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Guestbook for Cavy Spirit - Pet Club in San Mateo. 9 entries. Sign the Guestbook
BrionyTue, 31 Jan 2012 7:45AM

You think these pics are bad? I currently live in Greece and the piggies in petshops here would be overjoyed to live like this!! I have rescued one with no teeth having been kicked by a rabbit, one with both front legs broken, one whose leg was so badly mangled it had to be amputated and another with three feet after tiny her mother had pulled it off giving birth. I don't BUY them either, I just demand they hand them over!!They're all now happily living free range in my kitchen!!

brandiThu, 7 Jun 2007 4:42PM

well i have two guinea pigs right now i have had them for about a year i am so happy to have them i think if one of them dies i will be so crushed. if it wasnt for my friend nicole i would never have gotten one. but me doing resurch (by wounderfull webs like this on) and other stuff i found out that if you have one cavy it could die from lonelyness i am so greatful for this web thank you so much

breSat, 10 May 2003 4:39PM

i luv guinea pigs they r so cute i have 3 of my own i luv them

CassandraSun, 5 Jun 2005 2:26PM

I am appalled! These are NOT suitable living conditions for any animal! All employes need to learn how to properly care for their animals before breeding! Although breeding animals for profit is cruel and unjust, it always happens! This means that more of us should open a responsible, humane animal rescue! Whose in on the idea?

jesserSat, 21 Aug 2004 11:43AM

I have a female that is going to have babies and no i didnt breed her i got her at a pet shop and she was all ready bread with a boar and shes going to have 4 or 5 and im soooo glad that i got her out of that pet shop all of the rabbits and guinea pigs were in this little hut the store maneger had a sign up that said "soon to be mommy cavy please give her a nice home" im so glad i saved her that would have been her last day there(she would have gone to the shelter) im so glad i saved her and  i have found GOOD homes for the unborn babies allready they are each going to 1 of my friends house so ive found 4 homes for thhe babies and i get too keep 1 to!!! im soooooo blessed!

PiggieLoverFri, 5 Jul 2002 6:02PM

I have one male piggie and love him alot. Whenever I see a piggie I want another one!

CallieSun, 30 Nov 2003 3:33PM

I have one female guinea pig that is actually housed with my rabbit.  I heard bad things about putting them together AFTER I got them.  They get along perfectly though, and they have a huge playpen to run around in outside that my dad built, and they run freely once every day around the "pets room" :).  They get along great!  The sad thing is that I got them both from a pet shop (the same one).  I didn't want the guinea pig to be lonely so I got the rabbit too.  It's terrible to think that some pet shops keep their animals like this.  The pet shop I got my little ones from had rabbits and guinea pigs together in one little open top cage.  There were tons of animals and no room to go anywhere!!  It was horrible!  I was so glad to get at least two of them out of there!  It's sick to think that these people could treat sweet, defenseless animals like that.

ZoeFri, 5 Nov 2004 2:23PM

I understand perfectly now what irrisponsibe breeding does,and being cruel enough to put opposite sexes together.Too many unwanted piggies!However,I breed purebred,pedigreed cavies for 4-h,and I can tell you that there ARE such things as responsibe breeders.Currently I raise Lilac American Satins,a rare variety,and have won a few best in shows.(yes,they do have piggie breeds,just like dogs,and there are 15 of them!)I beleive responsible breeding can create happy piggies and happy memories.

Linda ColeTue, 11 Jun 2002 10:46AM

I just can not believe what these pictures reveal. I have only one female piggie who I love dearly. My heart goes out to all these sweet creatures.

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