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Nonie is a friendly, gentle, social gal seeking a new home where she will get plenty of snuggle time. Her world took a bad turn when life took away both of her beloved parents within a few months of each other, but she has been resilient in foster care and is ready to shower her devotion on whoever will let her. For questions about her, please EMAIL ME. For interest in adoption please CLICK HERE to visit the New Rattitude Website.
Date(s): 3/12/23. Album by Terry. Photos by Terry. 1 - 29 of 29 Total. 127 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
This is Nonie.

Enlarge photo 2
She is a gentle sweetheart of about 9-11 years old.

Enlarge photo 3
Her former owners took care of her as long as they could, but old age eventually took them away. Daddy died and Mommy had to move to a nursing home just a few months later. Fortunately, a family friend made the effort to reach out and get them into rescue.

Enlarge photo 4
Nonie's former owners showed their love by giving her food... lots of it. Over the past few years she has weighed as much as 40 lbs! But when her care was taken out of their hands, her weight loss journey began.

Enlarge photo 5
She came to rescue weighing 32 lbs. (pictured). As of 3/26/23, with careful diet and regular exercise, she is now down to 28.5 lbs. Her goal weight is a healthy 18 or 19 lbs.

Enlarge photo 6
Fortunately she is frisky and active. She loves to run around the yard scaring away the birds and investigating the chipmunk holes.

Enlarge photo 7
She also enjoys going for walks. As she builds up stamina we are increasing the distance. Our longest hike so far was about 4-1/4 miles. She was lagging a bit toward the end but we took it slowly and she finished fine. (Then took a nap.)

Enlarge photo 8
Nonie (right) SHOULD be about the same size as her littermate Rosé (center).

Enlarge photo 9
Even more than walks or even food, Nonie loves attention and snuggling.

Enlarge photo 10
An open lap is her favorite thing.

Enlarge photo 11
She loves to be loved and to give love in return.

Enlarge photo 12
Thank you, foster daddy!

Enlarge photo 13
Nonie came to rescue with her sister Rosé.

Enlarge photo 14
They generally get along very well with each other, as long as they are not being competitive for food, and they often hang out together but really don't interact with each other very much.

Enlarge photo 15
Nonie has also done fine with the other foster dog in the home, tiny Meta. However, when Nonie first got here, she was met by the visiting 40 lb. dog, and Nonie was definitely not a fan. In fact, she was a bit of a tormenter when she realized that the bigger dog was pretty much a pushover. The visiting dog stayed only two days, so the two never got the chance to work out a companionable relationship.

Enlarge photo 16
But who needs other dogs when there are laps to warm!

Enlarge photo 17
She takes her role of lap warmer very seriously.

Enlarge photo 18
It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

Enlarge photo 19
Next thing you know.... zzzzzzzzz

Enlarge photo 20
When no laps are available, Nonie is fine with finding a comfy spot to nap, to save up her energy for the next lap snugging session.

Enlarge photo 21
She is ALWAYS ready for that!

Enlarge photo 22
When it's just a 2-dog sofa...

Enlarge photo 23
Just looking at her and talking to her makes that little nub tail wag so fast it's a blur.

Enlarge photo 24
She will sometimes claim a stuffed toy then carry it with her around the house like her baby.

Enlarge photo 25
Nonie is housetrained and is just starting to learn to use a doggie door.

Enlarge photo 26
She has very nice house manners, not messing with anything she shouldn't.

Enlarge photo 27
She is generally pretty quiet but will join in the greeting when the doorbell rings or someone comes up the front walk.

Enlarge photo 28
Nonie would seriously love to live with you, being at your side constantly and showing you what it is like to be adored.

Enlarge photo 29
"Can the next chapter of my life be with you?"

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