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Puppies Sired by our Studs
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Wily Justice
1. Wily Justice  (August 9, 2017)
Although I was not the breeder on record of this litter, I was asked to find forever homes for this litter. Both parents are River Ridge Bred-By dogs and we are proud of these puppies.
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Shamus & Katie
2. Shamus & Katie 
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Trevor & Lyla
3. Trevor & Lyla  (Summer 2013)
6 puppies born 8.16.2013 3F & 3M
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Trevor Lyla Holiday Litter
4. Trevor Lyla Holiday Litter  (December 30, 2012)
5 Puppies born

1 Black Tan White Female (Noel)
1 White Black Tan Female (Charity)
3 White Black Tan Males (Jingle, Kringle, Cornelius)
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Mickey & Aurora
5. Mickey & Aurora  (July 28, 2011)
Mickey and Aurora had 4 puppies
2 Males
2 Females

1 Choco Tuxedo female
1 Black Tri Piebald female
2 Male Tuxedos
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Trevor/Pearl Puppies
6. Trevor/Pearl Puppies 
March 31, 2006 Trevor/Pearl had 5 healthy puppies. We  had 3 males and 2 females. 4 tri-colors and 2 bi-color.
Litter was UKC/AKC registered
All puppies are standards and range in height of 14" - 15 1/2"
3 puppies out of this litter began their show career in October, 2006! Two puppies are now Grand Champions and one is a Champion!

Levi was also awarded with a Best In-Multi Breed Show!

RR was not the breeder on record for this litter. We are the stud owner, but love these puppies just as much as our own litters!

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Trevor /Taylor Litter
7. Trevor /Taylor Litter 
5 puppies in this litter 4 boys and 1 girlie. Both Kathy and I are VERY proud of this litter. All puppies had awesome temperment and structure. We look forward to watching them grow.
All Rat Terriers from this litter are standards and in the height range of 13 1/2 - 16"

Whitemarsh is the co-owner and co-breeder on record of this litter. We are very proud of this litter as they used Trevor as the sire.
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Murphy/Honey Cross
8. Murphy/Honey Cross  (August 12, 2010)
This litter was whelped on 5/6/2010.  Warren Mountain Rat Terriers used our male Murphy for the cross and we are so pleased with the puppies! There were 6 beautiful puppies born ~2 females and 4 males.

1 Black tri (male)
1 Blue sable (male)
4 Tan and white sables (2 males 2 females)
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Gus/Mia Lil Monster's Litter
9. Gus/Mia Lil Monster's Litter  (10.4.12)
On Oct 4th 2012 Mia and Gus had 4 babies. This litter was born at Tri Mark in WA State. Beth did an amazing job rearing and whelping this litter.  I was co-breeder on this litter.

1 Black Tan White Male - Frankie - Kei Kei
1 White Black & Tan Female - Clarabell
1 White Black & Tan Female - Picabo - Robbie
1 White Black & Tan Male - Jace

11.7.12 weights
Picabo #1- female 3 lb.. 8.8 oz.
Jace #2-male 4 lb. 12.6 oz
Clairabell #3- female 3 lb. 11.4 oz
Frankie #4-male 4 lb. 1.5 oz
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Murphy & Flutterby
10. Murphy & Flutterby  (September 7, 2011)
This litter was bred by Warren Mountain Rat Terriers in VT. This litter was not approved prior by River Ridge or Stoneybay (owners of the sire). It was bred without our permission. That is why there are no updates to this album.

There were 6 puppies born:
4 Black tri piebalds
2 White & tan sable piebalds

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Sire Murphy:

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