 10
Back view of Egyptian charm bracelet.

Enlarge photo 11
Egyptian theme charm bracelet in gold.  Signed Napier.  This is only the 2nd one of these I have ever seen.

Enlarge photo 12
Reverse side of the Napier Egyptian theme charm bracelet.

Enlarge photo 13
Gold-tone bracelet with a variety of lanterns.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 14
Gold-tone bracelet with a variety of lanterns, some with pearl seed beads.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 15
Asian themed bracelet in silver-tone metal with glass and metal charms.  No signature.  Wear on metal.

Enlarge photo 16
Asian themed bracelet in gold-tone metal. No signature.

Enlarge photo 17
Silver-tone charm bracelet with glass and metal charms, including a bell, heart, star, crown, shell, etc. Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 18
Gold-tone charm bracelet with similar charms to number 12.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 19
2 lucite fruit bracelets.  Both signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 20
Blue lucite "grapes" and gold-tone leaves.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 21
Pink glass elephants and gold balls,  Bracelet and earrings signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 22
Green glass elephants and gold balls.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 23
Peach pits and gold-tone leaves.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 24
Gold-tone leaves and glass acorns in autumn shades.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 25
Shell necklace, bracelet and earrings.  All signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 26
Gold coins bracelet.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 27
Silver-tone bracelet and pin of fans with carnelian-colored glass beads.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 28
Silver-tone and faux turquoise glass bracelet of grapes and grape leaves.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 29
Gold-tone Asian character charms interspersed with faux jade charms.  Bracelet and earrings signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 30
Art glass charms and gold-tone filigree balls.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 31
Art glass beads with gold leaves.  Bracelet and earrings signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 32
Amethyst colored lucite bobbles with gold-tone filigree balls and blue glass beads.  Necklace and earring signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 33
Lucite bobbles in blue, green, orange, pink topped with silver-toned filigree.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 34
Pastel bobbles in gold-tone.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 35
Amethyst, turquoise, pink, orange lucite bobbles topped with gold-tone filigree. Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 36
Mickey!  Enamel pin and charm bracelet.  Both signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 37
Napier charm bracelet with silver Asian-themed charms and green marbled plastic balls.  Signed Napier.

Enlarge photo 38
Love token pin.

1st row top: Father, Mother, Libbie, David
2nd row: Cora Will April 27th, Sheldon 1870, Allie
3rd row: Kate, Owen
4th row: Pearl

Coins are US dimes dating from 1875 to 1887.

Sande didn't polish this, but I did -- just a little!

Enlarge photo 39
Love token pin -- front.  Can anyone tell what the initials are?

Enlarge photo 40
Back -- I wonder if these are pictures of an Asian locale?

Enlarge photo 41
Enamel Sterling Puffy Heart Charm Bracelet

This bracelet is exceptional in quality, an authentic, original 1940s piece, with nothing added or subtracted. It's increasingly hard to find bracelets from this period that haven't had later hearts added to them, and so this is a real prize. The centerpiece is a daisy enamel locket with a photo inside of Lucille, the best friend of the owner. There are 7 enamel hearts, including one guilloché, 1 rhinestone-set heart, a very desirable lion's head heart, and one additional enamel charm with a total of 20 charms. These are attached to a marvelous sterling silver book chain. All charms are marked sterling.

This bracelet was passed down to a family member who was able to include the history of this item and history of each of the names engraved on the back of each heart.

Hazel Latamier Yates (1919-2003) was the owner and her niece said this was a treasured item and these hearts were gifts through the year...

Enlarge photo 42
Central charm -- locket with a photo inside of Lucille.

Enlarge photo 43
Close-ups of some of the charms.

Enlarge photo 44
More close-ups.

Enlarge photo 45
and more....

Enlarge photo 46
and more...

Enlarge photo 47
WWII handmade sweetheart bracelet, made entirely from a single US dollar coin (dated 1942).  The two intertwined hearts (with arrow) are hand-engraved Joe and Anne.  Each diamond-shaped link is from the coin.  It has an ingenious clasp.

Enlarge photo 48
Back of the bracelet showing the pieces of coin.

Enlarge photo 49
Two examples of love token coins -- a cut-out head from an American dime mounted on a black glass heart and a dime engraved Ethel on a chain with the ring being the edge of a larger coin.

Enlarge photo 50
Love token charm bracelet using dimes.  One of the coins showing is dated 1875.

Enlarge photo 51
Clasp is engraved "Mary."

Enlarge photo 52
Very odd skull and crossbones coin.  Maybe this family member was a pirate??  (Just a joke.)

Enlarge photo 53
Child's heart charm bracelet. Date?

Enlarge photo 54
Other side of bracelet.

Enlarge photo 55
Sterling bracelet for holding puffy heart charms. Each link is shaped like a skeleton key to incorporate a 'key to my heart' theme. The keys have two holes in the handle so they can hold at least two charms each.  Heart was added by seller.

Enlarge photo 56
Selro devil bracelet with alternating heads and horns.

It has both light pink and amethyst colored stones.  I think the amethyst stones are correct and the pink ones are replacements.  Anyone know?

Enlarge photo 57
Close-up showing the pin stone on the left horm and the amethyst-colored one on the right.

Enlarge photo 58
Kobe celluloid pop-out eyes charms

Enlarge photo 59
Kobe charm

Enlarge photo 60
Kobe charm

Enlarge photo 61
Early Minnie Mouse heart charm.  Note her long nose!

Enlarge photo 62
Victorian sterling and enameled heart charm.

Enlarge photo 63
Outstanding handmade presentation bracelet, probably a wedding gift of matching double-sided tokens engraved on dimes.  Dimes engraved with initials, names and the date October 23th [sic] 84.

Note that the rigid sterling band is also engraved.

Enlarge photo 64
The coins on one side are all engraved with scenes, flowers, birds, etc, perhaps having significance to the recipients.

Enlarge photo 65
More scenes.

Enlarge photo 66
More scenes

Enlarge photo 67
The other side of the coins are initials.  Of course, I am not any good at reading most of these stylized letters F?H to

Enlarge photo 68
to L F? Oct

Enlarge photo 69
Oct 23th 84 Ma Pa

Enlarge photo 70
14kt Gold and Enamel Charm Bracelet, c. 1940s, depicting eleven Disney characters including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, the Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf, Elmer Elephant, the Ugly Ducking, and a calf, suspended from fancy link chain, lg. 6 5/8 in., calf signed Cartier.

Note: For a similar example, see American Jewelry: Glamour and Tradition, pp. 149.

Provenance: The owner received the bracelet as a gift from Walt Disney, to whom she was an assistant.
Estimate $2,000-3,000
Sold for $42,300

Enlarge photo 71

Enlarge photo 72

Enlarge photo 73

Enlarge photo 74

Enlarge photo 75

Enlarge photo 76
Roxie's charm bracelet

Enlarge photo 77
Enameled love token telegram
Circa 1880

A silver and duck-egg blue enamel envelope, circa 1880. The envelope is addressed in black enamel : telegramme a dechirer [heartfelt or heartrending telegram]. It opens to reveal a message inside : I love you!

Enlarge photo 78

Enlarge photo 79

Enlarge photo 80

Enlarge photo 81
Heart charm with an eye

Enlarge photo 82
Sterling hollow bangle bracelet
American marks
Circa early 1800s to 1910

Sterling bangle bracelet with 23 different inscriptions, in nearly as many different typefaces, from simple block letters to stacked monograms to highly ornate script. the style of typefaces ranges from early 19th century (picked script) to 1910s (block letters). Inscriptions: MAB, stacked SF, HSM, JC, LJM, Dave, Lili, Will, Fan, MRH, CKC Jr., Bus Sticky, stacked GT, overlapping FWD, HEW, LL, GCT, LAC, WHC, CFT, HBT, Mde. F., MEJ.

Enlarge photo 83
Sterling hollow bangle bracelet
American marks
Circa early 1800s to 1910

Close up of engraved names.

Enlarge photo 84
Sterling hollow bangle bracelet
American marks
Circa early 1800s to 1910

Close up of engraved names.

Enlarge photo 85
Sterling hollow bangle bracelet
American marks
Circa early 1800s to 1910

Close up of engraved names.

Enlarge photo 86
Sterling hollow bangle bracelet
American marks
Circa early 1800s to 1910

Close up of engraved names.

Enlarge photo 87
Trench Art Love Token bracelet
British coins
Circa WWII

Trench art love token bracelet engraved "1944, SOUTH, WEST, TO MY LOVING SISTER, PACIFIC, AREA, 1945"

Handmade from British coins; buckle-type closure.

Enlarge photo 88
Enameled mini passport charm 9 ct, opens to enameled red heart and the message “To the Land of Love”, see pg 131 in  Charms and Charm Bracelets -The Complete Guide Book

Enlarge photo 89

Enlarge photo 90

Enlarge photo 91
Silver charm bracelet with enameled hearts

Mid-century bangle-style rope-twisted silver bracelet with a collection of colorful guilloché enameled heart charms, a pair of finely hand-engraved hearts and a bright hard enameled lucky horseshoe charm. The reverses have hand engraved names and are marked STERLING MEMORY CHARM.The closure uses a lucky 4-leaf-clover skillfully decorated with elaborate hand-répoussé rosettes that twinkle and resembles marcasite stones. The padlock opens and closes securely and does not require a key to open. It is engraved INT’L 1943

Enlarge photo 92

Enlarge photo 93
Mixed metals charm bracelet
Thomas Mann

Important mixed metals early charm bracelet designed by the contemporary artist Thomas Mann.  It is hand signed and dated 1988. In creating this unique work of art Mann used mixed metals including: sterling, bronze and brass. It has not been polished and retains its original rich patina. This bracelet measures about 8” in length. featured on page 13 in Charms and Charm Bracelets -The Complete Guide Book

Enlarge photo 94

Enlarge photo 95
Sterling vintage "Love is Blind" charm which opens and has a pair of spectacles.

Enlarge photo 96
Pip, Squeak & Wilfred, Articulated Frog Silver Charm Bracelet
Circa 1945

Sterling bracelet, c. 1945, with 1920s-era images. This English charm bracelet has been made from an antique watch chain and features the following charms, all lightweight and hollow except for Mr. Toad (counter-clockwise): penguin (Squeak), dog (Pip), cow, movable Mr. Toad, rabbit (Wilfred)and greyhound.

Featured on page 60 in Charms and Charm Bracelets -The Complete Guide Book. The book is authored by Joanne Schwartz and Joan Munkacsi was the technical advisor.

Enlarge photo 97
Pip, Squeak & Wilfred, Articulated Frog Silver Charm Bracelet
Circa 1945

Enlarge photo 98
Sterling outhouse charm
Circa 1940s

Enlarge photo 99
Sterling outhouse charm
Circa 1940s

Enlarge photo 100
Sterling outhouse charm
Circa 1940s

Door opens to Sam and Lew, two enameled figures....  Possibly Cockney slang where Lew = Loo ??

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