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Enlarge photo 1
Slide with seal removed. When removing, be sure to pull as PARALLEL to the wall as possible.  Pulling the  wrong way puts a lot of strain on the wall. They were surprisingly easy to remove.

Enlarge photo 2
Seal removed.  Notice the piece of flashing just below picture center.  Had to tap that back flush with a hammer and putty knife.

Enlarge photo 3
I cleaned the crud off using Ronsonol lighter fluid.

Enlarge photo 4

Enlarge photo 5

Enlarge photo 6
Corner showing deterioration. It pays to take lots of pre-job pictures! See how that left hand piece is trimmed off at the edge of the wall?  That's important later on.

Enlarge photo 7
Looking down on the top corner.  Not easy to duplicate this until I noticed the top of the vertical seal is cut off at the frame piece to make it easier for the overlapping piece to sit flush on the wall.

Enlarge photo 8
Corners are deteriorating.

Enlarge photo 9
Opposite side corner.

Enlarge photo 10

Enlarge photo 11
Old seal laid out on ground showing top corner.  That's definitely the hardest part of the job.

Enlarge photo 12
The new and the old. It's important that the new is OEM sized to ensure the slides will seal when closed against the 'bulb' part.

Enlarge photo 13
Curly out of the box. $4/foot.

Enlarge photo 14
I laid out the seal to allow it to straighten out.

Enlarge photo 15
New seal vertical, old still up there.

Enlarge photo 16
Just pull off the red backing tape as you go.

Enlarge photo 17
My first failed attempt at doing the corner.  Notice how the top (horizontal) is not flush on the wall.  I tried gluing the flaps together (as it looked on the OEM) but that didn't work either.

Enlarge photo 18
Trimming up after installation due to binding and squealing.  I just slipped a piece of cardboard underneath and used a hardware store razor knife. It doesn't have to look good, just keep the weather out.

Enlarge photo 19
Top left corner cut and ready. Not easy to make nice clean cuts.

Enlarge photo 20
I was thinking of an easier way to do the right corner.. maybe like this. I'll give this some thought - something seems lazy about this.

No, I did not do that.

Enlarge photo 21
Found some delamination.. white fiberglass/plywood pulling away from wood frame. A bit hard to see.

Enlarge photo 22
Epoxy inserted between Luan and wood framing using piece of cardboard.  All wood is good.. no water intrusion. Plastic tarp to catch any drips. Was bowed out about 1/2" in worst place.  Don't know how long that's been there. 48 hours later, Epoxy did not hold.  Regluing with super-strength wood glue.

Enlarge photo 23
I did it! I overlapped the corner to give it more strength. Took about a week as I had to learn as I went. New woodglue held.. I'll get the name.

Enlarge photo 24
New tap added on inverter side to power DVR. Refer also.. on same circuit.  Tried inverter in cabinet but it failed.. el cheapo.

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