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Guestbook for Monterey Humane Society 2001 Rescue. 15 entries. Sign the Guestbook
beth Fri, 31 Dec 2004 9:07AM

does my bum look big !!!!!!!!!!??????????

bethFri, 31 Dec 2004 9:05AM


KelseySun, 14 Nov 2004 10:24AM

i have never seen so many adorable guinea oigs before!  they r the cutest

NikiFri, 21 Nov 2003 10:07AM

The guinea pigs are soooo adorable. I hope the scientist didn't do any harmful experiments on all those guinea pigs. Luckily, they had eachother.

MarlaSat, 30 Nov 2002 3:52PM

When that person who did this get's to heaven I hope he finds out God is a Guinea Pig.

jessicaWed, 13 Nov 2002 10:29AM

all of those poor guinea pigs are so cute.  I have 9 guinea pigs of mine all together and i do not know who and why people would hurt such little animals that are harmless.  I hope that all of those pigs if they are not already taken into good homes all get a good home oneday.  thank you

ClaireTue, 30 Jul 2002 5:28PM

those poor animals! how could someone do this to such adorable precious creatures?? how??!! it makes me cry...

Bernadette SchultzWed, 17 Jul 2002 2:45PM

I grew up with guinea pigs and to see this is sad. I would love to take in a couple of sows and two pregnant sows. I am in Washington and having another Guinea pig in my life would be great, espically one in need. Thank you, Bernadette.

linda coleFri, 14 Jun 2002 12:09PM

I have a female piggie named Zoie that I dearly love. I just can't believe someone would mistreat such small sweet creatures. Thank you for your help.

DebbieSun, 9 Jun 2002 8:45PM

Thanks for sharing your work with everyone.  I know my kids would be devastated, to think of anything like this happening to their pets.

ChristinaMon, 25 Feb 2002 8:20PM

I recived five to foster at my house from cfar in Gilbert Arizona.  They are really scittish right now, but I see real promise when I look at them.

Fran HallWed, 20 Feb 2002 4:33AM

I run a Small Animal rescue and would love to help out, maybe 4 pairs of Males , Males must be in a group. And 8 females.
Fran Hall
The Hall's Angelical Small Animal Rescue.

Peri CraigFri, 15 Feb 2002 10:23PM

How excellent that someone was there to take in these creatures! And what a horrid travesty that our "enlightened" culture has allowed such hideous treatment in the name of scientific discovery. Thank you Teresa, for helping to coordinate the large and small shelters so none are too full! Lots of work still to do, there, but it is a beginning.

nalyneFri, 25 Jan 2002 9:06AM

My heart goes out to all abused animals. I will make a donation to the Monterey SPCA.

lisaSun, 6 Jan 2002 2:47PM

I have 6 guinea pigs and i love each and every one of them. It's hard to believe people would hurt these animals.:( so sad.

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