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NBOB GRCH Ratituee Grand Slam I Am
LIFE: AUGUST 7, 2008 to AUGUST 20, 2020
DINGER'S titles include: National Best of Breed (UKC), AKC Champion, UKC Grand Champion, UKC Premier Top Ten Best of Breed, UKC Coursing Aptitude, AKC Coursing Aptitude, Canine Good Citizen.
Dinger was bred by the late Andrea Werner. Andrea campaigned Dinger for two years, placing him in the UKC Top Ten; #7 in 2009 and #4 in 2010. At the 2010 UKC Premier Top Ten Invitational, Andrea handled Dinger to the coveted Top Ten Best of Breed Rat Terrier win. Andrea passed away December 10, 2010.  
   "Dinger came to stay with me (Darice Ragan) in February 2011 and my pack welcomed him with open paws. When a dog loses their master, they grieve. I knew Dinger was grieving and my dogs sensed his sadness. About ten days after Dinger came to Tennessee, our hairless terrier, Sage, play bowed and asked him to chase her. He obliged and after they ran around the couch numerous times he jumped in my lap, layed down and sighed...I knew then, he felt secure and would begin to heal his broken heart. From that day, I witnessed a remarkable recovery in his state of mind and a difference in his happiness; he began to smile again. Dinger enjoys his romps across the property, trips to the creek, and just being a dog."
   The rotating ARTA National Specialty was held April 1, 2011, in Hickory, North Carolina and the 2011 American Rat Terrier Association National Best of Breed honor went to GRCH Ratituee Grand Slam I Am, aka Dinger. Darice Ragan said, "I couldn’t be prouder! This was a great honor to handle Dinger at the National. The win was quite emotional for me. It was a beautiful moment and a perfect ending to a tough year."
   "Andrea handled Dinger to the 2010 Premier Invitational Top Ten win in June. The NBOB title was her other goal. I’m proud I accomplished this goal for her. I know she was smiling down from Heaven. When we walked in the show ring at Nationals it was our first time as a team. Dinger was "on" and the outcome was perfect!"
PLL RAT-PLL105/16M-PI Normal/Clear
Patella RAT-PA690/13M/P-PI Normal-Practitioner
Cardiac RAT-CA440/13M/P-PI Normal-Practitioner
DAM: GRCH Raganrat Best Kept Secret
SIRE: GRCH PR’ Ratitatt All Abuzz About Jeter

Date(s): BIMBS, RBIMBS, BISS, CA. Album by RaganRat Terrier Kennel - TN. 1 - 61 of 61 Total. 3623 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Darice and Dinger during interview with The Daily Times

Enlarge photo 2

Ratituee Grand Slam I Am
Judge: Robert Black
Owner/Handler: Darice Ragan

Enlarge PDF 3
The New York Times
article covering Darice, Harriett and Frank Rogers (who both own Ragan Rats) and our dogs.

Enlarge photo 4

Enlarge photo 5

Waiting to Go and Show

Enlarge photo 6

Darice and Dinger

Enlarge photo 7

Darice and Dinger

Enlarge photo 8

Darice and Dinger

Enlarge photo 9

138th Westminster
Darice and Dinger

Enlarge photo 10

Judge Black examines Dinger

Enlarge photo 11

Darice and Dinger

Enlarge photo 12

5.5 years old

Enlarge photo 13

Nice pose

Enlarge photo 14

Yippee we won!!!

Enlarge photo 15

Dinger's number

Enlarge photo 16

Dinger's rosette

Enlarge photo 17

Enlarge photo 18

Entries in catalog

Enlarge photo 19

Darice and Dinger
Eukanuba World Challenge 2013
Winner's Dog

Enlarge photo 20

Judge Dr Robert Smith
Darice and Dinger

Enlarge photo 21

Enlarge photo 22

Brandy w/ Cricket, Darice w/Shelby, Harriett w/Q, Lynn w/Xtra

Enlarge photo 23

Dinger at Eukanuba Meet the Breed 2013

Enlarge photo 24

RTCA story board
Eukanuba Meet the Breed

Enlarge photo 25

Proud Man Dinger

Enlarge photo 26

2013 Eukanuba Meet the Breed sponsored by Rat Terrier Club of America

Enlarge photo 27

Dinger tries the Eukanuba dock diving

Enlarge photo 28

Dinger tries the Eukanuba dock diving

Enlarge photo 29

Dinger tries the Eukanuba dock diving

Enlarge photo 30

Dinger tries the Eukanuba dock diving

Enlarge photo 31

Dinger tries the Eukanuba dock diving

Enlarge photo 32

ARTA National Specialty
April 1, 2011
Honorable Judge Diane Raymond
Darice & Dinger

Enlarge photo 33

NBOB Awards

Enlarge photo 34

2010 UKC Premier Top Ten Best Of Breed
Thank you Honorable Steve Melgreen for this special honor.
UKC Premier - June 2010
Handled by Dinger's Breeder - Andrea Werner

Enlarge photo 35

ARTA Newsletter

Enlarge photo 36

In memory of Andrea Werner

Enlarge photo 37

My Tribute to Andrea
(click thumbnail, then click 'original' @ bottom to supersize)

Enlarge photo 38

Photos of Andrea

Enlarge photo 39

Photos of Andrea

Enlarge photo 40

What's up?

Enlarge photo 41

Enlarge photo 42

Bloodlines ad Andrea did for Premier.

Enlarge photo 43

Best in Specialty Show
Judge Mark Green
Dinger and Andrea

Enlarge photo 44

Judge Nancey Fishinger
Dinger and Andrea

Enlarge photo 45


Enlarge photo 46

Judge Ron Sacca
Andrea & Dinger

Enlarge photo 47

Judge John Davidson
Andrea & Dinger

Enlarge photo 48

Judge Nancey Fishinger
Andrea & Dinger

Enlarge photo 49

Best Puppy in Show
Judge Paul Bruneau

Enlarge photo 50

Andrea, Dinger (left) and sister Chatter

Enlarge photo 51

Baby Dinger

Enlarge PDF 52

Enlarge photo 53

Enlarge photo 54

Enlarge photo 55

Enlarge photo 56

Enlarge photo 57

Enlarge photo 58

Enlarge photo 59

Enlarge photo 60

Enlarge PDF 61

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