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Add Photo Album to Your Website
Add a photo album to your website. With just 1 line of HTML, the photo album will be displayed your webpage. Use Your Look -- the ImageEvent logo, header and footer are not displayed giving you the look, navigation and feel you want with the hosting from ImageEvent. It's so easy to do-- you'll be amazed! See the examples. All you have to do is add one line of HTML to your webpage. This process is similar to the way you would update text on your webpage.
Examples: We will be adding more web sites here from our customers. Please submit your site by sending it to the support team at ImageEvent.
Adding a photo album to your website uses only Javascript and HTML. That means it will work with practically all browsers. No download of applets or plugins are required. It's easy to do. Try it now and send us your feedback.

Copy and Paste HTML Code:
Copy and paste this code into your webpage. Copy (Control-c) and Paste (Control-v) the HTML from the box to the file. You can paste this in any part of your webpage
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