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Other "metal" toys! (with wheels)
Seems a lot of collectors/historians are also into other "big boys toys", these are a couple that I really enjoy
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Enlarge photo 1


Enlarge photo 2

ERA cobra "under wraps"
66 Cobra, ERA replica on the trailer & "wrapped" as it arrived home

Enlarge photo 3


Enlarge photo 4


Enlarge photo 5


Enlarge photo 6


Enlarge photo 7


Enlarge photo 8


Enlarge photo 9


Enlarge photo 10


Enlarge photo 11


Enlarge photo 12


Enlarge photo 13

Cobra interior
all original cockpit layout, turn signal on the right, ignition on the left

Enlarge photo 14


Enlarge photo 15


Enlarge photo 16


Enlarge photo 17


Enlarge photo 18

2000 Indian Chief
Indian Chief as delivered, 88ci S&S motor. Many "glitches" originally but once they were worked out it's a fabulous scoot

Enlarge photo 19

Indian w/solo seat
actually only removed the pillion pad

Enlarge photo 20


Enlarge photo 21

Indian "naked"
changed the tires & did some other work, just thought it looked funny w/o that big rear fender

Enlarge photo 22


Enlarge photo 23


Enlarge photo 24


Enlarge photo 25


Enlarge photo 26


Enlarge photo 27

Indian left

Enlarge photo 28


Enlarge photo 29

1967 RPO L88 Corvette
Had this in 1973! was an original RPO L88 car, had been used as a race car. Car had a 1 piece tilt nose. Completely rebuilt it, didn't run when I got it, motor was shot (& wasn't the original anyway). This is a finished pic, see the pic w/the hood up, the day it was dropped off.

Enlarge photo 30

1967 Vette left side
Rebuilt it w/an open chamber 454, side pipes, late model Corvette seats, suspension, brakes were all upgraded, had both tops.

Enlarge photo 31

1967 Vette off the truck
Here's a pic w/the hood open, parked in my station lot, this is about an hour after the truck dropped it off!

Enlarge photo 32

1972 Moto Guzzi V7 sport
Rare bird, one of about 200 V7 sports that came into the US w/a front drum brake, which was interesting as it was a 4 shoe brake!

Enlarge photo 33

1965 Sportster XLCH
This Sport was a 65, magneto, kick start, stroked to 72", S&S carb, front end cut down 2", bike ran real well but strangely parts kept vibrating off! &, it was a b.... to start!

Enlarge photo 34

1965 XLCH other side

Enlarge photo 35

1965 Chev Nova
Another "old time" race car, here it's in the station getting a "heart transplant", put in a 388" small block, 5.13 rear, was a fun car!

Enlarge photo 36

1970 Boss 302 Mustang
One I'd like to have back!, real deal, 1970 Boss 302!, orange, black stripes, black interior, tunnel port 302 heads, interesting FoMoCo behind it too, ex State Police Mercurey, Marauder I think it was, had a big block (don't remember which!) dual carb motor!

Enlarge photo 37

74 Scarab Z, small block Chev conversion
Here's a 74 Datsun Scarab 260Z, these were done w/a small block Chev & a host of suspension/brake mods. Interesting cars as they were done in the same vein as Carroll Shelby did w/the Cobras!
I've had this car since 1980 & it's been sitting almost the last 8 years, these pics were taken 5-11-06 the day after I finally got it home & in the garage & getting ready to start on it's restoration.

Enlarge photo 38

Scarab Z, front view
I really like the way these look! & these cars are fast! they also handle extremely well, the entire unibody is tied in by steel tube, a complete roll bar/brace in the cockpit & a triangular front cowl brace. It originally had a 4 speed BW trans but it was replaced w/a T5 speed.

Enlarge photo 39

Scarab Z valve cover
The car came w/these valve covers & the original headers also had Scarab on them, unfortunately the headers (& floor pans) were rusted thru when I got the car in 80 & were replaced but the valve covers are still on the car. Hopefully I'll be adding more info & pics on this car as work progresses, still unsure as to restore it as it was when I got it or just go from here & do it up to todays standards!

Enlarge photo 40

10-11-10 lf full

Enlarge photo 41

10-11-10 L f marker

Enlarge photo 42

10-11-10 f radiator

Enlarge photo 43

10-11-10 f motor

Enlarge photo 44

10-11-10 r motor mount steering

Enlarge photo 45

10-11-10 l motor

Enlarge photo 46

10-11-10 l dist firewall

Enlarge photo 47

10-11-10 master cyl ass

Enlarge photo 48

10-11-10 l interior dr panel

Enlarge photo 49

10-11-10 l interior dash

Enlarge photo 50

10-11-10 l interior

Enlarge photo 51

10-11-10 l rr wheel well

Enlarge photo 52

10-11-10 L rr marker

Enlarge photo 53

10-11-10 inside rr hatch

Enlarge photo 54

10-11-10 r rr full

Enlarge photo 55

10-11-10 r gas cap assembly

Enlarge photo 56

10-11-10 r rr panel

Enlarge photo 57

10-11-10 r rr 1-4 crack

Enlarge photo 58

10-11-10 r pass interior

Enlarge photo 59

10-11-10 r interior dr panel

Enlarge photo 60

10-11-10 r coil ass

Enlarge photo 61

10-11-10 r coil link wiring

Enlarge photo 62

10-11-10 r fenderwell firewall wiring

Enlarge photo 63

10-11-10 r hood latch ass

Enlarge photo 64

10-11-10 r motor

Enlarge photo 65

10-11-10 r engine compartment

Enlarge photo 66

10-11-10 r regulator shunt wiring

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