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Brix & Marc
Brix and Marc were adopted 8/31/23 by Mary Lynn Haven (TN).
Date(s): 05/29/23. Album by Terry. Photos by Terry. 1 - 36 of 36 Total. 2939 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Meet Brix (L) and Marc (R).

Enlarge photo 2
They are 9-year old brothers who have lived together their entire lives.

Enlarge photo 3
This is Brix.

Enlarge photo 4
And this is Marc.

Enlarge photo 5
Brix weighs 15 lbs.

Enlarge photo 6
Marc weighs 17 lbs.

Enlarge photo 7
Marc (L) and Brix (R) were turned into a vet clinic for euthanasia when their previous owner could no longer care for them. Fortunately, the vet reached out to an independent rescuer who agreed to take them and had them for 5 months before transferring them to New Rattitude.

Enlarge photo 8
Such regal fellows!

Enlarge photo 9
Marc and Brix are never voluntarily far from each other. Wherever one goes, the other is virtually always by his side. (Note: this photo makes Marc look significantly shorter than Brix but he isn't... they're both actually almost identical in height.)

Enlarge photo 10
Both boys like being close to their trusted humans and getting pats and attention. While they are accepting of me, they are particularly drawn to Gary. We were told that in the previous home they also were drawn to the husband and took substantially longer to accept the wife.

Enlarge photo 11
Within 24 hours of arriving here, the boys latched on to Gary, following him around the house and jumping up beside him whenever he sits down.

Enlarge photo 12
When Gary leaves the house, they act concerned. (They don't care if *I* leave the house.) They'll wait by the door until they can no longer hear him.

Enlarge photo 13
Then they'll run to where they can hope to see him out the front window.

Enlarge photo 14
They eventually settle down to wait for his return. Once he does come home, they dance and jump in elation and are relieved that he is back.

Enlarge photo 15
Brix (L) and Marc (R) get along extremely well with each other, with a very balanced relationship. They share toys, food bowls, and laps with each other without snarking. And they will often groom each other!

Enlarge photo 16
Brix (R) is more tentative and hesitant, and Marc is quite a bit bolder. Brix will usually hold back until Marc "tells him" that a situation is okay.

Enlarge photo 17
If Gary is not around, both boys are willing to seek attention from me and seem to really appreciate it. If Gary is home, though, I'm second fiddle.

Enlarge photo 18
Following Gary around the yard. They were at first quite nervous to be outside on their own (seems like maybe in the past they'd been required to stay outside in an uncomfortable environment). Within two weeks, though, both are doing much better in this regard, particularly Marc. This nervousness sometimes makes it hard for them to remember to "do their business" outside, so their house training was very spotty in the beginning. With familiarity, and as we have gotten into a routine, they are much improved. Not 100% yet, but getting there.

Enlarge photo 19
Nap time for the boys.

Enlarge photo 20
When Gary isn't available, another adult male is their preferred refuge.

Enlarge photo 21
Love that head rubbing!

Enlarge photo 22
It didn't take Brix much time to decide that Scott, who stopped by for a visit, could be trusted.

Enlarge photo 23
Both boys are generally quiet and seldom bark.

Enlarge photo 24
Brix would lie on Gary's chest for hours if he had the opportunity.

Enlarge photo 25
... especially if head rubs are involved!

Enlarge photo 26
Who says 3 can't fit in a chair!

Enlarge photo 27
If I ever wonder where the dogs are, I just look for Gary.

Enlarge photo 28
Marc and Brix have done well with other dogs they have met, mostly just ignoring them after introductory sniffs. And they were totally fine with the charismatic cat who strolled up to greet them.

Enlarge photo 29
Apart from the not-yet-perfect house training, Brix's house manners have been WONDERFUL, as have Marc's. They do not chew on things, get into trash, try to door dash, counter surf, snatch food, beg obnoxiously, or get into anything they shouldn't.

Enlarge photo 30
Sweet, low-key, gentle Brix. We were told that he and Marc were initially very apprehensive of children but did eventually get used to the kids in the home of the rescuer who took them in after the previous owner gave them up.

Enlarge photo 31
Handsome, gentle, loyal Marc.

Enlarge photo 32
Marc has shown an interest in stuffed toys, but so far Brix has not.

Enlarge photo 33
Both dogs were described by the vet as "very healthy." Their hearts and lungs sound good and they have no health concerns. Both do have quite a bit of calculus on their teeth so could benefit from a dental, but no gingivitis.

Enlarge photo 34
Shortly before we got them, Brix injured a toe. On our hike a couple of days later he began to favor it, so I carried him the last mile or so. He was very relaxed in my arms but wanted to keep checking behind us to make sure Marc was following.

Enlarge photo 35
Just chillin'

Enlarge photo 36
Marc and Brix are hoping for a happy ending. Might that be with you?

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