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Book Pieces
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Hello, I bought a bought a box of misc. jewelry from a thrift in Pasadena 'sight unseen' when it was dropped off by a family member. I soon realized that the couple that wore these items must have been very social in their community. After looking through all I felt as if I knew them. Some peices whimsical, some patriotic and some very personal. The one peice I have kept close is the REJA sterling flower pot. I was able to confirm the identify from your great website It is is perfect condition. The 1947 Ad has it displayed at the top as you have it being the first one pictured in the Gardenesque Series. I would like to sell this peice as I have had it for many years and feel it should be displayed (and worn) by someone who truly appreiciates it. Where should I start? How much?
Thank you for your time an great resources.  
Debra Watt
Arcadia, California
Debra Watt, Tue, 1 Mar 2011 12:09PM
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Enlarge photo 1
Coro screech owl -- designed by Robert Geissman 1938

Brunialti1 pg 49-50

Enlarge photo 2
Coro parrot -- designed by Robert Geissmann 1938

Brunialti1 pg 49-50

Enlarge photo 3
CoroCraft Sterling enameled toucan, 1943.  Shown with an amethyst-colored stone in Brunialti.

Brunialti1 pg 73-74

Enlarge photo 4
CoroCraft Sterlilng rock fish, 1944.  This is faked a lot.

Brunialti1 pg 79-80

Enlarge photo 5
Trifari trembler orchid pin, 1936. Shown with green rhinestones in Brunialti.

Brunialti1 pg 97-98

Enlarge photo 6
Trifari jelly belly horse head, 1944, gold wash over sterling.

Brunialti1 pg 157-158.

Enlarge photo 7
Mechanical Boucher Punchinello whose arms and legs go up and down when the chain is pulled.  Boucher did a series of mechanical pieces, including a Cambodian (arms and legs go up and down), a pelican (mouth opens and there is a fish), and a jester whose head moves back and forth.

Black and white ad shown in Brunialti1 pg 185.

Enlarge photo 8
Reja Africana series.  There were additional pieces.  All are enamel on goldwashed sterling.  Top is Africana Ubangi earrings with fur clip underneath.  On left is Africana Witch Doctor and on the right is Africana Congo Belle.

Brunialti1 pg 217-218

Enlarge photo 9
Reja Medusa pin and earrings from 1946.  Wonderful enamel over goldwashed sterling with pave set rhinestones for hair.  You will also see this set with gold faces.

Brunialti1 pg 221-222 (gold tone faces)

Enlarge photo 10
Reja Jack-in-the-Box pin and earrings from 1947.  Goldwashed sterling and red , clear rhinestones.

Brunialti1 pg 221-222.

Enlarge photo 11
Reja Hobby Horse, 1946.  Goldwashed sterling, pave crystals and the rose pink glass cabs used in many Reja pieces.

Brunialti1 pg 221-222.

Enlarge photo 12
Reja Gardenesque series showing the variety of pins that were available.  There are others that I haven't managed to collect, including a willow tree.  Earrings are very hard to find.  The pieces came in sterling without the goldwash or goldwashed.  The pins and earrings in the bottom row may not be from Gardenesque, but have similar vases.

Brunialti1 pg 213-214

Enlarge photo 13
Leo Glass "Thumbs Up" fur clip advertised in Vogue, October 1, 1940.  Designed by Ann Glass, signed Leo Glass.  I do not know what the Pep signature on the metal circle stands for, though I have seen other jewelry signed "Pep."  

Brunialti1 pg 223, 224.

Enlarge photo 14
Two rare pieces--left, by Fred A. Block and on the right--Sandor.  There was a series of blackamoor brooches made by the two firms, in some instances using the same face, but different (and fantastic lucite headdresses.  These use different faces, but are extremely rare.

Brunialti1 257-258 (version of the head on the left by Sandor)

Enlarge photo 15
Two unsigned fishes, attributed to Boucher.  Both with gold wash and rhodium.  Unsigned.

Top fish is on cover of Amazing Gems, Deanna Farnetti Cera

Bottom fish is Brunialti1 235-236 (dated 1941)

Enlarge photo 16
Eisenberg mermaid, 1946.  Goldwash over sterling.

Brunialti1 pg 289-290, and the original inspiration, the Verdura ad of the Naiad clip, pg 35.

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