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Yosemite / Bodie
1. Yosemite / Bodie 
31 Visits
100 Images
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Helmar Cabinets
2. Helmar Cabinets 
35 Visits
2 Images
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8th Grade Girls
3. 8th Grade Girls  (Feb. 2, 2023)
46 Visits
5 Images
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MOTU Masters of the Universe Revelation
4. MOTU Masters of the Universe Revelation  (August 2021)
Here is the Start of my Collection of Masters of the
Universe Revelation 2021 Action Figures
0 Visits
22 Images
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Var Girls B-ball vs Pekin
5. Var Girls B-ball vs Pekin  (January 27, 2023)
159 Visits
54 Images
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2023 5th Grade Blessed Sacrament
6. 2023 5th Grade Blessed Sacrament  (January 27, 2023)
168 Visits
13 Images
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7. NCS vs SPC  (January 27, 2023)
127 Visits
182 Images
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8. Ellie   ((Leslie, MI))
Say hello to lovely Ellie, a four year old well trained and very sweet 20lb rat terrier girl who loves to cuddle and go for walks.  This girl gets along well with other dogs and respects the dog savvy cat in her foster home.  She is a respectful terrier girl but does need a home that understands the breed because she does best with routine, structure, and lots of positive reinforcement.  Ellie isn’t overly fond of the jerky movements of toddler aged kiddos so she needs to go to a home that is either past the toddler stage or very aware of how to support a terrier and toddler in harmony and safety for both.   Beyond that this girl is as close to perfect as they come!
313 Visits
21 Images
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NCS vs St. Pete Catholic
9. NCS vs St. Pete Catholic  (January 27, 2023)
144 Visits
893 Images
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2023 Senior Night
10. 2023 Senior Night  (January 27, 2023)
176 Visits
38 Images
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Pico de Gallo
11. Pico de Gallo  (Cheney, WA)
Pico is 8 months old and weighs 15 lbs. He has a great start on his basic training and he loves to learn! He is looking for a someone who will be committed to continuing his education and socialization, providing lots of fun exercise, and adoring his handsome self. For adoption info or an application, please visit the New Rattitude Website.
192 Visits
13 Images
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NCS vs Hernando Chr.
12. NCS vs Hernando Chr.  (January 26, 2023)
55 Visits
1175 Images
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NCS vs Hernando Chr.
13. NCS vs Hernando Chr.  (January 26, 2023)
191 Visits
530 Images
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Thursday SEW
14. Thursday SEW  (January 26, 2023)
148 Visits
108 Images
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Jan. 25th Birthday
15. Jan. 25th Birthday  (January 25, 2023)
180 Visits
30 Images
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