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Banned From Net 54
1. Banned From Net 54 

Please - Elon Musk buy Net 54 and reinstate those who have been banned / censored unjustly.

I’m calling you out Leon. My name is clearly written here.

Remember Leon,  do not poke a sleeping bear unless you want a response.

Here goes.

Sadly if I must unjustly have the word “Banned” by my name, board members should know at least why. I doubt seriously if anyone cares. This is about censorship and deleting any opinions you do not agree with. Please correct me if I am wrong.

There is a missing Net 54 post that I had written titled “A Open Letter to Leon Luckey”.  Obviously you did not like the what I had to say and deleted it (probably permanently). CENSORSHIP. The truth always hurts.

That long dormant post must have surely been getting to you and continued to be a slow burn after all these years? Let me know if I am wrong.

The bad, the phonies and those who are currently or have previously committed crimes in our hobby always need to be exposed.

Including card trimmers, shill bidders, scammers and  those who run sports memorabilia websites.

Gone is a front page, top thirty high profile thread of all time.  It was written by me around the time the NYPL security team was completing the investigation into a missing / stolen card from the New York Public Library.



There are plenty of articles about the stolen New York Public Library card on the internet.  Mastro Auctions originally sold the card to Leon Luckey. I am pretty sure those guys (Doug Allen and Bill Mastro) ended up in prison. I would willingly return a stolen card that was sold to me by these crooks if the feds came knocking on my door!

For full disclosure, my name is Matt E. on the Net 54 board and I use an avatar of a T205  Roger Bresnahan - variation card.  Per board rules, I have always placed my name beside the posts I have written, including the one that is missing.  For the record I have not posted in years.

Imagine my surprise to find out I was banned by Leon hiding behind a facade and a keyboard with no explanation.  

Look for the missing post under “All Posts” by Matt E. It’s just not there. As the Net 54 message says…”Best to Contact the Administrator.  What a calculated, hypocritical and cowardly decision to suppress and eliminate the free speech of some but not others for your personal gain.

Your insecurity is showing Leon.  After all you portray yourself as the hobby savior.

Oh well, it’s your board, your rules, your circus  where you’re the ringmaster, owner and peasant.  At the end of the day don’t forget about your conscience and how you are trying to hide things that will make you look better.

Thank you for bringing back a long forgotten thread or should I say “deleting” a long forgotten thread.

Funny, never thought you were a Democrat.

Let me be very clear, I stand behind everything I have written now and previously and I am not lobbying to get back onto the board. Ever.  Please do not approach me or have your cronies hassle me at the upcoming 2024 Cleveland National like they have done in the past.

On a another note:

*** Check out on this site one of the most historical T205 Hindu finds ever!

Below is a little over the top, but you will get my point.

9 Images
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India Tours by Anna Mancini
2. India Tours by Anna Mancini 
Photos taken or collected by Anna Mancini during India Tours
29 Images
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Billie Jean (Naples, Idaho)
3. Billie Jean (Naples, Idaho) 
6 Images
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4. NES M32B  (2024/04/18)
Nintendo NES M32B Official Seal of Quality Display
2 Images
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5. NES M91B  (2024/04/18)
NES M91B Game Boy logo display
14 Images
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6. NES M90U  (2024/04/18)
NES M90U Game Boy Toys-R-Us Display. Part #18582.
9 Images
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7. NES M 91S  (2024/04/18)
NES M 91S Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins counter display
9 Images
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8. Red   (April 15, 2024)
5 Images
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Apr 14, 24
9. Apr 14, 24 
6 Images
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NCS vs Osceola
10. NCS vs Osceola  (April 12, 2024)
Come from behind win in the District Semi-Final!
3175 Images
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NCS Beach VB at IRCS
11. NCS Beach VB at IRCS  (April 10, 2024)
1348 Images
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12. Clover  (Sharpsburg, GA)
Clover is a petite, 1 year old  rattie girl who is shy but bonds very closely to her person. She d love a hone with a nice lap to sit in!
6 Images
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MS Varsity vs Seffner Chr.
13. MS Varsity vs Seffner Chr.  (April 5, 2024)
1730 Images
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Senior Night
14. Senior Night  (April 8, 2024)
342 Images
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Solar Eclipse
15. Solar Eclipse 
99 Images
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