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New Bern 2017 - www.DaveGill.Photography
1. 2017 New Bern - www.DaveGill.Photography  (September 9 & 10, 2017)
Please feel free to copy and share these images as part of your MS Bike ride experience.  

A HUGE Thank YOU to the Sponsor’s helping make this year’s Historic New Bern Ride happen!:

“I Ride with MS” program Sponsor; Biogen www.biogen.com/

Champion Level Event Sponsors:
Precision Race:  www.precisionrace.com/   
Live Oak Bank: www.liveoakbank.com/  
Onlsow Memorial Hospital: www.onslow.org/
and d-Wise:  www.d-wise.com/

Beer Sponsor: Carolina Brewing Company: www.carolinabrew.com/

Medical Sponsor: Carolina East Hospital Systems: www.carolinaeasthealth.com/

Team Village Sponsor: ADAMA www.adama.com/us/en/

Linking Lives Program Sponsor: Genentech  www.gene.com/

Rest Stop Sponsors:
Bojangles, www.bojangles.com/

CVS Caremark,  www.cvs.com/

Gregory Poole,  www.gregorypoole.com/

ADAMA  www.gregorypoole.com/

BSH bsh-jobs.us/

Media Sponsors:
252 Radio, 252radio.com/  

Bob 93.3  www.bob933.com/

Public Radio East  publicradioeast.org/

From Dave Gill:

Congratulations to all participants! It’s my pleasure being associated with the North Carolina Bike MS this year!  As time allows, I couldn’t be more pleased to bring my services here again in the future!

I’m an Event Photographer centered in Raleigh, delivering captivating images of human emotion, beauty, and connection specializing in weddings and other special festivities.  Keep me in mind for your event too!

Over the years I’ve covered on assignment stories concerning the environment, politics, special events, and bicycle races for the AP, UPI, Reuters, McClatchy, and Gannett.  

Regarding bicycling, my stories and images have been featured in Pezcyclingnews.com, with further contributions to Cyclingnews.com, Velonews.com. Velonews, and Bicycling.

Each and Every One of those Participating in this event is my personal inspiration!

Visit:  www.davegill.photography for links to more galleries and contact information.
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