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Elk rut at Slippery Ann in Montana
16. Elk rut at Slippery Ann in Montana  (1999 - 2006)
I took photo's of the elk at Slippery Ann Wild life Refuge  most every rut season. Not all Photos taken will be shown.
It will take time to post these photo's as they will all be edited again because Photoshop has improved a lot since they were taken from 1999 - 2006.
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T70 Historical Events
17. T70 Historical Events 
396 Visits
14 Images
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Sporting News supplements
18. Sporting News supplements 
M101-2 Sporting News supplements
1658 Visits
103 Images
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Boston Herald supplements
19. Boston Herald supplements 
426 Visits
12 Images
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Mogul Silk Presidents
20. Mogul Silk Presidents 
509 Visits
24 Images
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Minneapolis Tribune supplements
21. Minneapolis Tribune supplements 
444 Visits
12 Images
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Turkey Reds
22. Turkey Reds 
1911 Turkey Reds (T3)
2945 Visits
198 Images
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23. Miscellaneous 
1072 Visits
40 Images
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Coca-Cola ads
24. Coca-Cola ads 
678 Visits
35 Images
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Boston Post Supplements
25. Boston Post Supplements 
205 Visits
11 Images
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Meet the Fockers
26. Meet the Fockers 

Here are the parents,.,,, Bonnie and Bronson.

Both parents are PLL clear and PRA clear.

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3 Images
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Dinagat, Surigao Trip
27. Dinagat, Surigao Trip  (June 27-29, 2018)
45 Visits
97 Images
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28. Graphics  (2018)

ALL NEW UPDATED July 9th 2018 My Digital Cross Stitch Pictures.. This album contains the DIGITAL cross stitch patterns I have created with a program named Cross Stitch World. It is free for some samples which you complete to earn cash points. There are lots of groupings that you can then purchase with those points. You can create a friends group and share amongst yourselves.(FB required)

The opening page has them all shown small. You cannot see the cross stitches that small. You will have to click on the first picture to enlarge and then you can either click to move one at a time or run as a slide show. You can also use your own photos/pictures to create with. ENJOY and thank you for sharing. First new pattern is #1 for sharing my latest album.

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2018 Bonfield 4th of July Barnyard Pull
29. 2018 Bonfield 4th of July Barnyard Pull  (July 4, 2018)
This is just the start of the Bonfield photos....
More coming soon!!!
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146 Images
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Cebu Reunion 2018
30. Cebu Reunion 2018  (June 9-12, 2018)
38 Visits
103 Images
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