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Alydar Pointer Champions
This is just a listing for reference purposes of Alydar bred or co-bred AKC Champions of Record. I will try to add a picture of each as I can.

1)  Ch. Alydar's Fatal Attraction
2)  Ch. Alydar's Great Expectations
3)  Ch. Alydar's Captivation
4)  Ch. Alydar's Ambition
5)  Ch. Alydar's Shining Constellation JH
6)  Ch. Alydar's Surfer Girl
7)  Ch. Alydar's Sweet Sunday Kinda Love
8)  Ch. Alydar's Games Two Can Play
9)  Ch. Alydar's Can't Buy Me Love JH
10) Ch. Alydar's Day Tripper
11) Ch. Alydar's Love Me Do
12) Ch. Alydar's Don't Pass Me By
13) Ch. Alydar's Just Believing
14) Ch. Alydar True Colors
15) Ch. Alydar Winning Colors
16) Am/ BIS Can. Ch. Alydar All You Need Is Love
17) Ch. Alydar Triple Threat Of Waterberry
18) Ch. Alydar Groovy Kind Of Love
19) Ch. Alydar Crazy L'il Thing Called Love
20) Ch. Alydar The Trouble Of Love Is
21) Ch. Alydar Everlasting Love
22) Ch. Alydar Looking For Redemption
23) Ch. Alydar You Only Live Twice
24) Ch. Alydar Love Me Tender
25) Ch. Alydar Crazy In Love
26) Ch. Alydar Let's Talk About Love
27) Ch. Alydar American Made
28) Ch. Alydar American Tale
29) Ch. StrykePoint Alydar American Girl
30) Ch. Alydar American Tourister JH
31) Ch. Alydar Love American Style
32) Ch. Alydar American Beauty
33) Ch. Willowbay Alydar Viva Las Vegas
34) Ch. Alydar American Dream
35) Ch. Fieldstone Emmett
36) Ch. Willowbay Alydar My Wish Came True
37) Ch. Fieldstone Destiny's Child
38) Ch. Willowbay Alydar Kentucky Rain
39) Ch. Willowbay Alydar Walkin' In Memphis
40) Ch. Willowbay Alydar Happy Ending
41) Ch. Marsuz Alydar Love Spell at Solivia
42) Ch. Marsuz Alydar Endless Love at Solivia
43) Ch. Marsuz Alydar Latin Lover at Solivia
44) Ch. Marsuz Alydar I Like It, I Love It At Solivia
45) Ch. Skyline Alydar The Need For Speed of Finishline
46) Ch. Fieldstone Bootielicious
47) Ch. Alydar Love Overboard at Fieldstone
48) Ch. Alydar Best Of My Love
49) Ch. Alydar All For Love
50) Ch. Alydar Twice The Love
51) Ch. Marsuz Alydar Beautiful Dream
52) Ch. Willowbay Alydar Life's A Journey
53) Ch. Willowbay Alydar Rhythm of Life
54) Ch. Monarch's Young At Heart
55) Ch. Alydar Love On The Rocks at Solivia
56) Ch. Malmason Alydar Illusion Of Flying First Class
57) Ch. Alydar American Superstar
58) Ch. Sandpiper's Predator
59) Ch. Sandpiper's First Wingman
60) Ch. Oncore Mykyna Run To Daylight
61) Ch. Oncore Mykyna Storm
62) Ch. Oncore Mykyna Through The Line
63) Ch. Sandpiper's Flyby Sequel
64) Ch. Monarch'sDouble Bogey
65) Ch. Fieldstone Owner Of A Lonely Heart
66) Ch. Mykyna Oncore Edition
67) Ch. Fieldstone Be Still My Heart
68) Ch. Mykyna Journe of De' Heart
69) Ch. Mykyna's Oncore De Lovely
70) Ch. Oncore Mykyna Ferdinand The Bear
71) Ch. Oncore Mykyna Across The Field
72) Ch. Sandpiper's First In Flight
73) Ch. Sandpiper's Sky King
74) Ch. Skyline Alydar Good Girl Gone Bad
75) Ch. Alydar P.S. I Love You
76) Ch. Oncore Mykyna Loves Me Loves Me Not
77) Ch. Malmason's Alydar Little Miss Sunshine JH
78) Ch. Malmason Alydar Shiny New Shoes JH
79) Ch. Malmason Alydar Knight in Shining Armor
80) Ch. Malmason Alydar Shining Star
81) Ch. Fieldstone Alydar Heaven On Earth
82) Ch. Malmason Alydar Shine On You Crazy Diamond
83) Ch. Malmason Alydar Shining Example
84) Ch. Malmason Alydar Keep 'um Shiny Side Up
85) Ch. Fieldstone Alydar Heaven in your eyes
86) Ch. Fieldstone Alydar Made in Heaven
87) Ch. Fieldstone Glimpse of Heaven
88) Ch. Strstrk Alydar Ring Of Fire
89)Ch. Fieldstone Alydar Heaven's Best
90) Ch. Alydar Willowbay Live For The Applause by Suncreek JH
91) Ch. Alydar WB - SS Pour Some Sugar On Me
92) Ch. Alydar Willowbay Starstruck Get Ready, Here I Come
93) Ch. Starstruck Alydar I Walk The Line
94) Ch. Alydar Willowbay Starstruck Leather and Lace
95) Ch. Malmason Moonshine Runner
96) Ch. Alydar Willowbay Starstruck Peace of Mind
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Enlarge photo 1
Ch. Alydar's Fatal Attraction

Enlarge photo 2
Ch. Alydar's Great Expectations
"he is a very nice dog. lov..."
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Enlarge photo 3
Ch. Alydar Shining Constellation JH

Enlarge photo 4
Ch. Alydar's Surfer Girl

Enlarge photo 5
Ch. Alydar's Can't Buy Me Love JH

Enlarge photo 6
MBIS/BISS Ch. Alydar Day Tripper

Enlarge photo 7
Ch. Alydar Don't Pass Me By

Enlarge photo 8
Ch. Alydar's Just Believing

Enlarge photo 9
Ch. Alydar's Sweet Sunday Kinda Love

Enlarge photo 10
Ch. Alydar's Games Two Can Play

Enlarge photo 11
BISS Ch. Alydar True Colors

Enlarge photo 12
Ch. Alydar Winning Colors

Enlarge photo 13
Ch. Alydar's Triple Threat of Waterberry

Enlarge photo 14
Ch. Alydar Love Me Tender

Enlarge photo 15
Ch. Alydar Crazy In Love

Enlarge photo 16
Am. Can. BIS Ch. Alydar All You Need Is Love

Enlarge photo 17
Ch. Alydar Everlasting Love

Enlarge photo 18
Ch. Alydar The Trouble Of Love Is

Enlarge photo 19
Ch. Alydar You Only Live Twice

Enlarge photo 20
Ch. Willowbay Alydar Viva Las Vegas

Enlarge photo 21
Ch. Alydar American Beauty

Enlarge PDF 22
Ch. Alydar American Dream

Enlarge photo 23
Ch. StrykePoint Alydar American Girl

Enlarge photo 24
Ch. Alydar American Tourister

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