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Our Family cabin in the woods.
This is an album about our family cabin. It was out by the road, behind the newer home and was in pretty bad disrepair when dad got ownership from his Father. The cabin was the original house and when they decided they wanted a newer, bigger home, they just built in front of it. They left the cabin there and used it as a wash house first, then as a storage for coal. Dad decided he wanted to move it back into the woods and repair it for family get togethers and such. Dad and I worked to clear the small brush and junk trees from a section of woods. Let me be clear on this. Dad did most of the work himself. I helped when I could along with our longtime neighbor who put a good bit of time in as well. He was Dad and I's wood cutting partner early on as he had a truck. Other friends pitched in for a few things as well but the credit goes to Dad. He was retired and enjoyed the process so here are some pics along the way and the finished result. Some of the pics may not be the best quality but they are scans and all we have of it. This was over a span of a few years and you'll see the seasons change as progress was made.
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Enlarge photo 1
Here is the cabin as it was when Dad got the property. They had wood sided it at one time and he took what was left of it off.

Enlarge photo 2
It was sitting on rocks on the corners and had slipped off on the one end. Slowly rotting back into the ground. Looks like it is in quicksand doesn't it?

Enlarge photo 3
We have deeds back to 1830 but don't know how much further back it was. This was the original house for a rather large tract of ground. My grandfather got the place in 1937. It was a settlement with money lost in the 1929 stock market crash. Bank repaid 10 cents on the dollar in land value back to him.

Enlarge photo 4
Dad wanted to pull the logs out and keep the whole roof structure as one piece. Everyone tried to convince him not to but he had his mind set. We knew we'd have to get some new timbers for the ones rotted away but the farm has 40 acres of woods.

Enlarge photo 5
His plan was to jack the roof structure up and take each layer of logs out, one level at a time and slowly lower it down onto a trailer. Then move the roof back and jack it up in reverse order.

Enlarge photo 6
He started by cleaning out between the logs. They used small pieces of wood and a mud /mortar to fill it all  in. Some call the wood daubing and the filler material chinking.

Enlarge photo 7
Log were number and set in order for reassembly. Chains and cables used to tie the roof together and bottle jack and such used for raising and lowering. here it is almost ready to back the trailer under.

Enlarge photo 8
On the trailer and using a tractor to slowly pull it back to the woods.

Enlarge photo 9
Here you can see how the newer home was built in front of the old. We worked about 2 years prior to starting this to get the woods cleared out for the cabin. Dad and I sawed the unwanted trees and brush and dug the small stuff out by hand. We burned all the brush as we went.

Enlarge photo 10
Heading down the lane for it's new home.

Enlarge photo 11
A guy Dad graduated with, Ray Neitman, came over for another set of eyes while he took it back.

Enlarge photo 12
Hard to see everything with this wide load!

Enlarge photo 13
Made it to the woods. Dad, me and our former pastor, Jim Whorton, had poured a slab in the meantime for it's foundation and floor. No more slipping of the rocks or dirt floor now.

Enlarge photo 14
With the floor poured we started hand hewning the logs that needed replaced. Got some logs from the trees in the woods and started doing them. We did cheat some as we ran 2 strings on opposite side of the log. Nailed the laths on and stretch the strings. Then used a chainsaw to make relief cut close to the strings. Then popped the 4 to 6 inch chunks out with a mattock or adz. Then finished with an adz or broad axe.

Enlarge photo 15
Here's the original puzzle pieces waiting their turn.

Enlarge photo 16
Dad's in the backhoe and I'm setting the new bottom timbers.

Enlarge photo 17
They had a get together once we started and people are "inspecting" here.

Enlarge photo 18
That's my grandmother there in red, Dorothy House. You can see one of the logs that will be whittled down, behind her.If you look close you can see the chip pile around it.

Enlarge photo 19
Slowly but surely.

Enlarge photo 20
Starting to come up here. Camera stayed in Dad's truck too long and messed up the film so these pics are kind of low quality. Can't go back though!

Enlarge photo 21
We got one level of logs in place then backed the trailer in. Then started the jacking up and placing them in. This is the original Raisin' the roof!

Enlarge photo 22
Slowly getting there and another Winter has come.

Enlarge photo 23
Just a few more to go.

Enlarge photo 24
Dad wanted 2 doors in it and wants a laid chimney in the back for a fireplace and cook stove.

Enlarge photo 25
Finished height here and He found some old windows with wavy glass to keep with the period look. He is making the doors himself.

Enlarge photo 26
This is the backside and the chimney will go in this opening.

Enlarge photo 27
Greening up in Spring and the Head inspector, Mom, is on the scene. she deserves a lot of credit as she helps by feeding and doing the girl "stuff" . Allowing the work to get done quicker on the project.

Enlarge photo 28
She fits in the door so we're good to go!

Enlarge photo 29
Dad and our neighbor, Billy Joe Preston. He spent many a day with Dad cleaning bricks and working on the filling in.

Enlarge photo 30
Putting the end boards back on here. Beginning to look like something now.

Enlarge photo 31
Lots of nice trees here and it's a great setting for a cabin.

Enlarge photo 32
Starting the process of filling in here. Chinking. Dad reused all the original stuff he could and made up a bunch of new as well.

Enlarge photo 33
It takes a good bit of time to get it all in place.

Enlarge photo 34
He will add upper windows in the peaks for the loft so there would be natural light up there.

Enlarge photo 35
Original spacing on these had some pretty big gaps. Kind of stuck there with what he had.

Enlarge photo 36
Pretty much all ready to start now.

Enlarge photo 37

Enlarge photo 38

Enlarge photo 39
When putting the mortar in you slope it out so the water drains away. You don't want it flush on the top side as the water would wick inside and freeze in the winter, busting it up.

Enlarge photo 40
Another phase is done.

Enlarge photo 41
Getting ready to start the chimney now. Had to trim some branches to make room.

Enlarge photo 42
He'll be using some fired block/bricks that came from my place. I tore down a rather large chicken house and he'll recycle them for this project.

Enlarge photo 43
He poured a footer and is ready to start.

Enlarge photo 44
Starting to lay here and has a ways to go.

Enlarge photo 45
These brick have a real nice sheen to them and water beads off so they will work really well for this.

Enlarge photo 46
Here's Billy Joe cleaning the old mortar off for Dad. Takes many hands and makes it go faster.

Enlarge photo 47
Quite a pile building up.

Enlarge photo 48
Got the windows in the end.

Enlarge photo 49
Also got the multipanes on the door side.

Enlarge photo 50
Gable end windows in now as well. Another Winter has arrived.

Enlarge photo 51
Our little cabin in the woods is becoming a reality.

Enlarge photo 52
Dad doesn't let much stop him. He built a cover so he could keep going.

Enlarge photo 53

Enlarge photo 54

Enlarge photo 55
Temporary flue is in place so he can have a fire to keep warm keep the mortar from freezing on the colder days.

Enlarge photo 56
Warmer days mean more progress.

Enlarge photo 57
Slowly tapering it in.

Enlarge photo 58
Ruth Black came over for a visit.

Enlarge photo 59
Ruth, Dad, Billie Joe and Dave Black.

Enlarge photo 60
You can see dad's home barrel stove here that they used to keep warm while cleaning bricks. He's got the fireplace insert set in here as well.

Enlarge photo 61
He used the rock surround it came with and laid more rock from the farm above. You can see how he split a rock and gave it a butterfly in the middle.

Enlarge photo 62
Here's is a better shot.

Enlarge photo 63
Made up a mantle and a stone hearth as well.

Enlarge photo 64
Chimney is done on the outside now too.

Enlarge photo 65

Enlarge photo 66
Next is a front porch with an overhang shelter. Poured foundations for the posts first.

Enlarge photo 67
Then dug the dirt out so a gravel base could be put down. easy to level and will wick moisture away.

Enlarge photo 68
Using more of those fired brick here.

Enlarge photo 69
Even getting the grandkids involved. Beth, Jamie and Daniel.

Enlarge photo 70
Filled the gaps in with sand and swept even. Billie Joe filling/leveling dirt here.

Enlarge photo 71

Enlarge photo 72
More grading work.

Enlarge photo 73
The Misses has to have flowers!

Enlarge photo 74
He put a sweeping side walk in as well to the driveway.

Enlarge photo 75

Enlarge photo 76

Enlarge photo 77
For the posts, we got some Tulip Poplar from the woods. and for the rest it was just straight trees that had the length needed. Going for the rustic look here as it will stay exposed from underneath.

Enlarge photo 78
He is going to use standing seam roofing like what was on the cabin.

Enlarge photo 79
Putting the nailers on here.

Enlarge photo 80
Once again, he reused some roofing from a building that we tore down, Fits right in with what was on the cabin.

Enlarge photo 81
Had to straighten all the edges up again before placing them back up. Time consuming but the price was right and reusing some history again.

Enlarge photo 82
Painting it to match.

Enlarge photo 83
Got a bow in but that's character. One mistake we made was pouring the floor square and putting up the logs plumb. When we got the roof to the top it was then we found the roof was WAY out of square originally when the metal roof was put on. This caused some buckling when we pulled it right.

Enlarge photo 84
Another step near complete.

Enlarge photo 85

Enlarge photo 86
For the loft he got a smaller log and ripped it in half with a chainsaw. Then ripped more logs for steps. Makes a nice touch.

Enlarge photo 87
Every cabin needs tire swing in a tree.

Enlarge photo 88
The flower collection is growing.

Enlarge photo 89

Enlarge photo 90

Enlarge photo 91

Enlarge photo 92
Dad wanted a little storage building nearby to keep things safe when we weren't around. I had a small building at my place I had to move so he decided to use it.

Enlarge photo 93
Set some forms and will do a monolithic pour for the footer and floor.

Enlarge photo 94
This building was the original Smoke house on my place. It was built like a barn with mortise and tenon so we popped the tenons out and disassembled it. Moved it and putting back together here. Another heritage move between the 2 families.

Enlarge photo 95
It was quick building!

Enlarge photo 96
Ready for the roof now.

Enlarge photo 97
All done.

Enlarge photo 98
Repainted it and those crazy flowers keep coming.

Enlarge photo 99

Enlarge photo 100
Invasion of the Mexican bean beetles!

Enlarge photo 101
Dad had to have an outhouse too.

Enlarge photo 102

Enlarge photo 103
For the roof on the outhouse he used bias ply tires. Cut them mid sidewall with tread down. Then put another layer straddling the gap to make it basically leakproof. Hey, it works!

Enlarge photo 104
Nice fall scene.

Enlarge photo 105

Enlarge photo 106

Enlarge photo 107

Enlarge photo 108

Enlarge photo 109

Enlarge photo 110

Enlarge photo 111

Enlarge photo 112

Enlarge photo 113

Enlarge photo 114

Enlarge photo 115

Enlarge photo 116

Enlarge photo 117

Enlarge photo 118
This cook stove was my grandparents and it was saved when she redid her kitchen. Sat in the shed and we pulled it out to use in the cabin.

Enlarge photo 119
Pipe ties into the chimney.

Enlarge photo 120

Enlarge photo 121
Dad added a railing to the stairway. he made it of of trees from the woods.

Enlarge photo 122

Enlarge photo 123

Enlarge photo 124
This is the loft. We had Christmas over here a few years and the whole family stayed over night. We were told that the original owners raised 8 children in this cabin. I bet they never fought either!

Enlarge photo 125

Enlarge photo 126
Railing going down.

Enlarge photo 127
Railing joint and you can see the steps are dovetailed in the siderails.

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