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To learn more about Klondike, EMAIL ME. If interested in adoption, please visit the New Rattitude website.
Date(s): 7/6/2021. Album by Terry. Photos by Terry. 1 - 29 of 29 Total. 244 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Say hello to Klondike.

Enlarge photo 2
He is around 4 years old and weighs 22 lbs.

Enlarge photo 3
We believe that he is a Rat Terrier/Beagle mix.

Enlarge photo 4
Klondike was abandoned by his previous owners. After they moved away, he hung around the property, but the new tenants called animal control because he wouldn't leave. In the shelter, he just closed down completely, resisting all contact with humans or other dogs, just huddled in a corner of his cage, miserably shaking.

Enlarge photo 5
When he first got here to foster care, he would have nothing to do with us. He would run away and hide under a bush if we got anywhere near, and he wouldn't come in the house. Even indoors, once we finally managed to herd him in, he avoided us completely. It took him over a week before he would let us touch him at all.

Enlarge photo 6
With time he got brave enough to come up onto the deck when he wanted to go inside, but he would still avoid direct eye contact and not willingly get within arms reach.

Enlarge photo 7
Finally one evening he jumped up on the couch, and after pointedly ignoring him for a half hour, Gary slowly extended a hand, without eye contact. Klondike consented to being patted.

Enlarge photo 8
Progress from there was slow but steady. If he thought we wanted to "get" him, he would keep away with suspicious looks. But he had begun to relax and seemed to prefer to be somewhere nearby us rather than off alone by himself.

Enlarge photo 9
Once he crossed the Trust hurdle, he became friendly and affectionate, seeking out attention and physical interaction.

Enlarge photo 10
Klondike is interested in other dogs and even early on was willing to come near us when he was distracted by the other dog.

Enlarge photo 11
Initially he coexisted fine with his foster brother, but one day they got into an altercation and from that point forward they could not share space without risking a fight. Klondike has done fine with female dogs who have come to visit, but he was immediately unwelcoming to a new male dog, so he probably needs a home without other male dogs in residence.

Enlarge MPEG4 12
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It was heartwarming when Klondike felt comfortable enough to show an interest in toys. He does like to destuff them (click for a short video) and chew on them.

Enlarge photo 13
Klondike has become quite a cuddle puppy, enjoying spending time with his people. He wants to be nearby, though not directly in their laps. And he is still very nervous and suspicious about being picked up.

Enlarge photo 14
He doesn't get all the way on to your lap, but he doesn't want to be ignored!

Enlarge photo 15
As Klondike began feeling more and more at home, he began showing an aversion for being left alone. If left for more than a short period, his anxiety turned to panic.

Enlarge photo 16
Although he will rest quietly in the crate when we are nearby, when he is left alone for more than a couple hours it is a different story. If he becomes panicked, he is likely to chew up the bedding and even get destructive in his desperation to get out.

Enlarge photo 17
Fortunately, with time he is learning that our being gone doesn't mean forever, and he can go longer periods without having an anxiety attack.

Enlarge photo 18
He is seeking a home where someone is around most of the time and is normally only gone for short periods.

Enlarge photo 19

Enlarge MPEG4 20
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When we are going to be gone for an extended period, we leave him penned in one room and he has been doing fine with that. He is then overjoyed to see us when we get home, as this video shows.

Enlarge photo 21
Just hanging out, hoping for petting.

Enlarge photo 22
"Come on... you can't resist my gorgeous eyes, can you?"

Enlarge photo 23
So, while much of the time he is calm and chill...

Enlarge MPEG4 24
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...sometimes he's just got to get those zoomies out! (Click for a video. Sorry it's sideways.)

Enlarge photo 25
Ready to spring into action. He loves to chase and be chased, romping and teasing his pokingly slow foster parents.

Enlarge photo 26
Then back to being chill.

Enlarge photo 27
His housetraining is very reliable when he is in his normal routine, and he promptly does his business when he is let outside.

Enlarge photo 28
Overall, Klondike is Mr. Sweetness, ready to give his whole heart and devotion to a loving person or family, although there will unquestionably be a worrisome adjustment period of 2-4 days.

Enlarge photo 29
He is waiting for you.

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