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Custom Handmade Kitchen
1. Custom Handmade Kitchen 
A custom handmade kitchen designed with customer and with Trinity Woodworking discretion of
Design and detail. Custom stainless steel and wooden countertops designed and installed by Trinity Woodworking. All parts of are traditionally custom handmade no CNC computerized machinery used.
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Sash Windows- Custom, Restoration
2. Sash Windows- Custom, Restoration 
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Turn of the 20th century Greenhouse
3. Turn of the 20th century Greenhouse 
Trinity Woodworking  had full responsibility for all aspects of the milling of woodwork, mouldings, wedged mortise & tenant joints, layout of job, intricate joints and cut outs of woodwork.
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Hand Crafted, High End, Custom Kitchen
4. Hand Crafted, High End, Custom Kitchen 
Hand crafted, high end custom kitchen . Kitchen was designed with customer by Trinity Woodworking. Inside of units and shelves made out of 18mm Birch plywood. Outside edge of shelves 26mm solid Birch wood.  Dovetail drawers all made out of 18mm solid Beech wood with a 18mm solid Beech wood drawer front. Inside of drawers, units and shelves hand brushed varnish finish. Flush face frame hidden fixed with a shadow bead. Soft closing drawers and doors. Hardware unseen on dovetail drawers. Face of kitchen all solid Beech wood for hard wearing. Panels in doors 6mm Birch plywood for paint grade finish. Center piece of kitchen for extractor fan. Custom wood beam with a stopped chamfer molding and solid curved columns with curved stopped fluted molding.
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Deluxe Kitchen Island (Custom/ Bespoke)
5. Deluxe Kitchen Island (Custom/ Bespoke)   (2012)
Waxed American White Oak top & drawer fronts; varnished Beech legs; hand made Maple dovetail drawers; hand painted finish on detailed deluxe paneling
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Floating Reception Desk for Killruddery
6. Floating Reception Desk for Killruddery   (2012)
Custom (bespoke) floating reception desk on hidden wheels for Kilruddery Estate. Designed with customer, hand painted finish on unit with red oak counter top finished with an antique polishing wax.
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Solid Maple, Custom Wardrobe
7. Solid Maple, Custom Wardrobe 
Solid Maple, hand crafted, custom wardrobe. Hand brush varnish finish. Designed with the customer by Trinity Woodworking.
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Custom (Bespoke) Free Standing Bookcase
8. Custom (Bespoke) Free Standing Bookcase  (1989)
White oak custom (bespoke) bookcase, designed with customer and created in the workshop with a fluted solid oak front.
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Oak Sliding Doors Built-in- Unit
9. Oak Sliding Doors Built-in- Unit  (2007)
Custom (Bespoke) built-in-unit, constructed into the roof wall cavity of a top floor apartment unit. Designed unit with customer. Constructed structural framing to hold up roof and to accept built in. Finish brushed on with an environmental friendly varnish.
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Custom (Bespoke) Window Seat
10. Custom (Bespoke) Window Seat  (2002)
Custom window seat designed to fit into Bay window with 2 ornamental shelves on each side. Chest inlay with tongue and groove cedar boards. Lid hinged with piano hinge. Designed as a build in paint grade unit.
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Custom Storage Unit Under Stairway
11. Custom Storage Unit Under Stairway 
Hand Crafted, Custom Storage Unit Under Stairway. Designed with Customer by Trinity Woodworking.
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Paneling Under Staircase, Hidden Doors
12. Paneling Under Staircase, Hidden Doors 
Custom, hand crafted. Paint grade paneling under staircase with 3 of the panels having push open hidden doors.
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Kitchen Installation
13. Kitchen Installation   (2012)
Kitchen installation- from demo to installing and tiles.
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14. Kitchen  (2002)
Kitchen- from demo to installation.
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Trinity Woodworking offers an arts and crafts section.
All pieces can be made to order and customers can arrange special request pieces.
Prices start at €100 + VAT
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Antique Reproduction of Mirror Frame
16. Antique Reproduction of Mirror Frame  (2009)
Antique reproduction of 5 foot X 6 foot mirror frame. Cutters for spindle modified and made for large mirror frame moulding.
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Custom (Bespoke) Radius, Spindle work
17. Custom (Bespoke) Radius, Spindle work  (2011)

Approached by company that was requesting an elaborate large molding curved work. The company that approached me had trouble finding someone that was able to preform this work because of the caliber of accuracy needed for the spindle work. The radius of the job had to be re-designed because of the width of the molding. The depth of the molding had to be designed to get the maximum out of the spindle machine taking into consideration safety. A lot of safety issues to be able to preform this job safely. This was truly a custom (bespoke) job. Please see article- About US- News Link: http://www.trinitywoodworking.ie/news-link.html

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Molding,Paneling,Lathe Work,Woodturning
18. Molding,Paneling,Lathe Work,Woodturning  
A collection of custom (bespoke) moldings and panelings and lathe work that has been preformed by Trinity Woodworking.
Trinty Woodworking will design and  replicate moldings and panelings from any period at customers request.
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Master Switchback Staircase
19. Master Switchback Staircase  (2007)
Demo old staircase down to stringers (structural member that supports the treads and risers) and redesigned new staircase with customer. Bespoke open side switchback staircase over 3 floors with solid cherry goose neck, handrails and newel posts, stained oak threads and with turned fluted balusters.
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Construction of  New Back Staircase
20. Construction of  New Back Staircase  (2005)
Construction of a new back stair case. Stained oak threads finished with painted poplar wood risers and inner stringers and round oak hand rail.
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Restoration of 1800's Staircase
21. Restoration of 1800's Staircase  (2012)
Georgian period staircase. Replace threads and stair riser (American White Oak); repaired and replaced structure where needed because of rot and woodworm; treated all parts of staircase to eliminate woodworm; salvaged and saved remaining parts of staircase. Prepared staircase for finish.
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Conservation of Georgian  Barn Door
22. Conservation of Georgian  Barn Door  (2001)
Conservation, heritage job of 200 year old Georgian Barn Door. Remade barn door on site using the same method that would have been used when the door was originally made 200 years ago. Hunched, wedged, mortise and tenon joints by hand.
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Restoration of Irish Dresser
23. Restoration of Irish Dresser  (2010)
Restoration job of  Irish Dresser. Had dresser dismantled and dipped to remove years of paint. Reassembled, kept original hardware and designed color scheme to keep the original character of the dresser.
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Restoration of 1860 Victorian  Door
24. Restoration of 1860 Victorian  Door   (2006)
Restoration of 1860 Victorian Door and Overhang. Researched and drew full size plans to create accurate reproduction of overhang, door and door way. Restoration work to overhang and doorway and a made reproduction of the original door.
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Restored Georgian Interior Door
25. Restored Georgian Interior Door  (2009)
Restoration work to Georgian Interior Door. Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin. Dismantled door to separate parts, saved all parts of the door, panels and moldings, remade a new door stile. Rebuilt door with all saved parts and new door stile and rehung.
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Complete Restoration 1800 Seaside Home
26. Complete Restoration 1800 Seaside Home  (2002)

Restored over 50 antique sash windows from between the Georgian or Victorian era. Restoring by renewing the exterior elaborate shingle patterns and clapboards. Complete restoration work on exterior of house and installation of exterior walls of house. News article of house: please go to About US- News Link. http://www.trinitywoodworking.ie/news-link.html

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Harvard University Head Office Building
27. Harvard University Head Office Building  (1995)
Restoration Work. The houses had received major damage when a compressor came disconnected from the back of a truck and went like a missile into the front porch entrance. Conservation work to restore the front porch to its original and natural beauty. At an earlier date I replaced all clapboard on the building working with a team of people. Period of building is Edwardian to Georgian.
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Restoration Masonry & Trellis
28. Restoration Masonry & Trellis  (2011)
Storm damage of 1700-1800's garden wall. Restoration, rebuilt wall with original materials. Made and installed trellis.
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Restoration of Pier and Wall
29. Restoration of Pier and Wall  (2011)
Built and restored pier and wall.
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Bedroom, Stairs, Living Room & Mantel
30. Bedroom, Stairs, Living Room & Mantel  (1999)
Master bedroom: repaired structure of floor, custom (bespoke) built-in-wardrobes and chest-of-drawers,window seats with drawers and architrave around windows. Living room: demo and remove supporting wall, restored stairs, redesign layout of room and taking into consideration shape of chimney breast (after demo) to open up the room more. Fire place: designed fire place mantel, all woodwork stained, varnished and paint brushed finish. Achieving a high-end finish with a very low budget for materials.
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Shingling, Built-in-units, Pocket door
31. Shingling, Built-in-units, Pocket door  (2002)
Shingled the exterior of house, weaving shingles on corners of house and around bay windows and dormers. Designed, made and installed custom (bespoke) built-in-units, installed pocket doors and exterior and interior doors.
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Luxurious Bespoke Paneling & Cabinetry
32. Luxurious Bespoke Paneling & Cabinetry  (2001)
Installation work: installed luxurious, custom wall paneling and cabinetry for master bedroom, his and her offices, and his and her bathrooms.
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Bars & Pubs
33. Bars & Pubs  (1997)
Demo and reconstructed the Old Iron Side bar in Charlestown, MA USA. Designed and built for Mc Gann's Pubs in Boston Area USA Refectory tables and helped construct the interior of  Mc Gann's Pub, Portland Street, Boston MA USA.
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Reconstruction of Wing of House
34. Reconstruction of Wing of House  (2004)
Re-framed interior structure so rooms could be open plan by removing all interior walls and chimney. Installed 6 dormers and radiant heated floors on the 2 floors. Study and Library with Guest Bathroom on first floor and a Mini- Kitchen on the ground floor.
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State of the Art House
35. State of the Art House  (2000)
Employed as carpenter with a company based in the USA. Worked on this house from foundations up. Worked on a lot  of  intriguing curved work and challenges. Worked on the layout of the roof. This house was the most futuristic house (between the design and electronic features) for its time on the East coast of USA. The position of the house was designed as a working sundial in the court yard.
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Wet Room, Curved Stair Lift, Access Ramp
36. Wet Room, Curved Stair Lift, Access Ramp  (2010)
Wet Room: designed custom (bespoke) Wet Room with customer, demo bathroom and rebuilt into Wet Room, tiling, plumbing, etc. Curved Stair Lift: installation. Access Ramp: designed and built patio and exterior ramp to rear entrance. All performed to code for special needs.
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Floor & Door Job
37. Floor & Door Job  (2010)
Treated and repaired wood worm, rotten floor joist and re-install floor. Hung 2 doors
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