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Past Litters/Puppies
In the ablums below you can see photos & updates on puppies we have placed in wonderful pet, show & performance homes, or were sired by our males, but bred by another breeder.  If our males are used, we still believe those puppies are just as important as the ones born here at River Ridge.

River Ridge thanks all our loving homes for providing updates and photos! We love to hear updates on all our puppies.
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Mocking Jay Litter
31. Mocking Jay Litter  (October 29, 2014)

This litter was born on 10.29.14 and raised in Knox, TN by Donna McMahan.  The Parents were:

CH RiverRidge Writ'n N The Stars (phoebe)
CH Fourpaws 3BF R Ticket to Ride (Shamus)

Both parents are Health tested and results are posted on OFFA.org.
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Mollie's Monsters
32. Mollie's Monsters  (October 15, 2014)
Mollie gave birth to 6 beautiful babies  the morning of 10/15.  

River Ridge 2bize B'n Fabulous (Mollie)

KND's Both Barrells Loaded (Buck)
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The Country Music Stars Litter
33. The Country Music Stars Litter  (June 2, 2014)
Here you will find the details for our Country Music Stars Litter!

5 puppies born on 7.31.14
2 white chocolate tan piebald females
2 white black tan piebald females
1 white chocolate tan piebald male

RiverRidge She's a Rise'n Star
Color: White Black Tan
Pattern: Piebald
D.O.B 10/1/2007
Height: 13 1/2"
Click here to visit Cindy Lou Who's OFA PAGE

KND'S Both Barrells Loaded
Color: White Black Tan
Pattern: Piebald
D.O.B: 09/27/09
Height: 14"
Micro-chip Identified
CHIC# 86382
PLL ~ Clear
Click here to visit Buck's OFA PAGE
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Spry and Skyy on the sly
34. Spry and Skyy on the sly 

On 5/29/14 Spry and Skyy blessed us with 6 adorable  puppies

1.  Male Choco Tri 7.2 oz
2.  Male Black Tri 6.8 oz
3.  Male Black Tri (NBT) 5.2 oz
4.  Female Choo Tri 5.8 oz
5.  Male Back Tri 4.2 oz
6.  Female Black Tri 6.4 oz

This litter is a bit special, as Spry and Skyy planned it all by themselves. We humans had no idea they were up to such a special surprise for us. Now we get to have lots of fun watching them grow and become naughty puppies ... Hang on for the ride.
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 The most beautiful beaches
35. The most beautiful beaches  (Winter 2013)

Marti & Petunia gave us 9 beautiful puppies on 12/21/13. 5 Females & 4 Males

Sire Stoneybay's Ur Martini's Serv'd .. Marti
CHIC# 83181
Click here to visit Marti's OFA PAGE

Dam River Ridge's Sell'n the Drama ... Petunia
CHIC# 67638
Click here to visit Petunia's OFA PAGE
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Who & Buck ~ If I ran the Circus
36. Who & Buck ~ If I ran the Circus  (Summer 2013 Litter)

Who and buck gave us 8 healthy Puppies on 8.26.13.  5 Females & 3 Males

DamRiver Ridge's She's a Rise'n Star
Click here to visit Cindy Lou Who's OFA PAGE

SireKnD's Both Barrells Loaded
Click here to visit Buck's OFA PAGE
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Hannah & Buck  ~ Celtic Heritage Litter
37. Hannah & Buck  ~ Celtic Heritage Litter  (Spring/Summer 2013)

10 puppies born!
Color: White Black & Tan
Pattern: Piebald
D.O.B: 06/19/2013
Height: Estimated to be 14 1/2"

Dam: GRCH River Ridge Shineon Sweet Stuff (Hannah)
CHIC# 54850
Click to visit Hannah's OFA PAGE
Sire: KnD's Both Barrells Loaded (Buckshot)
CHIC# 86382
Click here to visit Buck's OFA PAGE
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8 Largest Unsolved Mysteries
38. 8 Largest Unsolved Mysteries  (April 2, 2012)

Hannah and Marti gave us 8 wonderful puppies on April 2nd, 2012.

We had:
6 Males/2 Females

1 black tri piebald male
1 black tri piebald female
1 black tri blanket back male
1 black tri tuxedo female
1 black tri tuxedo male
2 blue tri blanket back males
1 blue tri tuxedo male (One can be found in Performance albums)
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Hannah/Marti Gilligan's Island Litter
39. Hannah/Marti Gilligan's Island Litter 

On June 24th we had 10 puppies born,  6 females and 4 males.
Blue White tan tuxedo ~ Trey (Show/Junior Handler)
white black tan ~ Turbo (Show)
White blue tan ~ blue (Show)
black White tan ~ Skipper (Show)

White black tan ~ Dixie (Pet)
White balck tan ~ Molly (Show)
blue white tan blanket back ~ Lovey (Pet)
White blue tan ~ Stitch (Performance)
black white tan ~ phoebe (Show)
blue white tan tuxedo ~ Taylor (Pet)

7 puppies went into show homes (you can see them in the conformation albums) and 3 puppies went into a loving pet homes.  Looking forward to watching them grow over the years!
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Murphy/Cindy Lou Who Goonies Litter
40. Murphy/Cindy Lou Who Goonies Litter 
Murphy and Who gave us 11 puppies

Several of the puppies went into Performance and Show homes and you can see them in the respective albums.
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Harry Potter Litter
41. Harry Potter Litter 
On Novemer 22nd we had 8 puppies born,  5 females and 3 males.  All were healthy and beautiful.
2 White black and tan  piebald females
1 blue tuxedo male
2 red white sable piebald male and female
2 Red white tuxedo male and female
1 Blue sable tuxedo female

2 puppies went into agility homes (you can see them in the performance album) and 3 puppies went into show homes (also have their own albums) and 3 into loving pet homes.  Looking forward to watching them grow!

Murphy/Hannah Litter
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Marti/Hannah Litter - RugRats
42. Marti/Hannah Litter - RugRats  (August 24, 2009)
Hannah and Marti had 9 puppies!  3 females and 6 males. 8 of the 9 puppies were placed in show homes and 1 Lives in NY with his Family!

We are so proud of these puppies and look forward to hear about all their accomplishments which are already starting to come in ..

2 of these puppies were ranked in UKC's 2010 Top Ten.  Sailor #3 and Leo #6.
Sailor is ranked in UKC's All Star Terrier Racing (Flat)
Pixie was awarded BOB at the 2010 Premier
Pixie won the Best of Winners class at the 2010 American Rat Terrier Summer Specialty  
TJ  won the CH class at the 2010 American Rat Terrier Summer Specialty. Along with 2 CH wins at Premier.
Ty won Reserve Champion class at the 2010 American Rat Terrier Summer Specialty.
Marti the sire won Best of Breed at the same specialty! What a huge win for Marti and his offspring!
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Maggie/Who  Whoville Litter
43. Maggie/Who  Whoville Litter  (December 3, 2007)
Maggie and Who had 5 puppies  ... We had such a fun time with these pretty puppies and glad these puppies found such a WONDERFUL home!
All Rat Terriers from this litter are standards and in the height range of 13 1/2 - 15"

Two rat terriers from this litter are UKC Champions and two are UKC Grand Champions. One was in #10 in UKC's Top Ten for 2008!
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Trevor/Boots Munster Litter
44. Trevor/Boots Munster Litter 
On Oct 2nd, 2006 Trevor/Boots litter had 7 beautiful females. We had 4 black tri piebalds, 1 Black & tan, 1 Blue Tri Piebald & 1 Blue & tan.
All puppies are standards and range from 14" - 16" in height.
This litter is UKC/AKC registered. 5 puppies out of this home entered conformation and/or performance homes.

# puppies from this litter were ranked in UKC's Top Ten for 2008. Ranking #1, #3 and #8!

Two of these puppies were ranked very high in UKC's overall most BOB points earned in 2008. Hannah was #2 and Lydia was #4!
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Puppies Sired by our Studs
45. Puppies Sired by our Studs 
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