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Izzy's Journal - Ridgecrest
Our trip to the upper Mojave Desert around Ridgecrest, CA. Look for the rainbows... I got a good double.
All shot with Nikon F2 using Kodak 200 Gold. Most using Nikkor 50MM 1.4.
Date(s): November 8-10, 2002. Album by Jim Robinson. Photos by Jim Robinson & Chris Yokota. 31 - 37 of 37 Total. 2583 Visits.
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Burro Schmidt: Was there many times as a kid (30+years ago). Toni was the aging caretaker then. Who looks after the place now? Thanks for the great pictures/memories.
John Runyard, Mon, 4 Aug 2003 9:47PM
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Enlarge photo 31
IZZY-Jim takes Izzy's picture on a movie prop

Enlarge photo 32
IZZY-On a movie prop boulder at Trona Pinnacles
Several movies have been filmed here. I think this boulder was left over from the remake of "Planet of the Apes." Note the white styrofoam showing below Izzy.

Enlarge photo 33
Alien looking Trona Pinnacles

Enlarge photo 34
Trona Pinnacles

Enlarge photo 35
More Trona Pinnacles

Enlarge photo 36
Izzy's car at Trona Pinnacles

Enlarge photo 37
Trona Pinnacles sure are lonely looking

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All photographs copyright by James M. Robinson unless otherwise noted.