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Clone Wars Snow Bunny Padme
Update: Nov 29, 2009 - A long overdue update on this costume.  This costume has been with me in some shape or form since 2004.  After 5 years and two capes, it was time for an overhaul.  I've bought brand new boots (pic coming soon), and replaced the trim and lining on cape #2... making this version 3.  The new lining is a silk charmeuse and the new trim is genuine fox fur trim that I had to dye a light blue.

I'll be honest with myself here, my new trim is a tiny bit darker than I would have liked, but I can't fix it now that it is done.  It's not bad, just darker than my old trim, so not what I'm used to.  The new cape is so luxurious and soft :-)

Update! 8/23/06
I purchase a new body suit and hoodie from River's Edge Dancewear (http://www.riversedgedancewear.com/).  I'll see how they look when they come in.  

Here are pictures of my two Star Wars Clonewars Snow Bunny Padme capes.  The first one was made with the wrong colors.  The fleece was an off white, the lining was white, and the trim was way too blue.  My new one has all the correct colors now.  The fleece is a super soft pile in bright white, the lining is an ice blue silk, and the trim is a soft baby blue marribou feather boa.  The first one has since been given away.
The body suit was purchased at www.dannyswarehouse.com - they are a discount surplus dance supply store - everything is $10 there.  I can't guaruntee that they have the body suit in stock right now, but keep checking.
The hoodie was purchased online for $12 as well (sorry I can't remember where, but it was another dance supply place).
The trim on the second cape was bought at a local trim shop for $6 a boa (6 feet per boa).  You can get them online or ebay too.
The boots were purchased on ebay, but the seller was very rude to me and I won't recomend them to anyone.  Just search 'white boots' on ebay - you'll find MANY pairs.
Fabrics were purchased online and at local fabric stores.
The gloves were an ebay purchase as well - for $5.
I made the belt and holster from white leather wrapped around cardboard (holds GREAT).  The gun was purchased from a friend locally.

Clone Wars Snow Bunny Outfit

1. Cape
    I used a bright white cotton polar fleece that had a nice soft pile.  White is a must, whether you use fleece, plush, or velvet.  The inside is lined in an ice/baby blue, this is visible in the maquette and the cartoon.  I used a silk for the lining, very plain, but still stylish enough for Padme.  The Blue trim on the maqutte looks like a very flowy puffy trim - so I used ostritch feather trim for mine (3" diameter).  It flows and moves with the slightest breeze and is very lightweight so it won't drag your cape down.  The cape is a half circle with a hood and has two little balls on strings.  I keep my cloak closed with a hook and eye, its easier than tying it closed all the time.
2.  Body suit
    I used a white lycra unitard for mine, but you can use pants and a shirt too.  Though the way the belt sits, I recomend very low rise pants and a long shirt.  Some shots in the cartoon you can see a zipper in the front (like when she takes off the cloak to distract the droids), some you can't.  I say go with what works for you.  Obviously a unitard will have a zipper, most likely in the front.  Unitards are availble at dance supply stores.
3.  Balaclava (Hoodie under the cape)
    Since Padme wears one, I think it's an essetial peice.  It's actually part of the body suit, but a seperate peice is more comfortable.  Not only does it mean you don't need a hair do, but it will keep all your hair out of your face :-)  When I couldn't find mine the second time I wore it at C3, I was constantly trying to keep my hair out of my face, and had nothing to anchor the hood to.  I found that a well placed saftey pin kept my cape hood up in even the windiest conditions in Indy :-)  The little hoodie can be bought at a dance supply store for about $12.
4.  Boots
    As long as they are white and knee high, it works.  I think that 2" heel is the highest I'd go on it though - no 6" gogo boots.  They also need the little feather/fur trim on top.  For my trim I took a peice that was long enough to wrap around my leg where the top of the boot sat, and sewed a hook and eye to the ends to keep it on.  This way I can use the boots for other costumes as well.
5.   Gloves
  I used white cotton gloves that came up past my wrist a bit.  I sewed four hook and eyes onto the gloves and trim so it can be removed and the gloves cleaned easier.
6.  Belt, Hoster, and Gun
    Its pretty much like the Ep 2 Battle padme belt.  I used white leather and made the holster for my gun.  The gun I used is the Ep 2 small blaster (thanks to Reaper).  In some shots you can make out a pouch and others you can't, I think its an option.

Album by Kristin and Will. Photos by Kristin. 1 - 46 of 46 Total. 2927 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Enlarge photo 2

Enlarge photo 3
A small drawing of what the cape looks like construction wise.

My Fleece was wide enough (60") that I didn't need a seam in the middle, however the inside lining DOES have a seam (it was only 45" wide).

Enlarge photo 4
The hood shape

Enlarge photo 5
This is how I keep my cape closed at the neck.  The strings and pompoms are purely decorative.  The hook and eye is much more secure, and easier to use.

Enlarge photo 6
This picture, no matter how hard I tried, ALWAYS came out blurry.  I drew on where the stitching is on the edge of the cape.  This keeps it from puffing up on itself like a pillow.

Enlarge photo 7
Front of the new snow bunny cape

Enlarge photo 8
Back of the cape

Enlarge photo 9
The gloves are designed so that the trim is removable for easier cleaning.  Hook and eyes keep it on when I need it.

Enlarge photo 10
The trim for the boots is simply a piece of trim measured to the size of my calf where the top of the boot sits.  It is then sewn into a ring and slipped over my calf like a bracelet.  I can then re-use the boots for other costumes as well.

Enlarge photo 11

Enlarge photo 12

Enlarge photo 13

Enlarge photo 14
The old costume.

Enlarge photo 15
Celebration 3, Indianapolis
April 20-24th 2005

Enlarge photo 16
Back of the old costume

Enlarge photo 17
front of the old costume

Enlarge photo 18
Snowbunny Padme, traversing the treacherous trenches of Ilum... or at least our backyard in Brooklyn lol.

Enlarge photo 19
Ashlee D.
She used my tutorial to make her own costume and it looks great!  Awesome job Ashlee!

Enlarge photo 20
Jessica with her cape that I made for her :-)  She did a great job on her accessories!

Enlarge photo 21
New York Comic Con
February 24, 2007

Enlarge photo 22
Photo by Ryan Roman
New York Comic Con
February 24, 2007

Enlarge photo 23
Art by David Deb
Base Model by Me :-)

Enlarge photo 24
Celebration 4, Los Angeles
May 24-29th 2007

Enlarge photo 25
With the giant Yoda at NYCC 2008

Enlarge photo 26

Enlarge photo 27

Enlarge photo 28

Enlarge photo 29

Enlarge photo 30

Enlarge photo 31

Enlarge photo 32

Enlarge photo 33

Enlarge photo 34

Enlarge photo 35

Enlarge photo 36
Art by David Deb
Base Model by Me :-)

Enlarge photo 37
Tsuyoshi Nagano artwork for Celebration Japan
I had to include it since it has my favorite costume :-)  I like how he used the Naboo blaster like I did.
I also love the little Nexxu by Padme's Ankle, as if it were her pet cat lol.

Enlarge photo 38
Snow Bunny Cape Ver. 3
Real Fox Fur Trim
Darker Silk Charmeuse Lining
*Pom Poms were not added yet in this photo*
*Taken with Flash*

Enlarge photo 39
Taken without flash, room was slightly dark, sunshine on the left side.

Enlarge photo 40
The lighter trim is the old stuff, ideally I would have liked it that shade, but I left it in the dye about 30 seconds too long :-(

Enlarge photo 41

Enlarge photo 42

Enlarge photo 43

Enlarge photo 44

Enlarge photo 45

Enlarge photo 46

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