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Past Breedings
Please enjoy photos of our past breedings. The photos contained in this album are photos that the new owners of these wonderful dogs have sent to us.
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Elie x Achilles 03/17/2013
1. Elie x Achilles 03/17/2013 
Elie and Achilles had a litter on March 17,2013. This St. Patty's day litter is turing out way beyond our expectations. Every one of these pups has an exceptional personality and extremely smart. We will be doing this cross again in 2014. We expect these pups to be 30-40lbs at full maturity.
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Elie x Rueger pups born 07/17/2012
2. Elie x Rueger pups born 07/17/2012 
Elie and Rueger had a litter on July 17, 2012. This cross produced some outstanding dogs. Their pups have wonderful dispositions with nice height, weight and bone. At a year their weights have ranged from 29lbs to 35lbs, and height of about 17-19inches.
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Ava x Rueger 07/29/2012
3. Ava x Rueger 07/29/2012 
Rueger x Ava had a litter on July 29,2012. This was a one time breeding. Ava now lives with Susan Slater-Hancock @ Jacaranda Decker Terriers. Some of these pups are now hunting, and others are living the life of luxury.
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