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Basically Boas Available Galleries

  • Discounts on Pairs & Groups.
  • Repeat Customer & Straight Pay Discounts
  • Reasonable Payment Plans Available. 25% Down & 30 days per every $500, not exceeding 4 months.  
  • PayPal accepted.
  • *International Orders welcome, please inquire for details.
Any questions drop us an email at boaman76@hotmail.com
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2020 Available Dumeril's Boa Gallery
1. 2020 Available Dumeril's Boa Gallery 

Here are all of our 2020 available Dumeril's Boas.

There is both males and females available, but females are ONLY available purchased in pairs along with a male.  We are very high on males.

There is two pics of each and no other pics are available or will be taken.

They are $350+ shipping for males or $700 pair + shipping.

I can offer 30 day max payment plan on PAIRS with 25% down.

These are priced very fair considered how much they have gone up in price recently, so if PayPal is used the fee of 3.1% will need to be covered.   

Pics of both the Sire and Dam are at the beginning of the gallery and it appears that the Sire does have some Madagascar Ground Boa (Acrantophis madagascariensis) in him thus the striping and reduced pattern in some of the offspring.  

Price is firm, no discounts, deals or 1.2 trios offered.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions or would like to make a  purchase.

Thank you,
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Here you will find all of our 2020 Available Black Devils (IMG RDR BEA).

They are ready to go as they have had between 8-10 meals.  All are feeding on f/t hoppers from the tongs.

They are price at $2500 ea + shipping and price is FIRM. Don't ask about a discount on them as I will not respond.  These are very popular and all will sell for the asking price.

Payment plans are available with 25% down and I can offer 4 months on them.

There is two separate litters so if purchasing a pair it is recommended to get one from each litter.

Thank you.
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2018 Gallery
3. 2018 Gallery 
Here is a great selection of 2018 Boas.

Pics are current as of 4/25/19.

Email with any questions.

Thank you,
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 Available Colubrids
4. Available Colubrids 
Here are some misc Colubrids we have available from 2018.  They are all feeding on live lg pinks - fat fuzzy mice.
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All these Boas are now on sale for 25% off and an additional 5% off for repeat customers.  (30% off the total for repeat customers)

The discount has not been applied to these prices so YOU NEED TO DO THE MATH!

Due to discounted price, PayPal add fees.

Thank you,
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