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Enlarge photo 1
Handpainted sepia miniature of 3 chldren
Circa 1760

Three young children painted in sepia on ivory in original shagreen case.  Based on clothing styles, circa dated to 1760.  Just about 2" x 2"

Enlarge photo 2
Circa 1800

Double-sided mourning pendant (so sad!) of an adorable child with wings and a background of clouds indicating heaven.

Enlarge photo 3
Circa 1800

Reverse showing a hand-painted miniature on ivory of a mother mourning at the tomb of her infant.  The sepia tones of the paint were often derived using macerated hair as a pigment. The willow tree leaves are bits of the baby's hair.  Inscription reads: "C'est tout ce qui m'en reste." loosely translated as "This is all I have left."  There are intertwined initials at the top of the tomb.

Some damage to the bottom of the painting.

Enlarge photo 4
Georgian mourning miniature of a child
Circa 1800

The most beautiful child, hand-painted on ivory, with blond curly hair, blue eyes and wearing a coral necklace.  Because there are clouds in the background, this is a mourning piece.  The miniature is set in a yellow gold frame and can be worn as a pendant.

Enlarge photo 5
Portrait miniature of young girl
C. 1800, Georgian

Adorable portrait miniature painted on ivory of a young girl holding a sterling rattle.  She has a coral necklace and bracelet.

Enlarge photo 6
Victorian mourning miniature
Circa late 1800s

Portrait of a child in the clouds wearing a coral necklace, painted enamel on porcelain, 18 K gold, and rose-cut diamonds. The porcelain base has had a lacquer coating to protect the painting. This is undoubtedly original. The painting is set in a silver frame on an 18K gold base and surrounded by 35 rose cut diamonds. The pin is original but I believe the clasp is a later replacement.

Enlarge photo 7
Handpainted miniature on ivory
Circa late 1800s

Young child in the clouds set in gold marked 9 ct, probably English.

Enlarge photo 8
Handpainted porcelain miniature of child in the clouds

Beautiful portrait of a little girl in her blue dress in the clouds.  She is handpainted on porcelain, surrounded by graduated pearls with a central diamond at the top.  Set in rhodium.

Enlarge photo 9
Lovely portrait of a young girl hand-painted on ivory, rose-gold frame, marked JG and dated 1791 at the bottom right of the portrait.

Enlarge photo 10
Portrait miniature of a young girl
Circa 1820s

This wonderful portrait on ivory came in a wooden frame, but I am going to have it remounted into a pendant.  The painting is exceptional in its detail.

Enlarge photo 11
Portrait painted on ivory of a young girl, circa early 1800s.

The portrait is surrounded by braided hair and the back has sprays of the same hair glued onto alabaster glass with a small blue glass piece with seed pearls (at one time there were initials).  Rose gold frame.

Enlarge photo 12
Portrait miniature of a young girl
Watercolor on Ivory
Victorian, dated 1847

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