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2008 Recording King "Scout" banjo
1. 2008 Recording King "Scout" banjo  (July 10, 2018)
This Scout (#65 of 160 made) was run through Cliff Fitch’s shop. Cliff’s was the R-K authorized custom shop at the time. I know Charlie Cushman is the official set up person for the Scout’s but do not know if Cliff did the original set up or Charlie. I know Cliff put one of his Nitro 3 ply rims in it, signing and dating it under the tone ring, and in doing so would have to do a set up as part of the install. He also signed and dated inside the resonator.
This was the first maple model R-K made. It features a rosewood fingerboard, Sonny Osborne signature block at the 12th fret, flamed maple neck and resonator. The R-K tone ring is original, and has gotten great reviews.
The REMO head is a pre-EPA. Railroad spikes at the 7th, 9th and 10th frets.
I had the speed neck done locally as the original poly finish was a bit draggy to me. Now it’s slick as goose s**t!
Also installed a Bob Fults 1934 tailpiece, which is a huge improvement over the original Presto and looks like a dead ringer to the Presto. Bob retired last year, so there will be no more of these great tailpieces available.
It came to me with the arrowhead shaped truss rod cover from a Frank Neat Osborne “Chief” banjo. There is a bit of chip-out around the screw hole, and the arrowhead truss rod cover covers up the boo-boo better than the original Scout cover (included).
It has a Scott Zimmerman “Z’ bridge with Crowe spacing.
There is some normal fret wear, but nothing to cause any buzzing or problems.
Strung up with a new set of Sonny Osborne GHS medium light strings.
It comes with a vintage Long Hollow leather strap.
Case is original but has 2 broken latches and a collection of scuffs, bumps, scratches and small tears in the tolex.
I wouldn’t be selling this banjo except for progressive arthritis in my left hand.
$1500 + actual shipping cost (usually $45-65 depending on where you live. Will be happy to give a shipping quote if you'll send me your address to jrlay53@yahoo.com)
Needless to say, this is a cannon of a banjo and plays like a dream.
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