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The Dads

Here you will find individual albums for the guys of the group....and sires to our pups.

These boys are NOT for sale.   

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1. Bandit  (08/14/2016)

RDR's Bandit of my Heart is turning out simply gorgeous! Very pleased with this boy, who is son of our Tera and Eli. It appears that he is topping off at about 11# as an adult with a very muscular, sturdy build and the type A structure (square body to leg length appearance). Love him!!!!  Bandit is triple registered with AKC, UKC, and UKCI, and he is tested clear for PLL, DM, and PRA-PRCD.

Bandit has previously sired blue, tan sable, black tri, and brindle, when bred to a female who carried the brindle gene, so he brings us lots of variety.  We aren't quite sure if he carries the chocolate gene or not....so just stay tuned to watch his future pups!




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2. William 

Our Blue merle boy , William ..... son of our own Sweet Delilah .... has started to stir things up around here, bringing us a little bit more variety in our puppy world.   

UKCI registered, type A, with clear results for PLL, PRA-PCDA, and DM, he has the potential to bring us a rainbow of beautiful colors in the rat terrier world.   

 Sweet William weighs about 7-8# .  

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3. Maverick  (7/20/19)
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