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Low Divergence Laser Diode Datasheets
A collection of datasheets for the lowest divergence laser diodes I can find. This list will be added to as I get more data. Scroll down to see entire list.
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660nm ML101U29 LPC-840 10.5-16 typical
The LPC-840 is reported to be a variant of the ML101u29 with a higher output rating. This has not been confirmed and the divergence of this device might not be the same.

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638nm 9-19 typical ML520G54.pdf
Manufacturer rated 110mw CW output.

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638nm HL63133DG 9-17 typical.pdf
638nm 170mw single mode

Enlarge PDF 4
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638nm HL63603TG  8.5-18 typical.pdf
638nm 120mw single mode

Enlarge PDF 5
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520nm PL 520
50mw single mode 520nm 7-22 degrees typical divergence. 50mw rating, tests have shown these can be run up to 100mw measured output with a G2 lens.

Enlarge PDF 6
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450nm PL 450B 11-25 max.pdf
120mw single mode

Enlarge PDF 7
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450nm PLTB450B 1.6 watt 6-24 typical.pdf
1.6 watt multi-mode

Enlarge PDF 8
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Operating the pulsed laser diode SPL LLxx.pdf

Enlarge PDF 9
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730nm Ushio037.pdf
730nm 50mW

Enlarge PDF 10
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515nm NDG4216.pdf
80mw capable of 100-180 mw 515nm green. Reported to be single mode.

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Sharp GH0780MA4C Single Mode 100 mw CW 780 nm laser diode.

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