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Basically Boas Available Galleries

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Any questions drop us an email at boaman76@hotmail.com
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2018 Gallery
1. 2018 Gallery 
Here is a great selection of 2018 Boas.

Pics are current as of 4/25/19.

Email with any questions.

Thank you,
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2017 Available Gallery
2. 2017 Available Gallery 
Here is everything we have available from our 2017 Breeding Season.  We have tried to price everything accordingly and be competitive so that you can get the boa or boas you have always wanted.  

Please feel free to email with any questions you have on any of the stock.  

Thank you.
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Misc Available Stock Jungles and Abys
3. Misc Available Stock Jungles and Abys 
Here is some great stock from a very good friend of mine who is no longer going to keep reptiles.  These were produced by either my Aby bloodlines or a combination of my Aby bloodlines bred to Grey Rushin's Jungle Stock.  These all are well fed and have good size for their ages.

All pics were taken outdoors in natural lighting.

A few say "Poss Jungle" as even though they do look like Jungles, sometimes with the Aby gene mixed in it can get tough.

Due to needing to move them out 30 maximum payment plans on the ones that are $500 or more.

Thank you,
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BB Clearance Rack!
4. BB Clearance Rack!  
These have been price reduced greatly to clear some rack space. Prices do not include shipping so email zip code for shipping cost.

Due to discounted price, PayPal add fees.

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2018 Available Colubrids
5. 2018 Available Colubrids 
Here are some misc Colubrids we have available from 2018.  They are all feeding on live lg pinks - fat fuzzy mice.
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