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I am looking for a ribbon bakelite bracelet
michele, Sun, 28 Feb 2016 2:40PM
Re bracelet #72 - someone has the matching pin on RL for $49 check it out! S
Jenny, Mon, 6 Jan 2014 7:40AM
I love the horsehead pin,  is it for sale or just to admire?
very pretty things
Renee, Tue, 6 Oct 2009 1:55PM
I would be interested in purchasing a Bakelite bracelet.
Elaine Fosmire, Sun, 4 Oct 2009 8:40PM
lovely... are any for sale?
meg, Sun, 2 Aug 2009 7:26PM
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Enlarge photo 1
Fat Dukie
Brad Elfrink

This very "true-to-life" pin of Duke is made with a nice thick black bakelite as the base and then inlaid with the white markings, as per my description to Brad .... he's "roundish" and has a fat tail, sort of looks ilke a tank.    The eyes are glass with amber colored backs.

Enlarge photo 2
Dukie doing his "flat cat" routine.  Every morning all of the cats get combed and he likes to hang on the back of a chair.

Enlarge photo 3
A more "descriptive" view...

Enlarge photo 4
Reverse Carved Applejuice Bakelite Bangle with Black-Eyed Susans

Brad Elfrink

Enlarge photo 5
Black Carved Bakelite Space Scene Bangle with Moon Faces
Brad Elfrink

1 & 1/2 inch wide section of thick vintage black bakelite bracelet tube carved and inlaid with four different white bakelite full moons with faces.  In addition, inlaid into the bangle are a tiny alien ufo style space ship, a little blue rocket, a shooting star and a comet, each carved from different colors of vintage bakelite and inlaid into the surface of the bangle. The little ufo is made from a piece of red and a piece of apple juice (for the canopy) bakelite. Also each one has a trail of colored and clear white glass rhinestones set into their trails, there is red in the ufo trail, blue in the rocket trail and yellow gold in the comet and shooting star trails.

Enlarge photo 6

Enlarge photo 7

Enlarge photo 8

Enlarge photo 9
Bakelite Carved and Inlaid Sun bangle
Brad Elfrink

Slightly swirled red carved bakelite bangle with 4 white bakelite sun faces -- each different -- surrounded with a strong yellow bakelite halo.

Another superb piece by Brad Elfrink.  I asked him to make me this to contrast with my black carved bakelite moon bracelet.

Enlarge photo 10
Sleepy sun face.

Enlarge photo 11
Another face with blue rhinestone eyes.

Enlarge photo 12
And the final happy sun face.

Enlarge photo 13
Carved Purple Bakelite Hungry Hippo Pin Running with Lunch
Brad Elfrink

A purple hippopotamus carrying his/her favorite subject.....LUNCH!  The movable arm is attached by means of a screw through the back and swings quite freely to and fro.  The white shirt, black shoes and string tie, red inner mouth, white teeth, green and yellow of the lunch box and the letters of LUNCH are all painted on with high quality enamel paint.

Enlarge photo 14

Enlarge photo 15
Bakelite Turtle Running to Lunch
Brad Elfrink

2nd in the Lunch series.

Enlarge photo 16
Carved Bakelite Humpty Dumpty Pin
Brad Elfrink

White bakelite used as a base, a beautiful coat carved from blue moon, a red pants and bow tie, and behind all, the dark red brick wall.  The legs are attached with screws from the back so that they swing freely back and forth.

Enlarge photo 17

Enlarge photo 18
Bakelite penguin pin
Brad Elfink

Black base with inlaid pieces of white for the eyes and big oval tummy, yellow orange for the beak and feet, a big bright red bow tie, and then some deep dark blue for the iris part of the eyes with a tiny piece of white into each for highlights.

Enlarge photo 19
Carved-through black and white bangle
Brad Elfrink

Three groupings of three flowers spaced around the bangle with white space in between carved in large cross hatch marks. The inner surface is the original cream corn oxidized color.  The white areas of the bracelet exposed by carving and sanding will also take on that lovely bone color in about a year.

Enlarge photo 20

Enlarge photo 21
Pink Octagon Inlaid Dancers bracelet and pin
Brad Elfrink

The octagon bracelet has 8 couples dancing around the perimeter of it. Each couple is cut from vintage black catalin and inlaid into the surface of the octagon. There are actually 4 different dances or dance moves represented here with each duplicated once in an alternated direction ( in other words, if the move is represented the first time in the order of boy-girl, the next time it appears it is girl-boy).

Enlarge photo 22

Enlarge photo 23
Bakelite Horse pin
Brad Elfrink

Three colors in this bakelite horse: caramel, almost root beer color for the horse's head and neck, a black mane and then an ornate red swirled bakelite rein with 6 inset sparkling black swarovski rhinestones.

Enlarge photo 24
Bakelite Bulldog with Hat
Brad Elfrink

Carved from dark red bakelite with a touch of black marbling.  The dog's black cap is black bakelite and inlaid into the surface of the red base.  The black nose, white teeth and eyes are also inlaid.

Enlarge photo 25
Bakelite FADA Bullet Radio charm
Brad Elfrink

Enlarge photo 26
Bakelite turkey with trembler wing
Brad Elrink

The turkey is based with a brown swirled bakelite that another customer says reminds her of tigers eye, it is very pretty and works well for turkey feathers.......  It has inlays of dark red and white bakelite for feathers in the tail, yellow for feet and orange-yellow for head and neck.  I painted the turkey's "wattle" with high quality red enamel paint and it has a glass eye.  The wing is attached with a fairly stout spring and trembles, or vibrates, at a flick with your finger.

Enlarge photo 27
THE Philadelphia bracelet.  Superb Deco style, with fins.  Apparently, the bracelet came in five colors -- this is the red one (duh...).

Enlarge photo 28
Front of the bracelet.

Enlarge photo 29
Back and top view.

Enlarge photo 30
Opened at the hinge.

Enlarge photo 31
Bakelite owl, possibly by Martha Sleeper.  Some missing paint, but isn't he cute?

Enlarge photo 32
Back of owl.

Enlarge photo 33
Martha Sleeper bakelite deer with leather ears.

Enlarge photo 34
Dark brown with black edge Bakelite cuff bracelet in the form of a ribbon.

Enlarge photo 35
Top view of the Bakelite ribbon bracelet.

Enlarge photo 36
Red, white and blue patriotic bakelite bangle.  Colors have oxidized, so the white is cream and the blue is almost black.  Possibly WWII-era.

Enlarge photo 37
Wonderful teal carved bakelite bracelet.  Note the intricate way the bracelet passes through the carved bakelite loop.  Possibly 1930s.

Enlarge photo 38
Side view.

Enlarge photo 39
Bakelite, Chrome and Rhinestone necklace

German necklace of links of pale
green bakelite, chrome and channel
set rhinestones.  Each link is
joined so the necklace is
articulated.  Some of the
rhinestones have grayed.  Marked
Patented D.R.G. M. 4438525 on one
of the chrome pieces.  According to
Moro, page 133, DRGM was a German
patent mark (meaning Deutsches
Reich Geschmacksmuster) and was
used on both jewelry or applied to
technical inventions.  It was used
until 1945.  Thus, the mark could
refer to the chrome strips with

Enlarge photo 40
German bakelite, chrome and channel-set
rhinestones necklace and bracelet

Same style as prior necklace
except in black bakelite.
Bracelet is marked D.R.G.M. and 1138525.  Necklace is unmarked.

Enlarge photo 41
Chrome and bakelite bracelet.

Enlarge photo 42
Black bakelite plaques with cobalt blue beads in the center mounted on pierced plastic.  Unsigned Haskell.

Hmmnn, possible these should be blue....

Enlarge photo 43
Brown bakelite and brown glass beads.  Unsigned Haskell.

Enlarge photo 44
Early bakelite bracelet and pin, c. WWII.  These pieces are a gorgeous teal color and look like a corsage when worn.  The pin has the pierced plastic back common to WWII.  The bakelite disks and turquoise glass beads on the bracelet are wired to silk cord.  Unsigned Haskell

Enlarge photo 45
Bakelite bracelet of disks attached to silk cord
Unsigned Haskell

Enlarge photo 46
Bakelite pin
Unsigned Haskell

This patriotic bakelite pin has oxidized over time, judging by the red/white/blue glass beads in the center.  The white is a deep cream and the blue has turned to black.

Enlarge photo 47
Bakelite pin of marbled green disks
Unsigned Haskell

Enlarge photo 48
Bakelite acorns pin
Unsigned Haskell

Enlarge photo 49
Bakelite dress clip
Unsigned Haskell

Enlarge photo 50
Bakelite bracelets inset with rhinestones
Dan and Penny Lains

Enlarge photo 51
Bakelite bangles
Bruce and Vicki Pantti

3 bakelite bangles with dots by Bruce and Vickie Pantti.  Bruce told me the black is a rare color.  The red with white dots is marvelously marbled.

Enlarge photo 52
Bakelite bangles
Bruce and Vickie Pantti

Wonderful shades of cream or white with turquoise dots.  You can see the oxidized color on the inside of the top bangle.

Enlarge photo 53
Bakelite bangles
Bruce and Vicki Pantti

Enlarge photo 54
Bakelite wide bangle and spacers
Bruce and Vicki Pantti

Enlarge photo 55
Bakelite bangles
Ron and Ester Shultz

Enlarge photo 56
Bakelite Scottie
Ron and Ester Shultz

Enlarge photo 57
Bakelite googley eyed blackface with watermelon.  I think this is such a hoot, though some might think it is very politically incorrect....

Enlarge photo 58
New York City Skyline - Blue Moon Bakelite with Black Inlay
Brad Elfrink

Full moon and stars, Chrysler Building

Enlarge photo 59
New York City Skyline - Blue Moon Bakelite with Black Inlay
Brad Elfrink

Twin Towers

Enlarge photo 60
New York City Skyline - Blue Moon Bakelite with Black Inlay
Brad Elfrink

Brooklyn Bridge

Enlarge photo 61
Articulated Bakelite African native drummer, approx 4 1/2 inches, black segments with enamel highlights.

Enlarge photo 62
Articulated Bakelite African native warrior pin, black segments with enamel highlights, approx. 4 1/8" tall.

Enlarge photo 63
Bakelite googley-eyed horse

Enlarge photo 64
Red Prystal(?) Bakelite carved cuff bracelet.

Enlarge photo 65
Another picture of it.

Enlarge photo 66
Pantti orange, applejuice and black bakelite bracelet

Enlarge photo 67
Schultz purple and white checked bakelite bangle with black and navy bowties.

Enlarge photo 68
Schultz marbled purple bakelite bracelet with thumbnail dots.

Enlarge photo 69
Schultz bubblegum pink bakelite with black oval and round dots.

Enlarge photo 70
Bakelite Philadelphia-style cuff bracelet by Brad Elfrink.

Enlarge photo 71
Front of bakelite Philadelphia-style cuff bracelet by Brad Elfrink.

Enlarge photo 72
Black bakelite hinged cuff with red bakelite center and brass accents.

Enlarge photo 73
Butterscotch Bakelite bangle with circles.

Enlarge photo 74
Bakelite metal-clad bangle -- carved applejuice and silver metal foil.  From Canada.

Enlarge photo 75
Butterscotch Bakelite bracelet with piano notes
C 1930s

Enlarge photo 76
Deep orange bakelite bracelet with carved and dyed design.
C. 1930s

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