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"The old pieces date from the twenties and thirties and are English. Most of them are brooches, and a smaller number are pendants (judging by size, and the fact that charm bracelets were not popular in the twenties). Although the patent for reverse-painted jewelry with a butterfly-wing background was issued earlier, the jewelry became popular in 1924 because of an exhibit at the British Empire Exhibition by the firm Thomas L. Mott (the same company as TLM, known to charm-lovers for their enamels). Hoffman started making butterfly-wing jewelry in the late thirties and is still making it, I believe, pretty much all hex signs at this point. The quality is fairly good, though not what it was--and nothing is hand-painted, as all the old English stuff was." Joan Munkacsi

"There are two that I see (99% of the time that is). Made in England- probably the most typical and usually set in sterling silver. These are the ones that seem to be the most desirable, at least for me anyway. and Hoffman- an American company. is what their Hallmark looks like. They are Frederick S. Hoffman and Company, and out of New York, NY right around 1930-40. I have seen these set in sterling silver, and in white metal with rhodium (stay-bright) finish. I also see the ones that have scenes of Rio on them- and they always seem to be marked 800 or 900 silver." Carolyn Sunday

According to Warman's Jewelry: "A unique type of collectible jewelry, which appears to be attracting to a growing number of collectors, originated in England.However, its primary component, the wings of the Morpho butterly, came from South America. Several British firms made these pieces, which usually consist of a reverse-painted scene or a white sulphide bas-relief(reminiscent of Wedgewood jasperware) backed with an iridescent blue butterfly wing ground, a domed glass cover, and usually a sterling silver frame and back. The backs are often marked with a British patent number, granted to Shipton & Co. of Brinmingham, England in 1923." That is found on page 137 and there is an unusual yellow butterfly wing pin pictured on the same page." Lilly Vittetow.

"Unfortunately, the delicate material of the butterfly wing is subject to deterioration and many of the old pieces have spots of deterioration or are completely deteriorated.The giveaway is dead spots in the lovely irridescense, a rusty or dirty appearance. Under magnification these areas of scales will appear "ruffled" in comparison to the undamaged areas." Jan Gaughan

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Enlarge photo 1
Butterfly Wing earrings with tropical scene.

Compliments of Nancy Brace

Splendors Of The Past

Enlarge photo 2
Butterfly Wing Pendant.

Compliments of Dianne Lavenburg

Vintage Jewelry Meadow

Enlarge photo 3
Butterfly Wing Ring.

Compliments of Carol Bell

Enlarge photo 4
Butterfly Wing Earrings. Mine has a pine or
evergreen tree instead of the palm trees.

Compliments of Lilly Vittetow

Lilly's Vintage Jewelry

Enlarge photo 5
Butterfly Wing Pin.

Courtesy of Adrienne Shivers

Garden Party Collection

Enlarge photo 6
While the bracelet has no reverse painting it is without a doubt the
most intense shade of shimmery blue I've ever seen!

Compliments of Adrienne Shivers

Enlarge photo 7
A butterfly wing tourist bracelet. Mine is marked Made In Brazil. Each scene is a bit different with some reverse painting.

Compliments of Jan Gaughan

Eclectic Vintage

Enlarge photo 8
Butterfly earring and Pin set.

Compliments of Jan Gaughan

Enlarge photo 9
Sterling butterfly wing pendant.
Plastic domed covering.

Compliments of Linda Kent

Hampton Estates on eBay

Enlarge photo 10
English sterling reverse-painted pendant, c. 1930, by Thomas L. Mott Ltd., whose exhibit of butterfly wing jewelry at the British Empire Exhibition of 1924 set off a craze for it.  Marked SILVER / TLM on the reverse; 11/16 by 1/2 inch.

Compliments of Joan Munkacsi

Enlarge photo 11
A tiny (5/16") reverse-painted English butterfly wing charm, c. 1930.  Although it doesn't look like it in the photo, the bird's entire body is made from Morpho butterfly wing; the head is gilt. Marked SILVER / LH.

Compliments of Joan Munkacsi

Enlarge photo 12
Antique English Silver Butterfly & Opal Brooch.
This piece is Awesome. Its hand painted on Butterfly Wing, and the bottom of the dress is pieces of Opals. Its mounted in English Sterling Silver.

Compliments of Sam & Yvonne

Our Favorite Jewels

Enlarge photo 13
An unusual 1964-1965 New York World's Fair Pin with Butterfly wing accent.

Courtesy of Sam & Yvonne Mitchell

Enlarge photo 14
A really nice double sided large butterfly wings pendant,
with two entirely different scenes on each side that is really pretty.

Compliments of Carolyn & Ed Sunday


Enlarge photo 15
Butterfly Wing Bracelet.

Compliments of Carolyn & Ed Sunday

Enlarge photo 16
Morpho Butterfly wing background.  Sometimes referred to as "butterfly wing sulphide cameo".Also made in England.
The necklace has two enamel stations that match the blue of the wings.

Compliments of Mary Maxwell

Enlarge photo 17
Another kind of butterfly wing jewelry.  Actual butterfly, not just the wings.

Compliments of Mary Maxwell

Enlarge photo 18
Wonderful butterfly picture, very unusual to see a picture of this size.

Compliments of Nancy Hathaway

Enlarge photo 19
An early piece of early butterfly jewelry to share with you.

Compliments of MJ DeCourley

Enlarge photo 20
Ballerina Butterfly pendant
Marked England Sterling with Pat Aug. 1924, This pendant has a beautiful Ballerina.

Compliments of Rea Maurice

A Peacock Boutique

Enlarge photo 21
Butterfly wing brooch.
Souvenir Brooch with Sailboat.

Compliments of Rea Maurice

Enlarge photo 22
Butterfly Wing Bracelet and Necklace.

Compliments of Amelia Willett

Enlarge photo 23
'yellow' Butterfly wing jewelry.
Older, glass domed pendant.
Scene of Rio deJaneiro, Brazil.

Courtesy of Linda Kent

Enlarge photo 24
Art Deco Kookaburra Bird Butterfly Wing Brooch

Compliments of Cheri Van Hoover

Milky Way Jewels

Enlarge photo 25
English Sterling Edwardian Morpho Butterfly Wing Brooch

Courtesy of Cheri Van Hoover

Enlarge photo 26
Butterfly Wing Sterling Brooch

Courtesy of Adrienne Shivers

Enlarge photo 27
Reverse Painted Butterfly Wing Pendant

Courtesy of Adrienne Shivers

Enlarge photo 28
Butterfly Wing Necklace

Compliments of Merry Kaufman

Merry's eBay auctions

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