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More scattered fish in American Creek Marina. Note the deep hole in bottom right of screen.
"In the right side image just in front of the deeper spot that is weeds right? I am still learning how to read my SI sometimes I find it easy and other times it gets to be a struggle to decipher what I am looking at." --Tom, 05/06/08
"Tom, This particular area, is dry during the winter months, with the exception of the deep spot, which I am being told is a spring. I'm pretty sure that at the time of this image, that there would be no weeds in this image" --Rollie, 05/07/08
"Maybe some thermal image created by the spring. (ie much cooler water.)" --Mike, 02/26/11
"I'll guess if lower RH is a spring, then above it to 10:30 is a coulee w/baitfish in it surrounded by predator fish. See the depth change?. But I'm new to this too." --Scott, 07/16/12
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