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Fullmoon Labradors and Teddy Roosevelt Terriers

Montgomery, Alabama



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1. Lacey   (April 8, 2015)

RACEN CH 'PR'Aspens Gunpowder and Lace

AKC SW Titles - SWN - SWNE - SWA - SCE - SEE



She is a Teddy Rosevelt Terrier - UKC registered and AKC - FSS

UKC #     A782 768     AKC FSS #  RN30115301

UKC Show Champion title earned on October 10, 2015

PLL - Clear     DM - Clear     Petella - Clear     Cardiac - Clear   Embark - tested clear


Passes ORT for Birch and Anise - 2016, Clove - 2019  

Earned her NW1 - Feb. 9, 2019

Earned her NW2 - Dec. 14, 2019

Earned her NW3 - Jan. 10, 2021




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2. Patsy 

BISS CH 4Shaw Lil Country Girl @ AHK

 DOB 7/5/2017

UKC # A990. 594    AKC  RN31013304

ORT - Birch and Anise 9/2019




Black Tri - Teddy Rosoevelt Terrier

Embark Tested Clear

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3. Dixie 

UKC CH Fullmoons Ain't Whistlin Dixie, CM, FDC, FCAT2


DOB 3/10/2019 (Lacey x Rainy)

UKC # P904 616 

AKC#  RN33696001

CHIC #  159752



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4. Sam 

Apsen's Hold On! I'm Coming


Co-owned with Deb Botruff, Cindy Roberts


RN 37316201


Aspen's Good Ol' Boy "Duke" x Aspen's Southern Rain "Pria" 

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5. Max 

Fullmoons Puttin on the Ritz, FCAT3

Crash x Patsy

DOB 2/14/2020


AKC# RN34671901   UKC# 


Co-Owned with Jerry and Cindy Roberts

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6. Chisum 

Fullmoon King of the Pecos



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Fullmoon Piece by Piece
7. Fullmoon Piece by Piece 


DOB:  2/14/2019

Patsy x Crash

Co Owned with Jon Perdue

Bred by Kaye Stevenson 

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TRT Litters
8. TRT Litters  (Feb. 2, 2013)







Litters will be UKC and/ or AKC FSS Registration Applications

Parents are Embark Panel tested for genetic health 

Patsy has Cardiac and Patella certification and OFA CHIC number

Puppies are released to new homes at 8-10 weeks of age

Breeder always gets first choice

The remainder of the puppies are matched to the proper homes with deposits made based on personalities and needs of perspective owners. 


Puppies may be sold on a limited registration.

Pricing may range from $550 to $750 


Deposits are required to hold a place for an available puppy. 







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9. Palin  (July 31, 2013)

Fullmoons American By Heart


DOB April 3, 2013

Poppyfields Java Noce at Oakdale x Oakdales Fullmoon Rising

(Java)  x (Holley) 

SR775123-01                        R246-586

DNA:  DD  (Does not carry Dilution)

HNPK: Clear

PRA: Clear

EIC: Clear



Passed ORT for Birch - October 5, 2014

NW1 Title - September 19, 2015

Passed ORT for Anise



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10. Holley  (January 19, 2010)

From Oakdale Labs in Jemison, AL ....

Oakdales Fullmoon Rising



Seabrier Oakdale Sophie x Gretsals Dublin Mudslide


AKC # SR601756/01

UKC # R219-315

NW1 Title - October 24, 2015

Passed ORT for Anise - October 5, 2014 

Holley passed her ORT for Birch - July 28, 2012

First UKC show   Middle Ga Kennel CLub - Perry Ga  -  Sept 4-5, 2010

Best of Breed  in 2 shows and needs 1 competition win for Championship!


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Past Litters
11. Past Litters 
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12. River Region Kennel Club  (August 18, 2017)

Events Hosted by the

River Region Kennel Club

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Lab Litter
13. Lab Litter 

Holley x Blue


Chcoclate Labradors

Born 2/23/2020



2 Girls 1 Boy

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ansestors and friends
14. ansestors and friends  (December 20, 2011)
These are relatives
698 Visits
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Show and Training
15. Show and Training 

Welcome to my Show and Training page

These are pictures of dogs owned by me and/or others that I have trained or helped to train for showing.  I have shown in AKC and UKC, in confromation, obedience, rally and hunt test training.  I have shown several different breeds, pictured here are just a few.

I offer several types of training:

group obedience classes, private lessons, service-dog lessons with owners, monthly training camp

For information on me showing and / or training your dog, Contact me at



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