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Here is a great picture of 9 walleyes on the left and 4 on the right.  Take note of the distance the shadow is behind the fish. This is a function of how high the fish is off the bottom. Note the appearance of the shadow of the fish on the right side across from the date.  The shapes of these two fish are definitely walleyes.  This is the screencapture that totally changed how I used SI.
"I see you were travelling 2.6 mph. Any idea what speed you had your display at?" --Caleb, 04/01/15
"Caleb , my scroll speed rarely leaves 4 unless I'm scanning at 7 to 10 mph" --Rollie, 04/13/15
"On the right side, center screen, far right edge. What would that be? Fish as well? Gale" --Gale Urquhart, 08/24/15
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