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Kazoo was adopted 12/30/22 by the Dykes family (PA).
Date(s): 11/29/22. Album by Terry. Photos by Terry. 1 - 22 of 22 Total. 4544 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
He is a peppy and playful 9-yr old who weighs 15 lbs. and is very well acclimated to home life. On his very first evening here, Kazoo made himself right at home.

Enlarge photo 2
First he explored the house then he discovered the toy box and helped himself.

Enlarge photo 3
He seemed completely at ease in the new environment, obviously very familiar with the sights, sounds, and smells of a household.

Enlarge photo 4
After playing with some toys, he popped through the dog door to explore the back yard then came back in and picked a sofa and dog bed, settling in peacefully for a snooze.

Enlarge photo 5
Kazoo walks well on leash, going at a good pace and not letting the leash get too slack or too tight.

Enlarge photo 6
He does alerts to passing vehicles, dogs, and squirrels, showing a preference for giving chase and telling them off with some decisive barks before continuing on his way.

Enlarge photo 7
He lets himself out to explore the yard and do a little sunbathing on the deck. If the next door dogs start barking, he'll join in the neighborhood gossip but he does not bark excessively and his voice is moderately pitched and not particularly loud.

Enlarge photo 8
Kazoo had been labelled "rescue only" at the shelter due to an incident involving a chipmunk victim, another dog, and an intervening 12 year old boy's finger. The family had had him for 5 months but really hadn't wanted him in the first place (they took him in after his owner, their relative, died) so one strike was all it took for them to decide to surrender him.

Enlarge photo 9
We have seen absolutely nothing to suggest that the nipping incident was anything other than accidental. He has been sweet, affectionate, totally touchable, and extremely people-oriented. He wants to be near you and on your lap whenever you invite him.

Enlarge photo 10
Or just lounging against you is pretty good, too.

Enlarge photo 11
If it's not convenient for him to be on your lap or lounging next to you, that's OK. He'll just snuggle in wherever there's an opening.

Enlarge photo 12
"Hey, I found a cranny I could squeeze into!"

Enlarge photo 13
Lovin' those pats and skritches!

Enlarge photo 14
Kazoo is house trained, uses a doggie door, and knows basic obedience commands.

Enlarge photo 15
He is food motivated but not possessive of his food bowl, at least not with humans. The folks who surrendered him to the shelter said he was possessive with food and toys around other dogs, but we have not seen this.

Enlarge photo 16
He does LOVE toys, particularly stuffed ones and squeaky ones.

Enlarge photo 17
It's rather a waste to give him stuffed ones, though, as he totally eviscerates them within minutes.

Enlarge photo 18
"But it is so fun!!!"

Enlarge MPEG4 19
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Sorry the video is sideways. Click to see Kazoo enjoying a little game of tug of war.

Enlarge photo 20
He discovered a good vantage point from where he can survey his new kingdom while enjoying a chew toy.

Enlarge photo 21
Such a good boy!

Enlarge photo 22
Kazoo is ready to his "Furever" person or family to find him!

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