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An Online Photo Journal
Friend, Music Lover, Costume Designer, Social Butterfly, Sci-Fi Fan

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Life with Tim
2. Life with Tim  (September 28, 2009)
15 Albums
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Sci-Fi Conventions and Costume Events
3. Sci-Fi Conventions and Costume Events  (Various Dates)

Dragon Con 2010

23 Albums
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Film/TV & Stage Productions
4. Film/TV & Stage Productions  (Various Dates)
Behind the scenes photos of productions I've worked on as a Costume Designer or in the costume and wardrobe department.

New! B10 Photos!

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5. Costumes and Fashion  (2002-Present)
Costumes grouped by year. Fashion and other general personal sewing photos.
15 Albums
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All Things Celtic
6. All Things Celtic  (Various Dates)
Celtic Music, Scottish Highland Games, Concerts and Festivals
Glengarry Bhoys \\ Seven Nations \\ Great Big Sea \\ Wolfstone \\ The Peelers \\ East of the Hebrides

10 Albums
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Friends and Family
7. Friends and Family   (Various Dates)
Out with Friends (non-Celtic events), Parties, Family Weddings and Events

Sailing with Tim 06.18.09-6.22.09

9 Albums
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Travel Photo Journals
8. Travel Photo Journals  (Various Dates)
"What a long strange trip it's been!"
Ireland with the Bhoys, March 2003
Upcoming Travel: The Scandinavian Countries, 2008 Australia/NZ/Fiji, 2009

5 Albums
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