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Central locking conversion and repair.
This is an album with pictures I took whilst converting the old lock to work with a new lock bought from Maplins (Part Number: YD79L 2 wire lock)Thanks go to ALC on Mdocuk for the inspiration!
PDF files are at the bottom of page available for download. If you choose to follow out these directions, please note that I cannot take responsibility for any problems you may encounter. However, please feel free to contact me with any (Useful) suggestions, or if you think I may be able to help further...
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Enlarge photo 1
Note: You start this at your own risk.....
Picture shows trim to be removed...

Enlarge photo 2
3 screws removed and plastic behind door lever removed...

Enlarge photo 3
Upright plastic part above removed...

Enlarge photo 4
Screw found in armrest...

Enlarge photo 5
Armrest removed by pulling back and up. Be careful of wires...

Enlarge photo 6
Plug removed by depressing small 'button' on plug...

Enlarge photo 7
Remove door trim by pulling bottom of door trim and 'popping' clips out. (12 in total, beware of wires to red light...

Enlarge photo 8
Pull away sellophane plastic. Be aware of Black sticky stuff!!! It gets everywhere...

Enlarge photo 9
Remove external door handle. Held by 2 screws inside door...

Enlarge photo 10
View of one handle screw position. Use 10mm socket/spanner...

Enlarge photo 11
Lock is removed by removing 3 screws on back edge of door...

Enlarge photo 12
Metal needs to be bent square and flat, to provide a flat true surface for new lock to be fixed to...

Enlarge photo 13
After removal of lock from door, remove 6 screws holding cover on...

Enlarge photo 14
Undo circlip holding large cog in, and remove cog.

Enlarge photo 15
Please excuse bad picture quality! New lock fixed into postion...

Enlarge photo 16
New Rod was connected to existing. On this particular installation it was necessary to remove a small amount of metal next to plastic bracket...

Enlarge photo 17
Refit sellothane plastic stuff back. Don't forget to get that black sh1t off your hands before handling the door trim!!!

Enlarge photo 18
Another big thank you to ALC from for the inspiration and original instructions.

Enlarge PDF 19
Pdf 1, 368kb. Will download straight away. Pdf viewer available from

Enlarge PDF 20
Pdf 2. 216kb

Enlarge PDF 21
Pdf 3, 286kb

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excellent ,exactly what i was looking for Reply by Russ: I appreciate your comments guys, thanks. I would welcome any suggestions if I've missed something, cheers
andy b , Tue, 23 Aug 2005 12:31PM
thanks pics very helpful will give it a try at the weekend
easyrider, Thu, 19 May 2005 1:14PM

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