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The daily parade of spray tankers spewing noxious trails into the skies over our heads has been in full swing since 1997.  Now the death rate is up.  Life expectancy is dropping.  People are coming down with a bizarre new plague called Morgellons.  What is going on?

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"Scarry... help-- do something now!!" --Kap, 05/24/12
"Our officials from the top down must be asked about chemtrails publicly and specially when in front of a camera. It's the only way these suicidal criminals can be held accountable.Also,these pilots and crew don't know they are poisoning their own family friends and country. The planet for that matter.They'll get it! If it's not too late. Spread the word....PLEASE" --Dan Kenter, 07/06/12
"Nothing left to do but awareness because they think they are above the law or any other rules or laws we have to live by. Don't count on any help because they do not care about the people. They have several agendas for this and it will be used. We can only warn others." --Ariel Vale, 07/13/12
"This is criminal and evil whoever is in charge of doing this to the innocent people of this Earth, wish i had the power to stop this for everyones wellbeing.... Take care everyone out there." --Mik, 10/31/12
"you guys are all weirdos, you don't realize Steve Quayle and the other numskulls are messing with your heads and laughing all the way to the bank. They exploit your fear instincts to control your mind, just like the NWO does LOL Do yourselves a favor and research contrail science, and maybe you will learn something for a change." --dave, 12/15/12
"I usually do not resort to name calling, but dave, you are either a complete idiot or you are being paid to be a disinfomation troll. For one thing you are using a classic disinfo technique of ridiculing those whose message you wish to disempower. Hopefully most readers are sophisticated enough to see dave's comment for what it really is, Completely ignorant or pure manipulation. I for one am not making a penny off of this site... yet, although with the amount of time I put into it I should be. It costs me money to keep this site up and so far I have done it as a public service." --Glenn, 03/06/13
"look whos calling who weirdos .... I think only a weirdo would believe in "contrail science"(first Ive heard "chemtrails" called that)and how it cant have an hazardous effect on our environment, humans and animals ... PERIOD, EXCLAMATION POINT ... Duh!" --Mark, 05/20/13
"The Rothschild / Rockefeller cartel need to hang for this !!" --KEVIN, 10/01/13
copyright Glenn Boyle
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