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Animals and Pets
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1. Zinc 
Zinc is a Brinda x  Brody hairless son... He is black/brindle tan points/white
He will be 3 yrs old in August.
Vet checked 5/9/09 --- Knees solid,very tight.. Heart and Lungs normal

Zinc is neutered  
He is loving but afraid of men.. otherwise a good boy.. Loves to play and be with his human "mom"
He is crate trained, housebroken, playful.
He does have extra body hair so would not be suitable for an allergy home
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Female One
2. Female One 
Here is Female One,,, her ears are up lol

She is 17 days old and 19.1 ounces here.

Very nice. She may become available.
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Female Two
3. Female Two 

Here is Female Two.... a little beauty.

She is 17.8 ounces and 17 days old in these pics. Please enjoy her with us.

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Female Three
4. Female Three 
Here is the beautiful Female three,.,, she is very nice.

Nice and fat too,,,, 18.5 ounces at 17 days old.
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5. M1 

Here is Male One,,,, or the only male,.,,lol

He is 17 days old and 20.2 ounces.

Please enjoy. He may become available.

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6. The BIRTHDAY Litter 
5-22-2018 GRCH CH Rosethorn Call Me Justa Soft Snow at Midnight (aka Sierra) is proud Momma to a beautiful litter of 8. Daddy is extremely handsome Jandees Shamus McGee.
Say hello to the 5 girls 1)BABY-held w/deposit for Valerie Lansdown, congratulations! 2)CUPCAKE is available 3)CANDLE is available 4)CONFETTI is available and
5)GIFT-held w/deposit for Tracy Tillinghast, congratulations!
Just two of Sierra's 3 boys are currently available.
1)FROSTING-held w/deposit for John Harvey congratulations!
2)WISH is available 3)SURPRIZE is available.  These beautiful babies are AKC registered, PLL clear, and are offered puppies for just $1000. A $400 deposit will hold your Birthday present until they are ready to go home with you on or after July 18,2018
Call Candace at 209-743-1664 to talk about our available puppies here at Rosethorn Terriers. Enjoy!!
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Sprinkle X Elvis Available Kittens
7. Sprinkle X Elvis Available Kittens  (June 21, 2018)
Sprinkle is our smallest queen. She is a petite and beautiful tortoise shell. Sprinkle is short haired and very playful.

This litter is out of Elvis, our black and white tuxedo manxkin. Please visit his album for pictures and information about Elvis.

Munchkins: $900
Manxkins: $1200

Availability of kittens:
Calico Manxkin Female: Available
Black and White Tuxedo Munchkin Female: Available
Black and White Tuxedo Manxkin Male: Available
Black and White Tuxedo Manxkin Male:Available
Black and White Tuxedo Munchkin Male: Available

Kittens are sold as pets and will be altered before they leave Nevada Rain. If you are interested in a breeder, please feel free to inquire. Kittens will come with a written health guarantee/Bill of Sale, Life's Abundance cat food sample, age appropriate shots and wormings, and a record of medications.
Please email, text, or call to inquire about availability.
Lacey- (775) 217-1820
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Elk rut at Slippery Ann in Montana
8. Elk rut at Slippery Ann in Montana  (1999 - 2006)
I took photo's of the elk at Slippery Ann Wild life Refuge  most every rut season. Not all Photos taken will be shown.
It will take time to post these photo's as they will all be edited again because Photoshop has improved a lot since they were taken from 1999 - 2006.
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Meet the Fockers
9. Meet the Fockers 

Here are the parents,.,,, Bonnie and Bronson.

Both parents are PLL clear and PRA clear.

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Female 2
10. Female 2 

Here is lovely female 2. She is 10 days old and 10.7 ounces in these pics.

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Female One
11. Female One 

Here is the beautiful Female One..... or F1 as I call her.

She is 10 days old and 10.8 ounces in these pics. Enjoy.

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Female Three
12. Female Three 

Here is pretty Female three at 10 days old. She is 11.4 ounces

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Male One
13. Male One 

here is Male one,,,, white, chocolate and tan boy. Pretty chunky, 11 ounces at 10 days old. Pretty baby.

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14. Litter DOB: 5-28-18 
There are 3 puppies in this litter born to Half Pint and Titan. They will be toy size around 5-6 lbs full grown, Type A long legged RT. 1 female and 1 male are still available. They will be ready for new homes on July 23. They will be current on all shots and will come with UKCI puppy papers. Contact me to place your deposit today! 417-531-0530
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Litter DOB: 6-7-18
15. Litter DOB: 6-7-18 
Sweet little Mickey is the only puppy born to Oreo and Heath. He will be around 11 lbs full grown and will be ready for a new home on July 26th. He is UKCI reg and will be upto date on all shots and wormings. Contact me if interested in this little guy! 417-531-0530
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