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Single fish.
"How far to the side of the boat would you estimate the fish to be?" --Ron Kerns, 05/06/08
"Ron, In this shot, I'm zoomed in to 87 feet. Lets round this to 90 feet, for mathematical purposes. If you split the screen in half, your at 45 feet, and the fish looks to be 1/4 of the 90 foot distance, or 22 1/2 feet to the side of the boat. How far behind the boat, can be shown by moving the cursor over the fish, and it will say how far back the cursor is behind the boat." --Rollie, 05/07/08
"Thank you rollie, I just learned a little about how to read the cursor. I didn't know it actually gave you the distance from the boat to the cursor." --Tim, 03/14/09
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