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Black Corset Dress - Version 3
UPDATE: 01/19/09 The new Brooch piece is done (version 3)!  It looks 10 times better than my old one... and it's not falling apart this time!

UPDATE: 01/18/09  I finished the new corset!  I kept the old gauntlets since they worked and looked fine :-)

UPDATE: 01/05/09  I finished adding the strands of beads and velvet to the necklace base.  Using black eyelets and black beading wire it is super sturdy and hangs great.

UPDATE: 12/22/08  I've started beading the necklace!!!  TONS of beads have been used so far, but luckily it's not that heavy :-)

UPDATE: 08/22/08  So, in the last week I've bought new fabric that looks WAY better than the old floral lace I had, bought beads for the necklace, and started beaded the 'brooch' on the necklace.  I've also included a photo with a detailed description of how the strings on the necklace look to me :-)

Black Fireside Corset Dress
1.  Black Pleather/Leather corset
    I found that pleather worked better for me.  It's easier to sew since it's thinner, and came pre-lined.  It was also fairly cheap at $5 yd (54" wide).
2.  Black Pleather/Leather Gauntlets
    These use the same material as the corset.  
3.  Mermaid style Skirt
    This can be silver, grey or white underneath with a black lace/burnout velvet overlay.  The skirt is a mermaid style which has a slight flare at the bottom for a small train and is tighter fitting up top.  Vogue has a great pattern (Number 2810) for the corset and skirt together.  It just takes a few tiny mods.  http://store.sewingtoday.com/cgi-bin/voguepatterns/shop.cgi?s.item.V2810=x&TI=20003&page=3
4.  Beaded Necklace
    This was beaded fairly simply with 4mm round faceted beads and 12mm round faceted beads.  There is also a round beaded brooch at the top of the neklace.  You can find a pre-made sequined/beaded applique, or you can embroider/bead your own fairly easily.
5.  Silver Headbands
    These can be bought or made from metal / plastic/craft foam (painted metallic).
6.  Feather Capelet (Optional - as its not worn in some scenes).
    This is made with feather trim.
7.  Hair
    Its a simple braid with the two side strands twisted at the temples and added to the braid.  The original also had hair woven into the braid, but a regular braid works too.
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Enlarge photo 9
A great premade brooch that works just fine for the necklace peice of this costume.  I also bought some wide sequined trim for a temp necklace.  When I have a littel more time/money I'll make the neckalce the proper way :-)

Enlarge photo 10
The skirt fabric is only draped here, the skirt hasn't yet been made.

Enlarge photo 11

Enlarge photo 12
My Finished Dress :-)
The dress form is a little high up so the mermaid trian doesn't quite show here.

Enlarge photo 13

Enlarge photo 14

Enlarge photo 15

Enlarge photo 16

Enlarge photo 17

Enlarge photo 18

Enlarge photo 19

Enlarge photo 20
Scan of new fabric found for skirt.

Enlarge photo 21
New fabric for the skirt, MUCH more accurate than the floral print I have now.
It really is black, not purple.
**This fabric was a one off from where I bought it and is no longer available.

Enlarge photo 22
Detailed notes of the necklace and how I think it is made.

Click "Original" to enlarge to better see the notes.

Enlarge photo 23
A blown up picture of the brooch, my hoop with a sketched out version of the brooch, 3mm Swarovski Bicones, 10mm Glass jewels, 30mm long bugle bead tubes, and tiny jet seed beads.  All from M&J :-)
Later added were Swarovski Sew on jewels in Marquise and Pear shapes.

Enlarge photo 24
The 10mm Glass jewels for the center.  Sitting on the black velvet for the choker.

Enlarge photo 25
My WIP next to the original.  I opted for Marquise sew ons instead of trying to make the moon shaped beads (I couldn't find beads like that in NYC).  I actually like my version better lol.

Enlarge photo 26
Close up :-)

Enlarge photo 27
Back of the skirt (simply pinned).

The tulle was added to the train to give it some volume like the original.  I think it may need a little more though?

Enlarge photo 28
Side View

Enlarge photo 29
Another side

Enlarge photo 30
The two layers of tulle netting on the train.  I actually took apart an old crinoline that I was going to throw out anyway :-)

Enlarge photo 31
I'm just holding the back of the skirt to my body for the photo.  The train may be a little long, but after Dragon Con I can fix that.

Enlarge photo 32
The train

Enlarge photo 33
Side View

Enlarge photo 34

Enlarge photo 35
Leia likes it under the dress form :-)

Enlarge photo 36
Almost done!  I just need to fill in with seed beads on the top center and then add the strands!

Enlarge photo 37

A TON of vintage black glass beads from Western Germany.  The large black bag on the top left has 1200 beads and the bag in the lower left corner has over 4000!  There's more than enough to make my necklace MUCH more accurate and better looking :-)

Enlarge photo 38

Enlarge photo 39
12mm and 4mm black faceted vintage beads.  I've used 1000 4mm beads and 75 12mm beads so far on the necklace strands.

Enlarge photo 40
Beading the necklace begins!

I've opted for heavy duty black beading wire.  This will prevent the disaster that was Dragon Con.  All my gorgeous silk string knotted itself together and had to be restrung at the con.  The beading wire will coil nicely for storage and not tangle in transit.

Black crimps keep the beads from sliding off the bottom.

250 4mm vintage Black Faceted beads per strand.

Enlarge photo 41
You can see how I used two crimps on the end.  Just in case one crimp should fail, there is a back up.

Enlarge photo 42
The long beaded strands.  Leia was helping, so there she is at the bottom of the photo.

Enlarge photo 43

Enlarge photo 44
Setting the grommets into the velvet neck band.

Enlarge photo 45
Showing how the velvet, short strands, and long strands hang.

Enlarge photo 46

Enlarge photo 47
The brooch piece will snap over this in the end, hiding the grommets and large snaps.

Enlarge photo 48

Enlarge photo 49
The new corset!

Enlarge photo 50
It closes with a heavy duty separating zipper to make it easier to take on and off.

Enlarge photo 51
Showing the new skirt and how the train lays.

Enlarge photo 52
Full view!

Enlarge photo 53
The old corset from 4 years ago on the top and the newest one on the bottom.
Both were made with the same pattern, but I've since learned how to fit it to me better.

Enlarge photo 54
Working on the new brooch for the necklace!  This is version 2 since version 1 started falling apart after Dragon Con.
Done on black faux suede with the same beads as before.

Enlarge photo 55

Enlarge photo 56
Done Beading!

Enlarge photo 57
Now on to the mounting step.  I drew out a circle the same size as the brooch on rigid plastic (this was an old folder from high school).

Enlarge photo 58
I then cut out the brooch leaving about 1/2" all the way around.  I notched the edge to make it easier to fold under.

Enlarge photo 59
The plastic was then glued to the brooch and the tabs folded and glued over.

Enlarge photo 60
What it looks like when done.

Enlarge photo 61
After it dried I cut out a circle of the faux suede to be sewn to the back.  I sewed it along the edges after adding a large snap.

Enlarge photo 62
Here you can see the finished brooch with the snap on the back.  This allows the necklace to be closed and the brooch hides the closure by snapping over it.

Enlarge photo 63
The opposite side of the snap the brooch is actually sewn to the collar.

Enlarge photo 64
Once snapped in place it looks like one piece :-)

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