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What mistakes to avoid in SEO?

Wanna catch up with the in-demand SEO skills and improve the ranking of the site in the SERF or search engine result page? Well, if yes then you first need to know about the common mistakes. There are some mistakes that you might be doing and it is high time you have knowledge of the mistakes and know how to fix them.

SEO is a continuous practice to improve the quality as well as quantity of websites’ traffic and improve the ranking of your site organically on SERP i.e. Search Engine Result Page. It takes effort to improve the ranking of your site. That is why SEO is an important part of any digital marketing course in Delhi that you join to learn marketing.

Due to changes in google algorithms, market conditions, and customer behaviour, there has been a constant evolution and changes in SEO practices as some of the SEO tricks become outdated and are not applicable.

Moreover, SEO experts also need to focus on certain factors that are on the priority list of search engines while indexing and ranking the sites. SEO can be determined as a tool that is easy to apply but hard to become an expert in. That is why it is recommended to learn it in the right way by joining professional SEO training in Delhi.

You should also understand one thing if you have a well-planned and executed SEO strategy it becomes super easy to rank website even on highly difficult keywords. However, if there is no properly planned and executed strategy then it will result in a drop of your site’s ranking. All search engines whether it be Bing or Google, want to deliver accurate and reliable results to the searches made by the users.

Mistakes to avoid in SEO

Here are some mistakes to avoid in SEO, especially in today's time in order to rank your site.

Mistake 01: Slow site speed

If the loading speed of your website is slow, there is a high chance that it might lead to an increase in bounce rate. As per the data shown by the search giant Google, website loading time determines its bounce rate. And if your site is slow then it definitely effects the bounce rate which is not good at all. All your SEO efforts are futile if your site speed is slow.

You can use Google Page Insights to measure and know about your site speed. You can improve the speed of your website by choosing the correct hosting provider, image compression and optimization redirects reduction, or by enabling browser caching.

Mistake 02: Linking to websites of low quality and ignoring high-quality websites

Backlinks are an off-page SEO strategy. It is an important factor in determining your site’s authority. Drive the focus on building up backlinks from high authoritative sites over low. While creating backlinks, you should choose sites carefully and of higher authority.

The authority of the URLs can be easily checked with the help of tools like Moz. Backlinks of lower authority can impact the ranking of your site. As we know, Google algorithms mainly focus on three things while ranking the website - expertise, trust, and authority.

Mistake 03: Issues related to canonicalization

If there are multiple URLs on your website and they all point to a specific page then you need to fix this issue immediately as it misleads search engines that there are separate pages for each URL. It can be fixed by adding a rel=”canonical” tag to the head section of the page.

Mistake 04: Missing alt text

Alt tags are important as search engines are unable to see the images on your site and it becomes difficult to determine what the image actually contains. Therefore, it is important to add relevant names to your images in case they are named with generic names. If the alt tags are placed properly, it provides more information about your site to search engines.

Moreover, if a user is searching for terms related to your website then the image might appear in search results and there is a high chance of the user landing on your website.

Hope now you got an idea about some of the very commonly made mistakes in SEO which are pivotal to avoid. It should be corrected immediately and if you avoid them, there is a high chance that google might penalize your website.

See, joining digital marketing courses is important for you if you want to learn about SEO. You can learn by enrolling in the best SEO course in Delhi offered by ADMEC Multimedia Institute which is a great way to enhance your knowledge and become an SEO Expert.

Moreover, if you are someone who likes to create and design websites, you can also pursue web development courses as well as web design courses in Delhi offered by ADMEC. The faculties in the institute are experts in their field and you also get proper training and placements after completing the course.

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