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Various trips to Museums. Air, Sea, Land etc
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1. Bovington 
My visit to the Bovington Tank museum in 2003
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2. Hendon2005  (7th June 2005)
Some pictures of my visit to the Aircraft museum at Hendon.
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3. Duxford2005  (8th June 2005)
A very quick visit to the IWM at Duxford. Cut short by illness! But will deffo go back soon. Or at least when the new building is completed. (See last picture)
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The Gaydon Motor Heritage Museum
4. The Gaydon Motor Heritage Museum  (9th April 2006)
My visit to the Motor Heritage Museum at Gaydon. The picture quality is not up to much I'm afraid due to the lighting conditions in the museum!
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The Yorkshire Air Museum
5. The Yorkshire Air Museum  (15th October 2006)
Another visit to the great Air Museum at Elvington North Yorkshire.
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6. Haynes  (10th December 2006)
A visit to the Haynes Motor Museum I made with my friends at
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