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Date(s): March 19, 2004. Album by Cathy Gordon. 1 - 40 of 40 Total. 39766 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Perfume bottle -- Le Golliwogg by Vingy'.  When I was growing up, my mother had this perfume and we loved it so much, the fuzzy hair was almost gone.

Enlarge photo 2
Advertisement from Le Golliwogg circa 1921.  This is a reproduction.

Enlarge photo 3
Cross-section of brooches classed as blackamoors.  Top left pin has the shield on a spring.  None are signed.

Enlarge photo 4
Blackamoors representing Moorish nobility.  Top row all by Har. Bottom left--Nettie Rosenstein, bottom right unsigned.

Enlarge photo 5
Another type of blackamoor, all with elaborate turbans.  The four pins on the corners are widely reproduced.  The top two are by
Sphinx, the bottom two are much lower quality and unsigned.  Middle top row--Boucher, the first blackamoor pin I bought.  Middle bottom has a wonderful face, isn't signed.

Enlarge photo 6
Two rare pieces--left, by Fred A. Block and on the right--Sandor.  There was a series of blackamoor brooches made by the two firms, in some instances using the same face, but different (and fantastic lucite headdresses.  These use different faces, but are extremely rare.

Enlarge photo 7
More examples of blackamoors.  Left and middle on the top row by Butler and Wilson (extremely high quality pieces, but reproduced in cheap versions).  Top right, bakelite and sterling.  The rest are signed, but I didn't have time to check the makers marks.

Enlarge photo 8
More....  top row all by Ciner.  Middle row, left, one of my favorites--a boy with a bird (unsigned)--other two are Mazer.  Bottom row left, Coro (reproduced often in the 1940s), and bottom right, a jester by Pennino.

Enlarge photo 9
Copper "native" faces.  Top left, Ubangi by Rebajes, top right by Pedro Pujol (Rebajes' brother or cousin).  Bottom, unsigned.

Enlarge photo 10
Two blackamoor fur clips by DuJay.  Enamel and plique a jour, gold-wash, channel-set rhinestones.  Black-faced brooch shows typical enamel wear on lips.  Very rare to find a pair.

Enlarge photo 11
Four ceramic brooches by Elzac showing a range of styles and fashions.

Enlarge photo 12
There are quite a number of female blackamoor brooches.  One of my favorites is the pin on the bottom left -- though battered, the face is quite lovely.  None signed.

Enlarge photo 13
Brooches representing Josephine Baker.  Top row middle--articulated bakelite and aluminum.  Top right by Coro.

Enlarge photo 14
Headhunters -- top left by Korda (Rice-Weiner), from the Jungle Book series.

Enlarge photo 15
Large Deco-style brooch with a lucite headdress.

Enlarge photo 16
Set of brooches by Reja all gold-washed sterling from the mid-1940s.  Top left pin and earrings--Medusa.  Top right pin and earrings--Ubangi from the Africana series.  Bottom left, pearl belly, middle, Africana Witch Doctor, bottom right, Africana Congo Belle.

Enlarge photo 17
Lovely Caribbean woman (pin and earrings) by Nettie Rosenstein.

Enlarge photo 18
Also by Nettie Rosenstein--wonderful face!

Enlarge photo 19
Same brooches plus blackamoor--all by Nettie Rosenstein.

Enlarge photo 20
Large Caribbean island woman--brooch by Chanel.

Enlarge photo 21
Enameled blackamoor boy riding a turtle.  This pin is gold wash over sterling and marked HC in a diamond.  A wonderful whimsical piece, most likely from the 1940s!

Enlarge photo 22
Two Hattie Carnegie enameled blackamoor fur clips.  Gold wash over sterling and marked HC in a diamond.

Enlarge photo 23
Enameled blackamoor soldier fur clip, probably a knockoff of a set created by Hattie Carnegie in 1939 (her designs had either coral or turquoise stones, but were signed).

Enlarge photo 24
Oriental dancer pin and earclips. Gold wash over sterling, signed HC in a diamond and Sterling. See Harrice Millier's Official Price Guide to Costume Jewelry 3rd edition, page 153 for a blackamoor version.  Several of the small turquoise glass stones are missing.  Anyone have replacements?

Enlarge photo 25
From the sublime to the interesting.  Two lucite blackamoor figurals--rare to find the pair in excellent condition.  Heads are ceramic, lady has wood bowl of fruit on her head. Figurals are approx 5" tall.

Enlarge photo 26
Hand carved primitive faces.  Appear to be some sort of wood and all of these guys have a loop at the top so could be made into a bracelet, etc.  Found them at an antique fair, apparently all from the same estate.  Couldn't separate the guys so bought them all!

Enlarge photo 27
Sterling and ceramic brooch marked Frank Sterling.  Who the heck is Frank?

Enlarge photo 28
Plastic googley-eyed blackamoors from the 1960s.

Enlarge photo 29
I don't often find great blackamoor pins but Luda had this at Convention and I snatched it up.  Beautiful blackamoor woman holding a bird.

Enlarge photo 30
Folk art carved wood blackamoor angel with lucite wings and halo.

Enlarge photo 31
Fur clip of a barefoot black boy in polka dot shirt and patched pants throwing dice. The base metal of the piece is rhodium plated and hand enamelled, the dice are freeswinging and attached by chain to the boy's hand.  Probably mid-1930s.  Unsigned.

Enlarge photo 32
Hitch Hiking Pickaninny with Shoes
Pot metal and enamel fur clip
Probably 1940s.

Enlarge photo 33

Enlarge photo 34

Enlarge photo 35

Enlarge photo 36

Enlarge photo 37
Black drummer pot metal dress clip

Enlarge photo 38
Ebony, sterling and lucite tribal head.

Enlarge photo 39
Ebony, lucite and sterling tribal head

Enlarge photo 40

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